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    • Hi r2s. Get everything in writing. There are various coverages/deductibles etc., available with the LincolnCare/FordCare Premium Plans.  So I would highly recommend you ask for the Plan contract, and its exact coverage, before signing anything. You should also be able to verify coverage by calling Lincoln Concierge and providing the VIN to them.   Good luck.
    • Forgot to add, the seller has also agreed to a pre-purchase inspection at a Lincoln Dealership.
    • Hey bbf2520, thanks for the quick reply! I’ve gone to all three sites and the vehicle is in the ballpark and definitely slightly negotiable. It’s a 2014 MKZ reserve from a 2nd owner who’s purchased it CPO at 20K miles. The CARFAX is clean no accidents and comes with a remaining 24 months on the it’s Ford Premium Care Plan. It also has a good majority of its service records from Lincoln and looks well maintained.   The vehicle is optioned with the following: •Automatic trunk •Ambient lighting •Automatic high beams •Automatic wipers •Adaptive cruise control •Adaptive LED headlights •5.1 Sound •Heated & Cooled seats •Heated steering wheel •Sirius XM •Navi •Lane keep assist etc. •Panoramic glass roof but headliner section is not as it broke after the warranty coverage. But it has been professionally Dark/UV tinted.
      My only big concern based on my research would be if the Hybrid battery were to go as it’s a $4-$5K fix as it is a 6-7 year old car. You know how these things are, it could go 200K with no issues or it could give out a week after I get it.   Sincerely appreciate your input as I fell in love as soon as the I got in and pulled out and am trying to keep my emotions out of my purchase, 😂    Thanks again!      
    • Hi r2s and Happy New Year to you also.   Before anyone could even begin to help, we would need to know much more information as to how the 2014 MKZ Hybrid you are looking at is optioned and equipped.   You can go to sites such as KBB.com, NADA.com, Edmunds.com, etc...and follow the prompts to describe the car and how it is optioned to determine a fair market value for the particular MKZ you are looking at.   As far as things to look for? There are no particular weak areas for the MKZ Hybrid. You should perform all the normal precautionary inspections and measures you would do when looking at a used vehicle. It may even be a good idea to have a shop/tech that you trust (one that is familiar with Hybrid vehicles) perform a full vehicle inspection. With an added emphasis on the hybrid system, obviously.   Let us know how you make out and good luck.
    • Good morning all, I’m in the market for a hybrid MKZ. Have had Ford leases before but am looking at purchasing used. I’ve come across a few and just stumbled upon an about to be listed 2014 with 65K Miles with an extended OEM Lincoln warranty records, etc for $14.5K. Saw the car and test drove it and looks and feels well maintained and was wondering if this is a good deal. Also, any issues I should be aware of as a first time Lincoln owner? Love that this forum exists! Happy New Year all!
    • Whatever dealer service utilized. 
    • Dreadful P0357 code when outside temps are very cold.     
    • I got notified by my dealer there is a two day of work and replacing all door controllers.  I am not sure if I want to go with it or now.  This requires removing all door panels and replacing controllers. 
    • Yes, that will be an issue.  As I have SYNC 3 V3.1 on it and don't have access to apps.  I like to install Waze if possible and may be podcast apps.  However i found it to be difficult to upgrade unless you can get usb download and install. As my MKZ is still factory registered as SYNC2 and Ford site think I still have SYNC2 installed.   The builtin WiFi works but can't seem to download SYNC updates over WIFI for some reason. keeps timing out.  Not sure why but will figure it out one of these days. 
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