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2010 MKZ factory Idle Speed?

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I just had my spark plugs changed and my idle feels like its 100 rpm too high, anyone know what the factory specifications are for the idle? I have been through my owners manuals and could not find.


Also can the idle be simply adjusted? Again its feels good but just a hair too high (just questing 150 rpm +/-) on my tach it looks to be around 800 or a hair lower. Car idle's and runs great, its just my personal preference if I could easily drop it a hair if not no big deal..


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Your post has been moved to the appropriate forum. The Lounge is intended for off-topic discussions.  Questions or technical issues should be posted in an appropriate area per the header for the topic:


This forum is not for technical and modification discussion.  

If you need to post a mod & tech question, please post in the appropriate section.



WRT your question, you're right on the money.  The factory spec is around 725-750 in gear.  You can't adjust it anyway.  The PCM controls that.  If it was too low, you'd get a CEL.  If too high or erratic, that would indicate a problem that needs attention.

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Nope is all good, also just cleaned the intake system with Seafoam, car  is  running great.



Thanks for getting back

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