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    • I guess it's time for me to replace the keyfob battery. No "low battery" warning yet but I have been experiencing a noticeable lag in (keyless) locking and unlocking and sometimes I need to take the keyfob out of my pocket and move it closer to the door. I can confirm that it is a CR2450 battery installed inside the keyfob.
    • In my last rental car (pre-pandemic), the fob battery died.  That's fun, especially when you need to get back to the airport.  No OM to consult for the emergency starting procedure. They never leave it in the glovebox.  Thank goodness for YouTube!  When all else fails, there's a universal method that might work in some cars:  hold the fob up against or next to the Start/Stop button and give it a go,
    • Ha! I used to be a competitive pistol shooter so I know about being under pressure. When this first happened to us, it was about a week after we had bought the car. We had no idea why the car wouldn't start, and thus didn't even know what to look for in the OM at first. We then saw the "no key found" message and started trying to find something about that. But we didn't find it in the OM before my wife found something on the Internet. I know now....3 years later....that when you are in a spot where the fob signal is blocked and turn the car off, it actually flashes a message right then, too. That is how I caught it the 2nd time it happened. Frankly, I'd be happy to go back to the old put a key in the ignition days. 
    • Hi bnewt. Thanks for the information. So that explains why the Explorer "puddle light" (it is not a "Welcome Mat" like the MKZ) illuminates whether the mirror is folded or not. It was a simple puddle light. Not a directional logo. My 2007 MKZ is the same way. It is a simple puddle light, not a logo.   As we explained earlier, the Lincoln "Welcome Mat" is a horizontal Lincoln logo. The optics can only allow it to be projected properly in one position or another (folded or not folded), not both. Lincoln chose to have it illuminate correctly in the folded position.   Hope that information helps. Good luck.
    • originally the puddle light on the explorer is just a light, then I switched to one that displays the Ford oval logo just plug in to replace the oem version
    • Hi leftoverture. I find it helpful to hold surprise, once a week live-fire exercises. It improves performance under pressure. 😉   Good luck.
    • Cool. I guess when we were trapped in the car with the alarm going off we missed that. Lol.
    • 22K is a bit early for a trans fluid change but I'm sure you had a good reason. The location of the dipstick is described in your owner's guide under MAINTENANCE>AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID CHECK> 6F50/6F55 Transmission.   If you don't have an OG, you can download one here.  If you haven't done so, it would also be a good idea to register on the Lincoln Owner site.
    • Thank you all for the kind welcome. Over the last two decades I have learned to rely on the sage wisdom and expertise of people who own the same vehicle. Collectively, it has save me thousands in repair costs. 
    • Hi all 3.0 drivers. Is there anyone who can explain the dipstick location?  I recently had a tranny flush and seemed it only required 6 quarts. The dealer quoted 12. I’m thinking they would not have shorted themselves. Don’t know what happed there. MKZ 3.0  22000 miles. 
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