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Jacob Kennedy

2007 passenger rear brakes burning

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I recently purchased a 2007 lincoln MKZ, it has 95,xxx miles. Shortly after i purchased it i replaced the brake pads all the way around. about 2 weeks later (less than 1000 miles) i heard this horrible grinding noise coming from my passenger rear side. i went to check it out and the rim was very hot, I drove it home and took the tire off to find that the inner brake pad was completely worn, and had scored my rotor. I promptly replaced the rotor, Pads, and Caliper. The next day on my way to work it still feels like its holding on that passenger rear side. I checked once i got to work (25 miles) and again the rim was hot to the touch. once i got it home i replaced the brake hose, next day same thing happened. I have no idea what it could possibly be at this point, and would very much appreciate some advice. 

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This had been a problem for some first-gen cars.  Sometimes it's a sticking caliper but you've replaced that.  Another known cause is the parking brake cable; either out of adjustment or sticking.


See this thread from the Ford Fusion Forum.

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Sorry about the double post, I thought I put that on another site. Do you know where I can find how to access the parking brake cables to adjust them?

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No worries.



Rear Brake Installation:
1. Install the brake caliper anchor plate and the two brake caliper anchor plate bolts. Tighten to 52 ft.-lbs.

2. Install the two brake pads and slide clips to the brake caliper anchor plate. Position the notch in the caliper piston so that it will correctly align with the pin on the backside of the inboard brake pad. Install the brake caliper.

3. Position the brake caliper on the anchor plate and install the bolts, tighten to 19 ft.-lbs.

4. Install the parking brake cable to the caliper.

5. Pull back the parking brake lever.

6. Connect the cable to the parking brake lever.

7. Install the cable conduit-retaining clip.

8. Cycle the park brake several times to verify normal operation.

9. Test for normal operation.

Parking Brake Adjustment:
1. Remove the access panel behind the center console. Do not pry at the floor console rear access panel with a screwdriver or damage to the panel may occur.

2. Note: The dimension will vary depending on the amount of cable stretch. New cables require cycling the parking brake control 5-10 times to remove the cable slack. Adjust the parking brake adjustment nut as shown below.


3. Verify correct operation of the parking brake system.

• At two clicks of the parking brake control, slight drag at the rear wheels should be present.

• At five clicks of the parking brake control, no movement at the wheels should be present.

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