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    • HI Drake. Just so you do not think your question is being ignored. 🙂   I always buy.  The MSRP on the 2018 I factory ordered, equipped the way I wanted, was just over $56,000. Between the $1,500 rebates/incentives at the time, and negotiations between the 4 Lincoln Dealers within a reasonable area, I got the purchase price down to just under $49,000. And since I was not leasing, I did not have to deal with the smoke and mirrors of "residuals", "money factor figures", "CAP costs", "CAP cost reductions", etc etc. 🙃   However, the reason you may not have many replies, from my perspective, is that such a general question becomes difficult to answer. As you know (but it seems some/many people do not), the first thing to do when leasing a vehicle is to negotiate the "vehicle acquisition cost" (or whatever car dealers are calling it to be confusing this week...lol) price down in the same way you would negotiate the purchase price if you were buying the car. All subsequent lease pricing calculations are based off that "vehicle acquisition cost". So price shop between your local Lincoln Dealers and negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.
      So as far as competitive pricing, you can get great prices on an MKZ if you are a good negotiator.  So if you know the "residual and money factor figures", you simply need to go in and do your best price negotiations for the vehicle price.   Don't know if that answer helps you at all, but it is difficult to answer such a general question. I can tell you that we love our MKZ and you will love the car too, if you decide to get one.   Let us know how you make out and good luck.
    • Guest Happy Lincoln customer
      A minor point that may be applicable. On my 2012 MKZ, if you got the executive leather upgrade, the upgrade DID restrict the air flow and caused the cooling to not work as it should. Almost useless when temperatures are in the 100s, but ok in the 80s. 
      I had to, at the time, show the dealer 2 of their models side by side to prove the situation. A couple of years later, they changed the seat cooling infrastructure and that specific problem was resolved.
    • So.....no one has leased an MKZ recently?
    • Hi Quest. More detail would be helpful. Do you truly mean it leaked all it's motor oil? As in essentially all of it? Did you pull the dipstick and check the oil level? What was the oil level on the dipstick when you checked? Did anything show on the dipstick? With the minimal detail we have so far, if nothing is showing on the dipstick, do not start the car! You need to get under the car and see where it is leaking from, or have it towed to your Dealer or a shop to be inspected.  Where is the oil leaking from? Is the oil plug still in the oil pan? Is the oil pan cracked? Does the oil look like it is coming from someplace higher than the plug or pan? Get back to us with more information and good luck.
    • I woke up this morning and noticed a giant brown puddle and discovered  that my car (2009 mkz)  had leaked all its motor oil after I got home and parked it. Not sure exactly how it happened or what caused it. I noticed a oil drip near the passenger side wheel. 
    • The all-new 2020 Lincoln Aviator defines effortless luxury performance among premium SUVs, offering impressive power and capability combined with sleek elegance and intuitive technology. View the full article
    • I just did this on the wifes MKZ. As much as DDtech overcharges for their systems. I would not have done the install without seeing that video. lol   It was a pretty easy swap. I just had a issue with coding. I loaded codes from a 17 MKZ with the same options, but a few things still did not work. So after a week of messing with stuff. I sent Jason at FVLP email and paid for the programming. Works great now.  This was my 4th Sync 3 swap. Did my Mustang first, then moms 13 Explorer, then my brothers base Mustang. It's been a pain in the ass at times getting the screens and APIMs from the junkyards. Many times I was told it came with the APIM and I didn't ship with the screen. Then LKQ sent me the wrong screen two times. GLAD IT'S OVERS NOW!!!! lol
    • HI R2D2. Now that you posted the part#: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=DP5Z-9942528-A Looks like the price you got from FordPartsGiant is about the best.  Tasca Parts lists it at $55.85, but I did not check to see if that includes shipping.  Hey, at least you are saving $34. Let us know what you wind up doing.  Good luck.
    • Part # = DP5Z-9942528-A My dealer GARY YEOMANS LINCOLN  (parts dept) on Sat is who quoted the $90+ didn't list it wants $69.64 including shipping  wants $56.25 including shipping   Got one more place to check later today  
    • Hi R2D2.  Have you tried the online Ford parts sellers, like Rock Auto, Silver State Ford Parts etc. Prices are usually lower/discounted.  Also, did you ask around at your local Lincoln and Ford Dealers? Prices are not set in stone and are negotiable. You could debadge if you want.  If you are asking opinions, I would just search for the lowest price for the letters, then buy it and replace the L, if it were my car. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
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