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  1. bbf2530

    2019 Due ?

    Hi Funktastic. Also, just wondering for information sake...How did you obtain your build date of June 4th? From the date on the Window Sticker or another source? The reason I ask is because the date on our Window Stickers is not the actual build date. It is an administrative date/the date the sticker was released, which can be as little as several days to a week, or as much as 10 days or even >two weeks before the actual build date. If I remember correctly, my 2018 order took ~10 weeks from order date to delivery. My 2007 took 6 weeks from order to delivery. Both times I was told expect approximately 8 to 10 weeks. Of course, none of what I am stating matters for much more than anecdotal evidence of what happened in my particular case, so those wondering about their 2019's can take it for what it is worth. Another factor which may be in favor of those ordering 2019's is that Lincoln/Ford are not stocking dealers with MKZ's and Fusions sitting on their lots for the 2019 model year as they did in the past. Essentially, in most cases, Dealer orders are required to be Special customer orders for 2019's, except for the Hybrids. That may mean good news and shorter wait times for those of us who factory order, since hypothetically, Special Orders can be scheduled sooner after ordering. But that is just some hypothesizing by me at this point. Anyways, good luck to all my fellow and future MKZ drivers! πŸ™‚
  2. bbf2530

    2019 Due ?

    Hi Funktastic. The trim level names have changed for 2019., so just to avoid confusion for others: The "Reserve II" trim level 3.0T AWD MKZ now comes with "Dynamic Torque Vectoring" as standard equipment. The 3.0 is not available on the "Reserve I" trim level at all.
  3. bbf2530

    2019 Due ?

    Hi 1984. Only a guess of course, but I would surmise a transit time of less than two weeks if it ships before the holiday. However, keep in mind that a car is not driven the back door of the factory and right onto a rail car. There are logistics involved as to how cars are loaded and shipped. So cars can sit for varying periods of time before loading. Again, just my educated opinion, but I think there is a chance, although it may be slim, that you may have your car for Christmas. As you stated, the abbreviated holiday manufacturing and shipping schedules are working against you. But being close to Hermosillo is in your favor too, if they have it built in time for shipping before the holiday shut down. Your Dealer has access to all the production and shipping information. Some Dealers are good at communicating this information to the customer, some not so good. Let them know you would like to be kept notified and don't be afraid to check with them once a week or so. I hope you can get that nice Christmas present you are hoping for.
  4. bbf2530

    2019 Due ?

    Hi 1984. Welcome back and good luck with your 2019 MKZ order! Hope it arrives quickly. Depending on your Dealers order allotment and how quickly they place the order, you still have a chance at a Christmas arrival. As of 10/15 they were scheduling for the build week of 12/3. Good luck!
  5. bbf2530

    Lincoln Way app down

    Hi Robert. As mentioned above, look to see if you are logged in. If you are not logged in (as in my case), log back in. If you are logged in (as in MKZMark's case), log out and log back in. Hopefully that should solve the problem as it did for us. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  6. bbf2530

    Radio static

    Hi willy j. Not exactly sure what is causing your radio static issues. However, what brand of spark plugs did you install? Hopefully the Motorcraft OEM replacement? Other brands of spark plugs have been known to cause issues with our cars. Hopefully one of our techie members will jump in with more help. Keep us updated and good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    Lincoln Way app down

    Hi MKZMark. Just checked mine and saw that I was logged out of the app (which never happened before since I purchased the car in June). Once I logged back in, everything was fine. Try logging back in. If you are still logged in, try logging out and back in. Everything was working correctly this morning and earlier this afternoon, so not sure why this happened. Same thing with the Lincoln Owners website. Once I logged in, everything was working as normal. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Hi Hice. No, there is no foolproof way. If Lincoln/Ford digs deeply enough, they will know. As I believe I mentioned to you in another forum, if you change the engine programming and have any engine, transmission, powertrain issues later, your warranty claim is in danger of denial.
  9. bbf2530

    TSB 14-0204

    Hi riff raff. Wow, you really do put on the miles. I am sure that some have needed the TSB performed, but not sure how that answer helps you or not. In my opinion, if your mechanic thinks you should have the TSB performed first, then you should do it. The problem is not necessarily even the catalytic converter. Could be something as simple as an oxygen sensor. Here is my opinion again: According to the TSB link you provided, the total labor time for the reprogramming and catalytic converter replacement is 2.8 hours. I would guess the programming alone should be no more than 1 hour labor cost. I would have the TSB performed by your Dealership and then let your mechanic replace the catalytic converter if necessary. The longer you drive with the issue, the more likely you are to cause further damage (although you have already driven 20,000 miles with the intermittent CEL). Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    TSB 14-0204

    Hi riff raff. How many miles on your car? Our cars have a 5 year/60,000 mile Bumper to Bumper Warranty, 6 year/70,000 mile Powertrain Warranty, along with the extended emissions system warranty. Certain emissions equipment is covered to 8 years/80,000 miles. Before you do anything, read your Warranty Booklet and check with your Dealers Service Department first to see if your car is still covered under warranty for this issue. Keep us updated and good luck.
  11. Hi Sludge. Congratulations on your new MKZ and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum! A lot of friendly and helpful fellow MKZ owners here. I would recommend registering your MKZ on the Lincoln Owners website here: https://owner.lincoln.com/ Also, if you were not given your copy of the 2015 MKZ Owners Manual when you purchased, you can download the PDF version here: https://www.fleet.ford.com/partsandservice/owner-manuals/ You will learn a lot about the features of your MKZ by looking it over. Good luck! πŸ˜€
  12. bbf2530

    TPMS 2016 mkz black label

    Hi Bill. Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. I do not recall off the top of my head all the 2016 MKZ features and whether you can display your individual tire pressures on a 2016 model. However, until someone more familiar with the 2016's jumps in,, you can find that TPMS information and much more about your vehicle in your Owners Manual. If you were not given your copy of the Owners Manual when you purchased, you can download the PDF version here: https://www.fleet.ford.com/partsandservice/owner-manuals/ I would also recommend registering your MKZ on the Lincoln Owners website: https://owner.lincoln.com/ You can find a lot of information, helpful videos etc. Good luck.
  13. Hi Willy. If it was the injector and you're running fine now, you shouldn't need to worry about much. Dumb question...but you gapped the new spark plugs according to spec, correct? As mentioned earlier, sometimes a coil failure can fry the PCM and vice-a-versa. But from what I hear, those cascading type problems usually do not occur when an injector goes bad. Sounds like you did some good work and got a little lucky too. Keep us updated and good luck.
  14. bbf2530

    USB Port

    Hi Chris. Just an FYI: Yes, a mini flash drive will fit in the "ashtray" USB port with the lid closed. I have a 64GB mini plugged into mine all the time with the lid down. Good luck.
  15. Hi Willy. While your Lincoln/Ford Dealer would be a first choice, any modern and competent shop can probably diagnose and repair an issue like this. Especially since it has thrown clear DTC's. A quick Internet diagnosis from a stranger who has not seen your car (which is worth exactly what you are paying for itπŸ™ƒ)? It is likely a bad plug coil and/or a failed PCM. Hopefully only the coil. Keep us updated and good luck.