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Trunk closing/opening problems

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I have 2014 MKZ hybrid. recently I have started to have prob less with closing and opening the trunk by button. When you press a button on the trunk it sometimes does not close (the lid does not go down at all or only half way). You need to close it manually. It started randomly and with time got worse  and now also the button by the steering wheel also does not close it. Any ideas where the problem is?

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Yea, my 2017 MKZ started doing this a couple weeks ago. I pushed the button on inside to close it, it would start moving then open. Was kinda frustrating. Finally got it to close from the remote. This happened maybe 3 times in 2 weeks. Then Saturday it worked perfect. Hmmm

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Bad news for you is that it gets worse overtime. I am looking for some advice how to fix it. Is it just some bad connection?

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Resetting the Power Decklid
The decklid may not operate correctly and you may need to reset it if:
  • The vehicle battery charge is low.
  • You disconnect the battery.
  • You manually close the decklid and leave it unlatched.

Try a reset per the owner's manual:


To reset the power decklid:
  1. Disconnect the battery for 20 seconds then reconnect the battery.
  1. Manually close the decklid making sure it is fully closed.
  1. Power open the decklid using the remote control or instrument panel button.


If that doesn't do it, you'll have to make a service appt.



If the decklid reverses or starts to close after an open request, you will hear a fast continuous chime. This indicates excessive load on the decklid or a possible gas strut failure. If the decklid continues to close after opening, have the system checked by an authorized dealer.

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