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  1. bbf2530

    Tire size question

    Hi kbuicker. Well, apples to apples, anytime you go to a larger wheel diameter with a lower tire sidewall ratio, the ride will be rougher. More wheel and less sidewall means less tire cushioning. Whether it is "significantly rougher" is a personal opinion. I don't find my 2018 MKZ with 245/40-19 tires/wheels to be "significantly rougher" than my 2007 MKZ with 225/50-17 tires/wheels. However, the roads are relatively good here and I am careful when they are not. With both cars. Keep us updated and good luck.
  2. Hi Sam. If it is the original battery, then yes, you should replace it now. Modern cars are heavily computer/electronic and electrically dependent. If we get 3-4 years out of the battery, we got more than our moneys worth. A slowly failing battery will cause all sorts of electronic and electrical gremlins. Better to just replace the battery than chase those gremlins or be stranded. A proper battery load test can tell whether the battery is failing. But it needs to be a proper, modern load test. Older battery testers will give too many good ratings to failing batteries. And just to explain battery warranty replacements (for Eurythmian). While our cars are still within the 4 year/50,000 mile New Car Bumper to Bumper Warranty, a defective or failed battery will be replaced for free, under warranty, while still within the 4 year/50,000 mile Bumper to Bumper Warranty period. However, once outside the 4 year/50,000 mile Bumper to Bumper Warranty, we must pay for a replacement battery, even if the current battery was only replaced under the Bumper to Bumper warranty a month ago.. So as an example, even if we had the battery replaced at 3 years 11 months, or 49,900 miles under the Bumper to Bumper Warranty, there is no warranty on that new battery after 4 years/50,000 miles. Therefore, if it fails at 4 years 1 month, or 51,000 miles, there is no warranty and we must pay for the new battery. The warranty expired at 4 years 1 day and 50,001 miles. Of course, individual Dealers may make exceptions for good/regular customers, but that is entirely up to them and on their dime. Now, to make it more confusing with all of the above being understood, the new battery we purchased will now have a warranty of its own. That warranty will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. I always recommend the top line "Motorcraft Tested Tough Max" battery, which has a 3 year full replacement, 100 month pro-rated replacement policy/warranty. You can usually get discount service coupons for Motorcraft batteries on the Lincoln Owners or Ford Owners websites, and individual Dealer websites in the Service sections. Concerning why some owners have battery drain issues, that is something that needs to be diagnosed and fixed by the Dealer. There have been TSB's for some earlier model second generation MKZ's that addressed repairs for early issues. Hope this information helps and good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    AC issue

    Hi Marcel. If the lines are freezing, then it could be a problem with moisture in the system. That could mean a leak. Here is a generic explanation: http://knowhow.napaonline.com/car-ac-lines-freezing-up-heres-what-you-can-do-about-it/ You can also find more general information here: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=Lincoln+MKZ+HVAC+system+icing It could also possibly be a problem with the EVAP temperature sensor? Hopefully one of our tech members will jump in with more expertise and advice.
  4. bbf2530

    AC issue

    HI marcel. To give any type of informed reply, more information would be needed. For example, Do you have the single zone automatic temp control or dual zone auto temp control? I am not sure what was available in 2010. Does this happen in both Auto and manual modes? Does the manual fan speed control work properly? Will it raise and lower fan speed? When the airflow slows down, will adjusting the manual fan speed control do anything? Will the fan work properly in non-Auto and non A/C mode (i.e. to vent ambient air or if you raise the temp to heat the cabin)? Please try all the settings on your HVAC unit, then provide as much information as to how and when this occurs, what settings it occurs on etc. With more information, one of our tech members maybe able to point you in the correct direction. Good luck.
  5. bbf2530

    2 Phones

    Hi Chris. No, you can not have two phones connected at the same time.
  6. bbf2530

    Door Edge Guards

    Hi Mcondo. Hey, as long as it does the job and keeps your cars safe! Good luck. 🙂
  7. bbf2530

    Door Edge Guards

    Hi mcondo. A door edge guard only protects the edge of the door it is on. It does not give much protection to what you hit with a door. Perhaps a tiny bit of scratch protection, but certainly not much protection concerning dents. So if you put door edge guards on the MKZ and open the door into the Thunderbird, you will still dent and scratch the Thunderbird. And if you put door edge guards on the Thunderbird, they will protect the door edge of the Thunderbird, but not give much protection to what you hit with that door. In my opinion, you would be better off with something like this: https://www.doorshox.com/ Something magnetic, which you can place on the doors when the car is in the garage and remove when you take the car out. A bumper like that will actually give protection to the car doors which a door edge guard will not. I'm not recommending or endorsing this particular product, I simply found it by Googling "Car door bumpers". There are lots of others, and you can also try alternate phrases. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  8. bbf2530

    Michelin Ice Xi3 update

    Hi Tom. An 8" wheel is acceptable for most 225/50 tires. It is on the top end, but still acceptable. You simply need to be sure you purchase a snow tire with an acceptable load rating. At least equal to the factory tires on your car. You can go to The Tire Rack and find the tire/wheel specs for almost any tire: https://www.tirerack.com/content/tirerack/desktop/en/homepage.html Not too sure if you will get a reply from the OP (Billm). He has not signed on for over a year. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    Found out 2017 Premiere 18" Rim is bent.

