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    • Thanks for the advice.  I have a feeling you are correct, but I'll give the Ford route a try...  Interesting that I've talked to 2 guy service writers who quoted me prices to update the 2.?? software.  Lady I just talked to, who's not a service writer, is the first person to understand my request.   Interesting that the updates are to fix updates, not surprising, but interesting 🙂   Obviously, from all the recommendation I've read CyanLabs seems legit.  I'm just reluctant to wade into a sea of acronyms and serial numbers that I know nothing about.   If this Ford / Lincoln "as-built" can't be changed I'll just sit on my hands and be happy that it runs and isn't a red brick 🙂   Thanks... I'll post what happens    
    • Hi ruby. A few thoughts: First, if your self-installed upgrade to SYNC 3.4 is working properly and you can overcome your "guy genes", stick with your current SYNC version and don't worry about updating. There is nothing new in the updates other than bug fixes, and you won't gain any new features because there are none. In fact, the last update or two were instituted to fix things that the previous one or two updates broke.//LOL So if everything works now, the best advice would be to leave it alone.   Next: You will need to rely on third party (i.e. CyanLabs) sources, or bootleg versions of the software to update. Neither Lincoln/Ford nor a Lincoln/Ford Dealer can/will update your "as-built" information. My guess is that even the Lincoln Dealer that told you they would do it for $200 did not really understand what you were asking them to do, and think you just want a vehicle that was factory equipped with SYNC 3.4 to be updated to the latest version of SYNC 3.4.    I realize our "guy genes" are difficult to contain, but if everything is operating correctly, leaving things alone so an unnecessary update doesn't break anything would be the best course of action. There are no new features in the latest updates. Only bug fixes.   Let us know how you make out and good luck.
    • The journey continues...   My 3.4 unit came with revision 19200 installed.  Since we now have 20282 out there my guy genes have kicked in and I'm feeling compelled to update my unit.   Not feeling super confident about using CyanLabs I got on https://www.ford.com/support/sync-maps-updates   As luck would have it, Ford still thinks I have 2.3 installed, and has a cool update for me based on my VIN.  The folks at Ford said they couldn't change my as-built to my 3.4 to go along with my new 3.4.  Said I'd have to get the dealer to do that.  Well, I've called 3 dealers and left 4 messages on successive days and still have not received a call back.  Lincoln guy want's $200 to do the update, but wasn't the sharpest pencil in the stack so I'm not trusting his mumbling.  Hopefully, this week, I can get through to a "service" advisor to get a price to just change my "as built" to show 3.4.   My other option is to find a '19 or '20? and "borrow" their VIN for the exercise / exorcism 🙂   One of the caveats for the CyanLabs update was a caution about doing this with 2020 year vehicles.  Being a 2016 vehicle and a 2019 screen that should not be a consideration.   To be continued....
    • I was not aware of the mirror preset buttons on the door. When you mentioned them I looked them up and used the 1st one. I will try the other for another persons code later. Now the seats and mirrors adjust properly. Thank you  
    • Hi Ed. You are very welcome. However, I am confused and have no idea as to what part of my advice helped? 😂   What did you do? What was the outcome? Is everything working properly now?   If you can explain what you did, and how it helped, it may help others with the same problem in the future.   Good luck.
    • Well, just like you, I too have learned something. I'll try the function you mentioned and get back. Thank you very much.
    • Hi Ed. I learn (or re-learn) something new every day! Yes, you are correct. I just looked it up in the 2010 MKZ Owners Manual and that function is available and should work. In fact, it is also available in my 2007 (not my 2018 though). I use the factory code and never set up a personal entry code, so I probably forgot about that available feature over the years.   Okay, all of that being said...I guess we go to Troubleshooting 101: Will the mirrors adjust to your preset memory positions when you press the Memory preset buttons on the inside of the door? Change the mirror position with the manual mirror adjustments. Then press a memory preset button. If the mirror does not readjust to the memory preset button being pressed, then it is likely an issue with the power mirror memory function itself. If it does readjust to the memory preset button, then there is a likely a glitch in the keyless entry/mirror memory function that would need addressing.   Let us know how you make out and good luck.
    • Yes I am supposed to be able to input my own code and the mirrors and seats will adjust to the  positions I had set but I seem to be missing something somewhere. At least on the 2010 MKZ. I have a 2016 MKZ hybrid that I don't think does that but not sure as I'm the only one driving it so nothing changes. Thank you for replying.
    • Hi Ed and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. If you are following the Owners Manual instructions and the system is not operating correctly, then then there is possibly/probably some sort of electrical/electronic issue.   To be honest though, I have a 2007 and 2018 MKZ, and am not aware of that being a feature of the MKZ. Does your 2010 Owners Maual state you can set the seats/side view mirrors to adjust to a keyless entry code? They can be set to a remote keyfob, but I am not aware of them being programmable to a keyless entry code.   Perhaps another member will jump in with more assistance.   Keep us updated and good luck.
    • Hello. I have a 2010 MKz and I have been trying to enter a keyless code. I have no problem entering the code but what I do have a problem with is that the mirrors keep setting to something other than what I want. The seat goes into position just fine but I can't get the mirrors to stay in memory. Can someone give me instructions to set the mirrors and seat  to go into my adjusted specs when I enter the door code? I have followed the manual and reset the code countless times but always the mirrors giving problems. Thank you,
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