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    • Congratulations! It was a beautiful car! Let us know what you get next. 
    • Hi Sam, did you try to perform a master reset of the unit and add your vehicle again?
    • Hi bbf2530. I have successfully updated my SYNC and was going to report an update per the last part of the instructions. There was an error the very 1st time I tried to report the update.
      Like you said, maybe it was already reported but given the error I encountered during my attempt to report made me think otherwise. Thanks.
    • Speaking of that lousy old Pyro-based kit, I just picked up three built examples as rebuilders today. Here they are on the trunk lid of my MKZ.  
    • Hello and thank you for your insight on this and several priors, eventually I updated successfully, but still have a small problem with the lincoln way. It all started when I no longer could talk or perform any of the functions with the app.(no reply from vehicle as per Concierge) long story short I restored those functions by disconnecting the 12v battery for 20 min. all the functions but one, vehicle location still does not work..."Unable to locate". I was hoping the software update would solve that, clearly my commands are reaching the vehicle !!! right ? could it be the server is blocking this function, but it did work. I will wait till Monday and call them again.   All good now after app reinstall on my phone.
    • I"ve had my 2010 AWD for just over year now. The "new" feeling has worn off, but unlike many of my previous cars, the charm of the car is still totally intact. It still irks the living hell out of me when it's dirty, and I haven't started skimping on the regular maintenance schedule like I have so many times in the past.    The car now has 130,000 miles, and is free of squeaks and rattles unless it's really cold out. Most of those go away once the interior warms up too. Other than basic wear and tear items I haven't had to put much money into it as far as repairs. My PTU burned out this summer, but my extended warranty covered that. I can say many good things about the dealer and my warranty (Alpha), but the repair took the better part of a week because O'Reilly Auto Parts forgot to send out the PTU the first time. I also had the rear differential seals replaced, as they were starting to weep a bit, and had the right front wheel bearing replaced. I did those out of pocket just to get them done more quickly than going through the warranty company. Just today I replaced the brake light switch myself... that was  nice, easy three-minute job!   With this car I found out how uncooperative State Farm can be, after I nailed a train track on a washed-out street and wiped out both passenger's side tires (which had less than 3,000 miles on them) and both wheels. After getting that fixed I switched insurance providers. You'd think after being a loyal customer for almost two decades (next April would have marked 20 years of me using State Farm) and putting up with increasing rates a company would be more willing to work with you, but nope! And by the way- I'm now paying about fifty bucks less per month, and my deductible is half of what it was with State Farm.    For a nearly-ten year old car with 130k, I'm impressed with how well my little Z has held up. I do wish the CD4 rocker panels were a bit more weather tight, as my car is going to need rockers pretty shortly. What irks me is that my brother's Fusion is four years older and has nearly twice as many miles, and while my rockers are rusting, the rockers on his junker are perfect. Every other panel on his is messed up, but those rockers are cherry. 🤣 And I love how everyone knocks Lincolns for being Ford based, but I don't need to tell any of you here that when the time comes for repair or service, that works in your favor. And if you have the repair or service done at the dealer, the car gets a wash. As of right now I have every intention of sticking with Lincolns for my daily drivers. Not sure what the future holds for the MKZ, but I'm hoping the future for my personal MKZ is bright enough. 
    • Hi kramf. Please refresh out memory. What have you done with SYNC and what are you trying to do?   For example...Are you trying to determine if your SYNC system has any eligible updates? Or are you trying to report an update you've performed to Lincoln? Something else?   Usually, when the site states "You do not have a download available at this time.", it means your SYNC system is updated and the update has been reported to Lincoln.
    • Sold her today! Been a great car for me, time to start the search for the next thing!    I knew it was a good sign when a white MKX rolled up to my house. Car sells itself 🙂  In all serious-ness though, it is going to a good home, and for someone like me - that matters/makes a difference.     
    • It is still a no go for me.
      Instruction 1: Visit the SYNC Software Updates page. If you see a notification saying, "You have recently downloaded an update," then you are eligible to confirm that you were able to update your SYNC system successfully. Choose Confirm Update.
      I do not have the Confirm Update link. It just says: You do not have a download available at this time. Instruction 2: If you do not see the Confirm Update button, you may need to manually report your SYNC software version. Visit the software report page and follow the on screen instructions.
      When I do that, error message says: Looks like we've hit a roadblock   I will try again next time.
    • Hi Sam. If you downloaded the SYNC update from the Lincoln Owners website while you were signed in for your vehicle, then you are fine. If it is a "bootleg" update you downloaded from somewhere else on the Internet, I would recommend you do not do it.   Be sure to follow the instructions from the Lincoln Owners website. Keep the car running the entire time, I find it best to do when you have an hour plus drive planned, as opposed to keeping the car running while sitting in the driveway.    Take your time and don't rush things. I found that one time when I updated, the system gave me an "Update Complete, remove USB and restart car to complete". However, that screen promptly disappeared and the update continued after several minutes. So even if the update states it is complete, wait at least ten minutes before removing the USB and restarting your car (see information in posts above).   That is the some advice I can offer, from my own experience.   Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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