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You will be fooling around with the autos programming. Do so at your own risk! This worked on my 2012 MKZ and that's all I can tell you. You would be wise to check YouTube, online manuals and other forums for your year and model. 

To repeat (as preface) from post I started under 'keys':  "...I was ready to find the elusive 'under the dash program button & light'. I needed to add a 2nd remote start FOB and end the dreaded 'engine dies when door opens' curse. Reading posts on the Fusion forum, I tried to locate the under dash button/light by 'key on> press remote start FOB button 1 time'... no light. In fact, now that I have found it, I have yet to see the light, light! Thankfully, I was able to locate the button by a well lit search under the dash. In my MKZ the button/light are located directly above the far end of the 'under dash hood release' but exact placement depends on the installer. OK, now that I found the magic button I also found that the only way I could do the required procedures with the doors closed (required) was to come in the passenger side, placing a cushion over the parking brake handle (to save my ribs), lay across the two seats squeezing myself under the steering wheel while reaching up under the dash...."

... and no, after this mod someone cannot get in without a key and drive off. After the mod, if the brake peddle is pressed or the parking brake is released 'without the key turned to the on position', the engine will still die. When 'you' get in with the key, turn it to 'on', air/heat keeps working as you drive away. 

So here is how you unprogram the "door of death":

1. Turn key on (do not start engine)

2. Hold program button & brake peddle down until you hear 3 short beeps (10-15 seconds or so). Release button & brake (you are now in 'program' mode).

3. Press button and release, you will hear 4 beeps (that puts you in Bank 1 program options).

4. Again Press button and release, you will hear 5 beeps (that puts you in Bank 2 program options).

5. Push & release brake peddle until you hear seven beeps [one push\one beep, two pushes\two beeps and so on until seven] (that takes you to option 7 in Bank 2).

6. Now press button ON REMOTE START FOB once (FOB button toggles option 'on' or 'off')

7. Turn key off and remove     DONE


Edited by MAB & My Classic 2012 MKZ
further clearification

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