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Found 15 results

  1. Wynn_MKZh

    12V battery upgrade

    So all of us MKZ hybrid owners who are unfortunate have come to the realization that the OEM 12v battery that came with our cars were too small and underpowered to survive the rigorous demands of our heavily electronically focused cars. I'd like to refer to the Fusion Hybrid forums because they discuss this in great length here. So I've been having issues with the 12v battery on my MKZh for the past couple of months. I've been able to keep the battery alive by jumpstarting it every now and then. i came back from 6 day vacation without driving it and now the battery is practically dead. jumpstarting it won't power on anything unless AAA jumpstarts it with their 1.5k Amp jumpstarter. Afterwards I make a trip to Sears. They recommended me a Diehard 96R battery here. It has 590 CCA which is much better than the stock Motorcraft battery with 390 CAA and it was already on sale so I purchased it. The Sears technicians try to install the 96R but find its slightly too large to fit into the tray so they put back the Motorcraft battery and I leave with the 96R. I've read on the Fusion Hybrid Forums that you can cut off the backend wall of the battery tray to accommodate larger batteries. Seeing as the Fusion hybrid is pretty much the same car as the MKZh I figure I attempt this. A member on the FFH wrote a guide here. Anyone have experience upgrading their MKZh batteries ? What tools used to cut the tray?
  2. hkyuncl

    Tire Inflator Location

    Where is the tire inflator located in a 2016 mkz hybrid?
  3. I have a 2014 MKZ Hybrid that i started out really loving. But with 34,000 miles and all these issues it i'm beginning to be less and less enchanted with my Lincoln experience. 1) Power Trunk Lid issue - "Something" broke that wouldnt allow the deck lid to open more than 12". This required the dealer to replace both trunk hinges which required the removal of headliner, rear seat/package tray. headliner rattled after repair, dealer dropped headliner and replaced all the clips. Better but still hear rattles when radio is off. every now and then the trunk wont close, it dings and reopens (and there is NOTHING in the trunk).... and ... sometimes trunk will not open from the key fob or button by the license plate, i have to lock and unlock the car to get it to open. unable to reproduce all the time dealer shrugs shoulders. Sometimes the doors don't unlock when i touch the door handle, sometimes they do.... frustrating. dealer had car about a month. 2) oil leak - valve cover i was told was plastic and had a crack. new one ordered and replaced. 3) wheel bearing type noise - was told noise was coming from inside transmission. dealer removed and disassembled trans, said Lincoln was shipping new trans as a replacement. noise gone, but then the car had a bad vibration after the trans was replaced. Car at dealer 3 weeks. 4)vibration at 65 - 70 mph - after multiple rides with shop troubleshooter, it was determined that while the trans was out a motor/trans mount became deformed. replaced mount, vibration gone. but this took over a week to diagnose and repair. 4) AC lost its mind - when car was first started, the AC seemed to only know 2 modes. MAX LO /RECIRC and AUTO. The AC Compressor light wouldn't go off. Actually i couldnt turn the Air Conditioner itself off using the power button, nor could i make it go to defrost. I took 7 videos of this madness. touch capacitors would click but no light and no corresponding action, it just went between the MAX LO RECIRC and AUTO mode. no matter what buttons i pushed, it kept switching between these 2 modes. After i used the large touch screen I got it to work right. dealer reflashed body module. They say this should also fix the trunk and door handle issue.... we'll see. Car at dealer a week. 5) after washing the car and wiping out the door jams and doors, i now see the paint pealing off the jam side of the door, and there is rust underneath. it looks like there's all kinds of trash under the paint on the drivers side doors where paint is lifting. (not on the passenger side ones) This was the last straw i had with this car and have contacted LINCOLN Corporate. I'm taking it to the dealer for them to inspect tomorrow. My issue isn't with the selling dealer, but this car not worthy of the star that's on the hood. I don't know what else to do, as the car is only now worth about pay off. I like the way the car drives and handles, looks and the amenities, fuel mileage is pretty good, infact its better than most post on this forum, but i have to say the quality of the car is pitiful. I get optimistic after each repair, but my overall satisfaction with the car itself has dropped, I'm beginning to wonder what to expect next? i did purchase the extended warranty, and i do try to keep a car 8-10 years, but i have to say, i don't think ill keep this one that long.
  4. dfstv

    My 2014 Lincoln MKZ

    Hi everyone! I've been out and lurking on the forums for quite a while now. Recently, I finally caved in and purchased a used 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. She's got every box ticked except for the big panoramic sunroof. I've read some people complaining that the THX Sound System seems "under-powered". I completely disagree. I'm in love with the car, but I'm more in love with the gas mileage. I purchased the vehicle in Kansas City and drove it back home to northern Illinois. I didn't touch the gas or the brake once after getting onto the highway thanks to the adaptive cruise control and I averaged an incredible 51 miles to the gallon! Since purchasing the car, I have not done any modifications except tint the windows. I have a couple of ideas, such as blacking out the grill in the future. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself and show off my new ride! Here's a shot of before the window tint was applied. How the car looks now, after being tinted.
  5. Myron D. Brown

