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AC Compressor and condenser removal

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I have a 2011 3.5l FWD MKZ, and I need to remove and replace the condenser and compressor, but I cannot find any tutorials online to help me do so and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. Also, would it be okay if I installed the new compressor and condenser without any refrigerant and drove it to a mechanic that can recharge them? Would it cause any damage? thanks

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I don't have any info on the disassembly, but consider some things before you attempt to tear it apart yourself...


If there is refrigerant still in the system, you lawfully are required to have that removed and captured/contained with the proper equipment.  There is also risk of mechanical contamination in the entire system depending on how the old components failed. Plugging new parts in will result in quick failure again unless taken fully apart and cleaned.


I'm not familiar enough with it to say with certainty, but I suspect as long as the clutch is disengaged, no harm should come to the compressor if you drove it. Leave the HVAC off including the defogger, or better yet, pull the fuse for the AC compressor.


You might save a few hours of labor by doing it yourself, but when considering the price of a compressor ($700 for my '17) and also the condenser, you could fail the new parts if done improperly and you're the one left holding the bag. Burden of proof may fall on you to show you cleaned the system properly to get a warranty replacement. If the shop or dealer botches it, its on them to eat the additional cost including refilling the system.


There are fairly affordable kits available to leak check and refill the system yourself, which involves vacuum pumping out the lines and backfilling with the proper oil/refrigerant mix to the specified pressures. This will further eat into your money saved though. Probably not worth doing yourself unless you plan to use it frequently or on another car.

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