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Found 5 results

  1. We have just over 15,500km on our 2016 MKZ Hybrid. Today, after hearing an odd sound yesterday, we received an onscreen engine warning to check Advance Trac, that Hill Start Assist was not available and to check the manual. The roads were dry so there would be no environmental issue to cause the fault. This was accompanied with a loss of power steering and no acceleration boost from the gas engine. After a restart at home, the warnings have disappeared and the power steering/acceleration issues went away. I am guessing this will all come back shortly and I am looking to book a service appointment. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any idea what I'm looking at?
  2. Hi, I am currently looking around for a used 2020 MKZ Hybrid with lowish miles. I test drove a 2019 Reserve version and was wondering: What is the top trim for the 2020 MKZ Hybrid? Does it only have 14 speakers? Or is there a trim with 20? Does the 2020 MKZ Hybrid have a panoramic roof? Or is that only on a certain trim? And which? How much should I expect to spend on a MKZ Hybrid w/ around 30-40k miles, panoramic roof, 20-speaker Revel system, year 2019-2020? Anything else I should be on the look out for? Thanks!!
  3. Myron D. Brown

    110V Power Point will not power tablet

    Hello, I have a 2017 MKZ Hybrid and I am unable to get the 110V power point to charge/power my tablet. The user manual said it should support things up to 150W. I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. My particular model only draws a maximum of 30W, and the charger is rated at 65W. In either case, this should work. And I'm wondering why it doesn't. I don't think the issue is the charging cable, because it's the same one I at home. I'm also hoping the issue isn't the power point itself--I plug in my Galaxy S7 edge phone, and that charges just fine. I just can't get my tablet to recognize that it is connected to the charger and a power source. When I start the ignition and plug it in, the green light does glow steady, indicating that it should be working. But it isn't. ‚ÄčAny suggestions? Thanks...
  4. tonyvan

    New from Vancouiver

    Good morning to you all. I'm Tony, from Vancouver, BC - but originally from London England. I've been a Lincoln fan since age 4 when my dad's new boss picked us up at Detroit airport in a '66 Continental. Just swapped in my '11 MKX for a new '14 MKZH. I was a pretty economical driver in the MKX - all highway - and would regularly return 22mpg (or as we say in Canada - 11 l/100km), and was sick of the weekly $90 fill up. So, the economy of the hybrid appealked, and the deal was done over one weekend in late June '14. I'm now regularly returning 43 mpg (5.4l/100), and my fill up is around $45. Much better. And it's not just the economy - the thing is just so good looking and with such awesome features. The MKX replaced an Infiniti FX45, and upped the technology game significantly, but the MKZ has gone up even more. I got a platinum white, cream interior, panorama roof, blah blah. Basically, if it was available, I got it. My only disappointment so far is that there aren't enough parallel parking spaces to let me use the self-parking. As with all my cars, I can't really leave well alone, so it's now debadged (I left the 'H' on the trunk to take advantage of Walmart's preferred parking...) and I blacked out the grille bars. Also changed the backing on all the LIncoln crosshair badges from black to blue. So that's me. And lest you think I'm some old fool for whom mpg is the be all and end all, I also drive a 1949 Ford F1 truck with a Corvette 327 motor....
  5. I'm looking to buy or lease a 2014 MKZ Hybrid. I'm looking at the 202A or 203A Equipment Group, along with mats and miscellaneous other items. What % off sticker are these going for. So far current salesman is only at 95% of sticker and that's not going to happen unless I find that's what these are truly going for. What have all of you been getting? Thanks!