    E15 Fuel

    Hello, I have a 2017 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Black Label. I was just noticing yesterday that a lot more gas stations in my area are carrying E15 fuel. I looked in my owner's manual, and it says: "Your hybrid vehicle can use E15 (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline) fuel, but you may notice slightly reduced fuel economy because ethanol contains less energy per gallon than gasoline. Your hybrid vehicle is not designed to use E85 (85% ethanol)." Do any of you have experience using E15 fuel? And what are your thoughts? Although the owner's manual said I can use E15, a quick Google search for "E15 fuel" yields results about warnings and bad reviews. If I understand correctly, the EPA has certified that all 2012 or later models sold in the U.S. are certified to run on E15. And any 2001 or later vehicle should be okay. Buthis AAA has said that E15 can cause damage/corrosion to some components because of the higher percentage of ethanol. E15 is only $2.18/gallon here, whereas 87 octane is $2.25/gallon. Thanks!!
  6. Has anyone noticed the way the traunk is finished on the 2015 MKZ hybrid? If you remove the cover and look at where the spare tire used to be, now replaced by the mobility kit, the finish is very poor. The areas are metal covered by some sort of coating. You would have though that this area would look finished, as it is part of the trunk that is seen when you get the mobility kit. It is also usable storage space. But it is very disappointing to look at because it looks like a very unprofessional finish.
  7. First posting. Bought one of these 2011 Ford Fusion painted spoilers- it was delivered in 3-4 days. Paint job is flawless. Easy install- has 3 holes on each side. I just used two on each side to avoid needing to drill through the double layer section of the trunk. Installed the spoiler and a trailer hitch in a little over two hours. Just follow the instructions. See attached pix. (No making fun of my ratty lawn) In case the URL above doesn't work: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151025642861 Joe L
  8. Devin2015HybridMKZ

    HYBRID 2015 MKZ Ambiant Lighting

    Post deleted by moderator.
  9. JediBoyTJ

    Road Trip!

    From the album: My 2012 Hybrid

    First road trip shortly after purchasing.
  10. JediBoyTJ


    From the album: My 2012 Hybrid

    When I took delivery last year (had it shipped from another location). Out with the old, in with the new!
  11. JediBoyTJ


    From the album: My 2012 Hybrid

    Washed, Waxed, and Tinted.
  12. Boomer

    New forum member

    Greetings, fellow MKZ'ers. I have a 2007 sage green MKZ. It's been a great car, except I am now starting to hear a pronounced scraping sound in the rear when I hit a bump or dip in the road. The technician told me that it's probably just a viscosity issue if it happens only when the weather is cold, usually in the mornings, and that there was nothing I could do about it. Very disappointing. Nevertheless, I'm considering getting a new MKZ because reliability has been so good and because I'd like to switch to a hybrid. My questions about the hybrid have to do with: how noisy is it compared with regular engines; does the 2.0 that comes with the hybrid have as good a pickup; is the 0-60 any different? Basically, I'd just like to know what the main differences are between the hybrid and the regular engines. Looking forward to learning more.
  13. Click here to read the full review.
  14. 12MKZ

    2012 MKZ Hybrid ForSale

    Sad to say however I am selling my gorgeous tuxedo black metallic 2012 MKZ hybrid. This car is in flawless condition with no accidents. It has been adult owned and driven. Non smoker. 24,000 ALL HIGHWAY miles Oil changes have been done every 5,000 Miles running Ford MotorCraft Full-Synthetic oil. I am looking to upgrade to the new 2013 MKZ hybrid. Here are some of the specs on my vehicle. 24,000 ALL HIGHWAY miles FWD Hybrid with 4cyl. 2.5L inline 4 engine Charcoal Black leather interior 202A Technology package with --Power Moonroof --Adaptive HID headlamps --Rain-sensing wipers --Ambient lighting --Navigation package --voice activated navigation --BLIS with cross traffic alert --Rear View backup camera --THX II sound system with 5.1 surround --Heated/Cooled front seats --Dual zone auto climate control --Smart gauge with eco-guide --SYNC + Sirius Radio --Dual exhaust --Heated Power Mirrors --Memory Seats You can PM me for more details I am located in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.
  15. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all, I was hoping someone on this forum could help me with a question.... In OCT I preordered a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and a week later I received an email from Lincoln stating my pre order has been accepted and approved. Since then I have seen absolutely no movement what so ever in my order. I have called Lincoln and they keep telling me the order is in process, but cannot give me a VIN, no production date, or delivery date. In my last call to Lincoln, they stated that the stamping plant in Hermasillo was producing dealer inventory first before stamping out any pre orders. I have a couple of questions? 1. Anyone out there that has ordered a Lincoln 2013 MKZ Hybrid that has received a VIN yet? 2. Anyone understand this dealer inventory stamping process before stamping out pre orders? 3. Anyone understand how many MKZ's the stamping plant can produce in an hour, day, or week? I would sure appreciate your thoughts or experiance with this process. Thanks, Tanner