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  1. bbf2530

    SYNC 3 - upgrade costs

    Hi ruby. A few thoughts: First, if your self-installed upgrade to SYNC 3.4 is working properly and you can overcome your "guy genes", stick with your current SYNC version and don't worry about updating. There is nothing new in the updates other than bug fixes, and you won't gain any new features because there are none. In fact, the last update or two were instituted to fix things that the previous one or two updates broke.//LOL So if everything works now, the best advice would be to leave it alone. Next: You will need to rely on third party (i.e. CyanLabs) sources, or bootleg versions of the software to update. Neither Lincoln/Ford nor a Lincoln/Ford Dealer can/will update your "as-built" information. My guess is that even the Lincoln Dealer that told you they would do it for $200 did not really understand what you were asking them to do, and think you just want a vehicle that was factory equipped with SYNC 3.4 to be updated to the latest version of SYNC 3.4. I realize our "guy genes" are difficult to contain, but if everything is operating correctly, leaving things alone so an unnecessary update doesn't break anything would be the best course of action. There are no new features in the latest updates. Only bug fixes. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  2. bbf2530

    keyless entry help

    Hi Ed. You are very welcome. However, I am confused and have no idea as to what part of my advice helped? 😂 What did you do? What was the outcome? Is everything working properly now? If you can explain what you did, and how it helped, it may help others with the same problem in the future. Good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    keyless entry help

    Hi Ed. I learn (or re-learn) something new every day! Yes, you are correct. I just looked it up in the 2010 MKZ Owners Manual and that function is available and should work. In fact, it is also available in my 2007 (not my 2018 though). I use the factory code and never set up a personal entry code, so I probably forgot about that available feature over the years. Okay, all of that being said...I guess we go to Troubleshooting 101: Will the mirrors adjust to your preset memory positions when you press the Memory preset buttons on the inside of the door? Change the mirror position with the manual mirror adjustments. Then press a memory preset button. If the mirror does not readjust to the memory preset button being pressed, then it is likely an issue with the power mirror memory function itself. If it does readjust to the memory preset button, then there is a likely a glitch in the keyless entry/mirror memory function that would need addressing. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  4. bbf2530

    keyless entry help

    Hi Ed and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. If you are following the Owners Manual instructions and the system is not operating correctly, then then there is possibly/probably some sort of electrical/electronic issue. To be honest though, I have a 2007 and 2018 MKZ, and am not aware of that being a feature of the MKZ. Does your 2010 Owners Maual state you can set the seats/side view mirrors to adjust to a keyless entry code? They can be set to a remote keyfob, but I am not aware of them being programmable to a keyless entry code. Perhaps another member will jump in with more assistance. Keep us updated and good luck.
  5. bbf2530

    2015 MKZ H - Dash Warning lights

    Hi thedub and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. First place to check would be the 12v battery. A failing battery can cause all sorts of electrical gremlins similar to what you are experiencing. How old is your 12v battery? If it is the original factory battery, it is long past due for replacement. Your Dealership Service Department should have tested the battery, but we can't be sure of that at this point. Therefore, I would start with a proper load test of your battery. Not an old fashioned battery meter test, but a full, battery load test. There are usually coupons available on the Lincoln and Ford Owner websites, and on most individual Dealer websites, for a free battery test. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  6. Hi elocin. Not really sure what type of "buildup", or "more expensive gas" your mechanic is referring to. And did the mechanic tell you there is a build up "on the engine" or "in the engine"? So to start, more precise information may help. What and where exactly is this "buildup" the mechanic is referring to? As far as "more expensive gas". Again, what are you referring to? Using premium instead of regular? Or using name brand versus generic/convenience store fuels? You don't need to use premium fuels, only minimum 87 octane fuel. However, you should use name brand, Top Tier rated fuels, not generic/convenience store fuels. I would recommend you start by purchasing your next few tanks of fuel somewhere else, at a name brand, Top Tier station. And run a bottle of Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner in the next two to three tanks. Do that, then get back to us with the results. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  7. bbf2530

