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Found 2 results

  1. larryja5


    Does anyone know if one can open the windows remotely either through the app or utilizing the key fob?
  2. Where can I buy applications for My Lincoln Touch. I would like to buy the application "Navigation/16777215" which can be installed with a usb drive. This is how the following is done. “Navigation Capabilities on All MyFord Touch Cars - But It Ships Disabled Ford explains: When you take delivery of a Ford with MyFord Touch or Lincoln with MyLincoln Touch, you get a vehicle with an 8-inch touchscreen and you also get the navigation application embedded in the car. But it's no good without the navigation SD card, for which you pay $795, and then Ford activates the car and enables navigation. That apparently means you can choose to have factory onboard navigation the day you take delivery. Or, later on, you can choose between factory navigation or a third-party portable GPS system that will be clunky, take up space on the windshield, and cost half what Ford charges.” I will be glade to pay for this. I'm not looking to cheat Ford so I will be glade to pay a dealer the 795 plus any labor. Plus a finders fee if any one can help.