    I kbuicker. Then you have the perfect, high class squad car. Best squad car in the country (in my opinion...lol)! 🤗 Like I said, I don't feel any overriding need to tell others that something they like does not look good, even though it is only my opinion. My opinion is not that important. 🤣 But in this case, you already said you were thinking of switching back to the factory wheels, so I figured it did no harm to agree. Best of luck with your MKZ!
  10. bbf2530

    Found out 2017 Premiere 18" Rim is bent.

    H kbuicker. Since I respect the fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I usually keep my opinions concerning how things look to myself. But since you sort of asked: I prefer the factory wheels on your car. This is only my opinion, but black wheels (no matter how nice the spoke style), make a car look nondescript, like an unmarked cop car. Especially on a black or dark colored car. However, I think those black wheels would look nice on our cars if they had a polished aluminum or painted silver finish, with dark pockets, similar to the factory wheels. Again, just my opinion. I realize there are those who would disagree and I respect that opinion. Good luck with the repair and whatever you decide to do. 🤗
  11. bbf2530

    New 2019 MKZ Reserve I owner

    Hi Tom. You are correct! It is good to learn something new every day! In fact, after reading your last post I called the Lincoln Certified body shop that does repairs for the Dealership where I purchased my MKZ, and asked the owner (I was wondering if the hood was composite or aluminum). He said yes, the hood and front fenders are aluminum. And parts of the trunk lid are also not steel. Thanks for the information and good luck.
  12. bbf2530

    New 2019 MKZ Reserve I owner

    Hi Tom V. Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum and congratulations on your new MKZ! We have an excellent group of members here, who are very knowledgeable and helpful. And by the way...you have excellent taste in cars! 🤗 Of course, I would naturally feel that way, since I factory ordered mine and our cars are twins! I have had my 2018 Magnetic Gray Reserve with Drivers Package for just over a year now. The only difference being I have the 3.0T AWD version. It is a great car and I think you will love it. Plus, there are a few others with Magnetic Gray, Drivers Package MKZ's here on the forum. As an FYI, the asymmetric lower valance is for some of the Adaptive Cruise Control electronics and hardware. And just curious: Where did you access the information concerning our front fenders being aluminum? That would be news to me, since as far as I know they are steel (but I've been wrong before...lol). Again, welcome and good luck with your new MKZ!
  13. bbf2530

    2017 MKZ Reserve Key FOB

    Hi Mike K. Congratulations on your new MKZ and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum! A lot of good people and information here. Unfortunately, you will need to go to a Lincoln of Ford Dealer, or a qualified locksmith who has the capability to program Lincoln IKT's/keyfobs. To be able to program a new IKT/keyfob, you need two (or more) already programmed keyfobs/IKT's in your possession. It is an anti-theft measure. How long ago did you purchase the car? Is it too late to have them include it in the sale...or at least provide one for you at a discounted price? Either way, you need to have a Lincoln Dealer, Ford Dealer, or a qualified lockmith program a new/second IKT/keyfob. The IKT/keyfob programming instructions are in your Owners Manual. If you did not get a copy of your Owners Manual when you purchased your car, you can download the PDF version here: https://owner.lincoln.com/tools/account/how-tos/owner-manuals.html Also, you may want to think about purchasing two new IKT's. Have the Dealer program one, then you can program the second (unless they will program the second for free while they are at it). Then if you lose or break one in the future, you will still have two, allowing you to program a new one yourself. I would also recommend registering and joining the Lincoln Owners website. There is a lot of good information about your new MKZ, discount service coupons etc, available there for our cars. You can register from the Lincoln Owners website link I provided above. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  14. bbf2530

    Tire size question

    A belated welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. 🙂 Additionally, to answer your question in the other thread about going to a 245/45-20 wheel/tire combo: I would recommend against it. It will be a tight fit, with issues. You should be able to use a 245/45-19 tire on your current wheels with no issues. And as a reminder, please do not double post questions. Makes it hard for other forum members to help when questions, answers and information are in multiple places. Good luck.
  15. bbf2530

    Wheels on mkz 3.0 awd

    Hi Alex. You already have this question posted in the "Wheels and Tires" sub-forum. Normally we would lock a double post, but in this case it would not be fair to the OP (even thought the thread is old). However, please do not double post questions in the future. It makes it hard for people to help you if replies and information wind up posted in multiple threads.