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HomeLink w/old LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

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Just wanted to share the procedure I used to finally get my Lincoln HomeLink transmitter to work with my old 2002 LiftMaster garage door opener.

Both the Owners Manual and Lincoln Online video appeared simple, but it was actually a two step process.

1). First I got a ladder and unplugged the garage door opener, so I would train the Lincolns transmitter with my original and not have the door go crazy. Pressing both transmitters a few inches apart the red LED on the Lincoln began to blink fast.

2). Then I got on the ladder and plugged the garage door opener back into the ceiling outlet. I then pressed the learning button on the LiftMaster opener. I went to the car and pressed the newly trained button and the LiftMaster opener blinked it's light as it learned the Lincoln transmitter.

Sounds fairly simple, but step 1 wasn't needed at all with my wife's 2010 Ford Escape.

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