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  1. bbf2530

    Extended Warranty

    Hi Shacky. There are several existing threads on this subject. Here is one: https://lincolnmkzforum.com/topic/4140-lincoln-protect-extended-warranty-cost/?tab=comments#comment-17758 I would encourage you to Google "Lincoln ESP sellers", then perform your own price shopping online and with your local Lincoln and Ford Dealers. You will get your best prices online from the two sellers I mention in the thread I linked to above. Either Harold Zeigler Automotive Group or Flood Ford. What I can tell you is: For my last 4 Lincolns, after extensive online and local Dealer shopping for Lincoln ESP/LincolnProtect Plans, "Harold Zeigler Automotive Group" has been the lowest price. Therefore, I purchased from them and everything went smoothly. Flood Ford was always the close runner up, usually $10-$20 more. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  2. Hi mkultra. In addition to Izzy3906's advice on Infinity brand speakers, I would also recommend consulting with Crutchfield: https://www.crutchfield.com/S-wgQ2VGTuOLg/ Call and speak to one of their Installation experts, or use their online "Find what Fits your car" tool to see what your choices are. They have excellent customer service. And even if you don't purchase from them, at least you will get some good ideas on what will work in your car within your wants and price range. I have used them in the past and been very satisfies. If you do purchase from them, they provide detailed installation instructions, all necessary wiring and connectors, lifetime tech support etc. Their prices are competitive, if not rock bottom/bargain basement low. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  3. Hi jm. You may get a faster and more reliable answer by calling or stopping by the Parts Department at your local Lincoln or Ford Dealer. I prefer stopping by, since being face to face usually gets better service than a phone call. At that time, you can also ask for their price, so you something to compare when you online shop. Keep in mind that Dealer pricing is negotiable, so do not be afraid to ask if they can give you a better price than their first quote. Alternately, you can also check with the online Ford Parts sellers for the part numbers and prices. Personally, I like to get part numbers and first quotes from my local Dealers. Either way, have your VIN handy, as that is how part numbers are properly cross referenced. Also...Why are you contemplating changing springs? Do you feel there is an issue or problem with your current springs? Springs would not normally need to be replaced at this point. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  4. Hi jm. I would advise sticking with the factory/Motorcraft parts. And no, they are not the same spec as the Fusion Hybrid. I am sure others will jump in with alternate suggestions. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  5. Hi jm. First...You posted the same question in the "Brakes, Chassis & Suspension" sub-forum. Please do not double post questions. It is much easier for others to help if all questions and information are in one place. Therefore, this thread will be locked. Next...to your question...I would advise sticking with the factory/Motorcraft parts. And no, they are not the same spec as the Fusion Hybrid. I am sure others will jump in with alternate suggestions in your other thread. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  6. Hi jm. Yes, as we previously mentioned, SYNC 3.0 can not be factory upgraded (via the Lincoln SYNC Update website) to SYNC 3.4. No SYNC 3 hardware is factory compatible or able to be upgraded to SYNC 3.4. It is not problem with the particular unit that you purchased. It is simply that SYNC 3.0 software/hardware is not completely compatible with SYNC 3.4. Does not matter what vehicle it came out of, what model year etc. SYNC 3.0 can not be factory upgraded to SYNC 3.4, since SYNC 3.4 is hardware and software update. Out of curiosity...Where did you get the files from to put on the USB you were using? As mentioned earlier, there are third party websites that will allow you to upgrade SYNC 3.0 to SYNC 3.4. However, I would not recommend doing it, as there are almost always issues and lost functions. EDIT- For the sake of clarity and fact: SYNC 3.0 will not be factory upgrade-able to SYNC 3.4 in the future either. Just as SYNC 3.4 will not be up-gradable to SYNC 4 in the future. SYNC 3.0 is legacy software and hardware. It will receive updates to its basic functionality (at least for a time), but will not be factory up-gradable to SYNC 3.4. Good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hi drolds1. Ooooo...thanks for catching that. I had a brain cloud and it sort of went right over my head that reverendalc's MKZ is a hybrid (and therefore not turbocharged). So my warning about not using induction system services was unnecessary. Good luck.
  8. Hi jm. Not sure how you are trying to "upgrade" your aftermarket installed SYNC 3.0 to SYNC 3.4. Where did you get the SYNC 3.4 update files from? From CyanLabs? Another source? Without more information, this much we can tell you: SYNC 3.0 software can not be factory upgraded (via Lincoln/Ford) to SYNC 3.4. You can use third party sources, such as CyanbLabs mentioned above. However, it is a more complicated process to do so, and any issues/problems would probably need to be addressed to them, since you are not only trying to upgrade from SYNC 3.0 to SYNC 3.4, but your 2014 MKZ originally did not even come equipped with SYNC 3.0. Keep us updaed and good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hi rev. It may have seemed to be getting a "little combative", because too much time was being spent to "exhaustively rebut", instead of taking the advice offered concerning replacing the spark plugs, Techron, coil packs etc. So now that we have moved past that, please keep us updated as to the progress made after replacing the plugs and a few bottles of Techron. I had also edited my previous reply to mention battery degradation, in case our replies crossed in the mail and you did not see that. Good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hi rev. We are trying to help you, blindly over the Internet, so... We already moved past the gas, by stating it would not be a concern or the cause of your issues. But you mentioned "regular unleaded" fuel again. No one stated that "summer tires -> all season tires" were a "main consideration" of yours. You stated (to Multitask), "it ’s interesting that you mention tires! Around the time I noticed my mileage slowly declining, I DID put new tires. I had some excellent summer tires, but the roads are so continuously wet here that I opted for an all-season tire. I would imagine that tires could easily account for a .9mpg decrease in economy." So you were asking if an "equipment change" may have affected your mpg's. In reply, I stated that the switch you made, from (soft/ sticky) summer-only tires to (harder/less sticky) all-season tires would most likely result in an increase in fuel economy (apples to apples in tires) not a decrease. However, again, this is all blind Internet diagnosis, since we have no idea what tires were actually on your car before or now. So we can also move past the tire question. The reality is that a drop from 41.9/41.7 mpg to 41.0 mpg is negligible. It is a non-issue. And another reality is, none of us know what the reason/reasons may be for your negligible drop in mpg's, so nothing mentioned can be dismissed out of hand. And "driving habits" were not mentioned. Driving environment was, but they are two very different subjects. So the only actual problem you currently have is the rough running and "dieseling". Therefore, at 105,000 miles, since you do not know what the cause is, the smart move would be to replace the spark plugs with the correct Motorcraft plugs and use a bottle or two of Techron or a similar quality fuel injector product to clean your injectors. And replace the coil packs while you are at it, since you stated that the price of new coil packs is not an issue for you. If those measures do not help, try "Dr Injector ultrasonic bath", if you or anyone else actually has any good experiences with it. If that does not help, then it may take a professional intervention/diagnosis by the Service Department at your Lincoln Dealer or an independent shop you trust. Change your spark plugs (and coil packs, if you like), run a bottle or two of fuel injector cleaner in the next two full tanks of fuel, then get back to us and we can move from there. EDIT- Battery degradation beginning, due to age alone, could explain the negligible drop in mpg's. But again, it does not explain the rough running/"dieseling". Keep us updated and good luck.
  11. bbf2530