    First Time Lincoln Owner

    Hi ATM. Congratulations on your new MKZ and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum! Many safe and happy motoring miles and good luck!
  8. Hi PD. Is it safe to assume you meant to type "...year 17-20" , instead of "...year-7-20"? If yes, there are several things to point out: First...It seems you have the engine descriptions confused. A "GTDI" engine (Gas Turbocharged Direct Injection) refers to turbocharged engines. By definition, a "GTDI" engine is a turbocharged engine. Other than the Hybrid, there is no non-turbo 4 cylinder engine in the 2017-2020 MKZ. In other words, the 2017-2020 MKZ 's are equipped with either a 2.0T GTDI (turbocharged) I-4 engine. A 3.0T GTDI (turbocharged) V-6. Or the 2.0L I-4 Hybrid. Next...The 4 cylinder engines in the MKZ are all I-4 engines (Inline). There is no "V-4". Next...Major components that "can" fail are anything, just as with any vehicle. However, major components rarely fail in an MKZ, just as with any vehicle. Next...There are far too many variables to begin listing repair costs for multiple systems and components. In my opinion, if your main feature concerns are the Panoramic roof and Revel Ultima audio system, and you don't need the high power of the 3.0T V-6 engine for "grocery, errands, etc.", you should stick to the MKZ Hybrid or the MKZ 2.0T engines. Then...If you care about getting the best mpg's, find a suitable MKZ Hybrid. If fuel mileage is not a top concern, then find a suitable MKZ 2.0T. Keep us updated and good luck.
  9. Hi PD. You are very welcome. No major or unusual mechanical problems special to the MKZ Hybrid to be wary of. The same possible problems and areas to check when purchasing any used Hybrid. Before buying, I would recommend downloading the MKZ Hybrid Owners Manuals from here: https://www.fleet.ford.com/parts-service/resources/owner-manuals/ If you skim the important parts of the manuals, you can obtain a basic knowledge of the various electronics and computer systems in the car, in order to be able to check them for proper operation before buying. Yes, the MKZ is based off the same basic underpinnings as the Fusion. So are the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX/Nautilus. However, the MKZ is a more luxury oriented vehicle with more features, a better ride, higher quality materials etc. etc. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  10. Hi PD and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. I attached the 2019 and 2020 Lincoln MKZ Order Guides. You can find the answer to all your equipment questions in those Order Guides. Concerning pricing: First...Yes you can get the Panoramic Roof and Revel Ultima Audio System in the Hybrid, according to trim levels. For the 2020 model year, there are two trim levels. The base "MKZ Hybrid" and the "MKZ Hybrid Reserve". I am not sure at the moment what the 2019 trim levels were. However, there are far too many variables to give any sort of accurate pricing information. Just for a few examples...Would you be purchasing from a Dealer or a Private Party? Which model year, 2019 or 2020, matters a lot. Condition, mileage, trim level etc. Even where you live matters. Therefore, the best way to get a beginning idea on pricing would be to go to sites such as KBB.com, NADA.com, Edmunds.com etc., and work up pricing for exactly what you are looking for and looking at, from where you will be purchasing etc. Feel free to ask any other questions you may have, let us know how you make out and good luck. 2020 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide.pdf 2019 Lincoln MKZ Order Guide.pdf
  11. bbf2530

    2009 Lincoln MKZ complete disaster

    Hi youknojuno and welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum. Sorry to hear about your father and the MKZ problems. Well, at least you can try. Trying to diagnose a problem via Internet photos and videos is far from ideal. But if anyone here can help, we will certainly try. Keep us updated and good luck.
  12. Hi valpomarine. They are not lights. There are no bulbs there. Good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    Lincoln MKZ 2012

    Hi George and welcome to the Lincoln Forums. Try this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSSj4H-FY5A Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  14. Hi valpomarine. Welcome to the Lincoln Forums. It is easier for others to help when all questions and information are posted in one place. Therefore, in the future, please do not multiple post the same question. Just post once in the most appropriate sub-forum. Your question is answered in your post in the "Glass, Lenses, Lighting, Moon Roof" sub-forum, so this thread will be locked. Good luck.
  15. Hi valpomarine and welcome to the Lincoln Forums. Your tail lights and brake lights are working properly. Only the middle row illuminates when the tail lights are on. And the bulbs in that light bar are not brake lights. Good luck.