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  1. bbf2530

    Water leak in sail panel

    Hi Mcondo. There are drain holes in the moonroof channels. If it is not those drains, then it would most likely be either bad glass seal or possibly door seal. Most likely the moonroof drains or a leaking glass seal. You can get some general information on how to clean moonroof drains here: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=2014+MKZ+moonroof+drains Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  2. bbf2530

    WTB: Stock wheels

    Hi John. How much are you asking? I am well within 200 miles. I would love to pick up an extra set of wheels. I have a 2018 3.0T AWD Reserve w/Drivers Package, so your wheel are a perfect match for my car. However, I am hesitant due to the road rash on the one wheel. It is just a little thing, but I know it would bother me. It's a fault of mine...🙃 Post back with the asking price when you have time. Thanks and good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    WTB: Stock wheels

    Hi JRW. Where are you located?
  4. bbf2530

    Battery short life?

    Hi JRW. Concerning your battery question: Modern cars are extremely electronics/electrically intensive. Therefore, 3-4 years out of a battery is about what to expect. One question though. If your battery is "holding a charge" what makes you think there is something wrong with it? Are you having problems starting or some other issue? If it shows no problems on a battery test, the Dealer can not replace it and there would be no reason to. If it failed, a Dealer would have no problem replacing it, since they are paid by Lincoln to do so. I also saw you already found the thread by "Takeshi" concerning his cure for those who feel their Revel Ultima has excessive high tone harshness. Please do post back with your results. Also, the quality of Sirius broadcasts is low bit and iffy. That is why you find the problems with Sirius but not HD radio. And if you have good quality music files of your own and play them via USB, you will also find excellent sound quality. Keep us updated on the battery and sound and good luck.
  5. Hi JRW. Yes, please post back with your results.
  6. bbf2530

    Blundering around here

    Hi Volbrewer. This is a Lincoln MKZ forum. Did you mean you are looking for a used MKZ? You twice typed MKS.
  7. Hi Tom. It is. Generally speaking, SYNC 3.3 is an improved/upgraded version of SYNC 3. It also includes hardware improvements.
  8. Hi etrain. As drolds and the link he provided advised, it is the HF35 CVT transmission and it is made by Ford. What you listed above is a part number, not a model number. Good luck.
  9. bbf2530

    3.0T Performance Modifications

    Hi Roger. Maybe.
  10. bbf2530

    Build 19119 from 18093

    Hi Ira. Just an update to the question/problem you seemed to have. I installed the official update to Build 19205 from the Lincoln Owners website. It did not eliminate NAV system Voice Commands in my car. I believe your loss of voice commends was due to the unofficial update which you installed. I have seen anecdotal evidence to suggest that installing EU/Non-NA versions of SYNC updates into North American vehicles sometimes causes SYNC to not understand English commands. In at least one case, a Ford owners car began speaking to him in what he said was Dutch instead of English, until he reverted to the previous SYNC Build. 🙃 If you have not yet found a solution to your NAV voice command issue, hope this informatioin helps. Good luck.
  11. bbf2530

    Fake Engine RPM Sound Every 30 Seconds

    Hi Eurythmian. Too bad you didn't just tell them to turn off the artificial engine sound, while they were trying to diagnose it. There are lists of ForScan codes. I will try to find the list and post a link for you. Or perhaps another member will find it before me and post a link for you. Good luck in the meantime. EDIT - Here is one: It looks complicated, but once you read and get a good understanding, it actually is not as complicated as it first seems.
  12. Hi Scott. No, when working correctly, WiFi updates occur as long as the car is connected to a good WiFi signal source, even when the car is "off". That being said, WiFi updates have been problematic for most owners. So if your SYNC system updated via WiFi, you are one of the lucky owners. 🤗 However, the car does need to be running to update via the USB download/upload method.
  13. Hi Jakevandee. That is great. Thanks for posting back with your information and good luck.
  14. Hi Jakevandee. I am not sure which Owners Manuals everyone is checking, but you need to check your Owners Manual, for the model year/car you want to modify, for what each fuse is dedicated to/for. Me giving you advice for your 2016 MKZ from my 2018 Owners Manual is of little help, since those specifications can change from year to year, and even within a model year. Same goes for fuse panel specs from any model year other than a 2016. If you are checking your 2016 Owners Manual, great. If not, that is what you need to do. Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  15. HI MKZ. I posted the information so that others do not get confused and think they have a $0 deductible for a broken windshield replacement. I can not vouch for what coverage you have with your company, if the coverage is/was automatic, mandatory or voluntary, or why you have them in your particular State. Don't even know what State you are located in. Coverage availability will vary by State and Insurance Company, so the best thing for each of us to do is check with our own company as to what our policy coverage is (as R2D2 also stated). That is the information I am trying to provide. Hope that makes my post clearer. Good luck. 🙂