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hi rev. there is absolutely no reason you should have problems using regular unleaded, since your MKZ is designed to run on 87-93 octane fuel. As Multitask and I stated, it is the quality of the gas, not octane, that may/will cause issues. Using regular gas (87 octane minimum) will not cause any problems, assuming it is good quality fuel. And since you are using name brand fuels ( 76/Chevron/Texaco), fuel quality is probably not the problem. Just few observations: First...A drop in fuel mileage from 41.9 to 41.0 is very small. Negligible in fact. Changes in the ethanol content in your area, old/worn spark plugs, weather changes, using AC more, and other driving environment changes etc., could/would account for far more than a small drop like that. The reality is, a mileage drop like that is not actually something to be concerned about, unless the mileage drop continues. Next...While tires can always be a factor on fuel mileage, going from a summer only tire to an all season would generally increase mileage, since summer only tires are "stickier" (apples to apples). However, that can not be determined over the Internet, since we have no idea what summer-only tires you had before, and which all-season tires you now have installed. Next...As you said, it is the rough running and "dieseling" that is more of a concern. When you state "dieseling", what exactly is happening? Is the engine still running for a short period after you have turned off the ignition? Just want to be sure we are all working with the same terms and definitions. Next...at ~105,000 miles, it would be a good idea to change your spark plugs (where we all came into this conversation...lol). Yes, the Maintenance Schedule does not require it, but I would highly recommend it. Again, that alone may take care of your 0.9mpg drop. Concerning OTC "fix in a bottle" products: Certain top shelf products, such as Chevron's Techron, are proven to help clean fuel injectors. I am not familiar with a "Dr Injector ultrasonic bath" for injectors, so will need to leave testimonials for that to other members. Also...Is your 2016 MKZ covered by any type of ESP warranty? Get back to us with more information and good luck.
  12. bbf2530

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hi rev. Regular and premium fuels from major name brand gasoline manufacturers contain the same detergents. Using premium will do nothing to clean the engine/injectors or keep the engine any cleaner than regular fuel. There is no need to use premium fuels, if you are using a quality, name brand fuels (which you are). Or in other words, there was no "impact" from you using regular fuels. Our engines are designed to use octane from 87 to 93, and simply adjust timing for the octane rating (a simple/basic explanation). What premium fuel will do is allow the engine management system to give you the full power rating (hp/torque) advertised for your engine. That will essentially give you ~20-25 more horsepower (probably less in a Hybrid) when using premium over regular. So unless that small amount of power matters to you, save your money and use "76 or chevron or Texaco" regular. What you can do to clean your injectors is use a quality fuel injector cleaner such as Techron (my personal go to). If your MKZ has a turbocharged engine, do not use engine intake cleaner services which some shops will try to sell you on, as they will cause issues with the turbochargers. In fact, Lincoln/Ford specifically tell us not to use them. However, a fuel injector cleaner like Techron (which you add before filling your tank) are permitted and good to use for periodic maintenance. I am sure others will jump in with more suggestions. Keep us updated and good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    Hi Bob. Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum, congratulations on acquiring your MKZ, and good luck!
  14. bbf2530

    ICE running a little rough at 105k

    Hi rev. Personally, I would recommend sticking with the Motorcraft plugs. You can find the correct spec/part number in the Maintenance and Specifications in your Owners Manual. Whether to change the coil packs or not really depends on personal preference. If they are operating correctly, there would be no great necessity to, at this point. However, the age old question is..."If the engine is running rough, how do we determine if they are working correctly or not"? If changing the plugs does not cure the issue, then you could try switching coil packs around to see if it affects performance. But that can become tedious. So...as long as you are doing the plugs, it would not hurt to replace the coil packs, if you do not mind spending he money. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  15. bbf2530

    2013-2016 arm rest

    Hi Jim. The link is not working for me. No photos are showing.