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  1. Hi HRLINC. We always appreciate fellow MKZ owners posting their information and experiences. Unfortunately, other than those interested in the particular subject of a thread or those interested in helping others solve a problem, most people read and don't reply. Then there are those who just do a drive-by. They come, post their problem, get replies and hopefully a solution, and just move on without ever even letting us know how their issue was resolved. Please keep posting, it is appreciated. And good luck with your MKZ when you get it back! 🙂
  2. Hi etrain. In addition to the possibilities drolds1 mentioned, I just saw mention of a failed "TED" (Thermo Electric Device) causing failure of the heated and cooled function on the drivers seat of a Ford Fusion Sport (cousin to our cars) on a Ford Fusion Sport forum. In their case, the passenger seat was still working. The TED was replaced under warranty and it fixed the drivers seat issue. I realize both your front seats are not working, but it is another possibility to look into. Keep us updated and good luck.
  3. bbf2530

    Hybrid MPG

    Hi jm98. No harm in asking for fuel saving tips. However, you can never compare your own MPG's/mileage to anyone else. Fuel economy is impacted by driving style, driving environment (types of roads, traffic patterns, highway driving versus stop and go driving, fuel types, ambient temperatures, etc etc), and that is just for starters. So we will never be happy if we compare to others. So yes, ask for tips and try to maximize your own MPG's, but don't go by what others quote, as they are not driving where and how you do, and you are not driving where and how they do. Hope this makes sense. Good luck.
  4. Hi etrain. Is it a problem with the heating and cooling features, or only the heating feature? If it is the seat heaters, the most common cause is usually either a broken/shorted heating element in the seat bottom, or a shorted/broken wiring harness in the wiring in the seat back area, due to a lack of necessary slack. I do not have the 2011 wiring diagrams, but we have tech members who may have access to them. Hopefully one of them will jump in and assist you. Keep us updated and good luck.
  5. Hi drolds1. Yes, I see those no price "coupons" more and more lately. Seems a bit disingenuous to me, since some customers will make an appointment and go in without asking the price beforehand. So far, I've always been able to find a $39.95 or less coupon for one of my chosen local Lincoln or Ford Dealers. If not, I let them know I can get "The Works" package from another Dealership, and they always meet the price. So far, anyway. It also seems to help if you sign up for the dealerships newsletters. I get even more coupon and discount offers there. Hopefully, this information will help somebody, since you and I are beyond help. 🤣🙂
  6. Hi Chris. Dealers can set their own pricing, so no concrete answer for that one. In my area, you can get "The Works" service package for $39.95 at most Lincoln and Ford dealers. Additionally, there are usually coupons available for that $39.95 price (or less) from most of my local Dealerships. Check the Lincoln and Ford Owner websites, along with your local Dealership websites. Good luck.
  7. Hi jm98. drolds1 is correct. I forgot about the complementary car wash at Lincoln Dealers. 😯
  8. bbf2530

    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Hi 1984Poke. It is a plastic/vinyl type coating which can be sprayed on and later peeled off. See here: https://www.dipyourcar.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_sTO58GL3wIVRIGzCh269AnDEAAYASAAEgKAB_D_BwE People use it to "dip" and change the color/appearance of their wheels, grills, trim, and even their entire cars. If you Google "Plasti Dip", you will find tons of informational and instructional/How-to videos. Good luck.
  9. Hi jm98. My opinion: No, there are no caveats, assuming your local Ford and Lincoln Dealers have quality Service Departments. They use the same Motorcraft parts, so use whichever Dealer is convenient for you, as far as location and cost. I have oil changes on my older MKZ performed at a Ford Dealer, because it is more convenient than my Lincoln Dealer. I have the service on my 2018 MKZ performed at the Lincoln Dealer, since I have free oil changes and loaner vehicles there. I would mention this one caveat: Since you are using full synthetic oil, you could save some time and money by changing your oil every 10,000 miles. That is the Lincoln/Ford recommended oil change interval using synthetic blend, and you are using full synthetic. Up to you of course. Good luck.
  10. bbf2530

    Auto Hold

    Hi Chris. Auto Hold engages the brakes enough that if you were hit from behind, the wheels will not turn, just as they generally won't with you holding the "pedal to the metal". You'd be pushed from the contact force, but not roll. Actually, if you think about it, Auto Hold is probably safer, since if you were hit hard from behind while holding the brake pedal with your foot, you may inadvertently release the pedal anyway from the shock of the accident, while Auto Hold will keep the brakes engaged. Besides, you can engage Auto Hold and still press the pedal to the floor if you feel the need to in heavy traffic or situations you consider dangerous. It disengages when you press the accelerator. Bottom line? No reason not to use it over that concern. Hope this information helps and good luck.
  11. Hi Airflow. I am with you. Hoping Lincoln will use the CD6 platform for MKZ/Continental/sedan replacements and not abandon those of us who still want a luxury/sporty sedan and don't want a CUV, SUV or "whitespace vehicle". Sign me up for a new RWD based MKZ replacement for my older MKZ if they do build it! 🤗😀 EDIT - Just wanted to add that I think the Aviator is absolutely beautiful. And if I did not prefer traditional sedans/coupes and was in the market for a CUV/SUV, the Aviator would be my choice. 🙃
  12. bbf2530

    2014 stalling issues

    Hi NHgirl. Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum! Unfortunately, Internet diagnosis in cases like this is iffy at best. And there are multiple possibilities which can cause your car to stall. So, that being said, here is my advice... First, you can probably discount the starter button/keyfob thing. Yes, you should still tell the service techs what you've noticed about the starter button versus keyfob starting. However, once your car has started, you've shifted into gear and begun to drive away, it has no idea whether you used the starter button or keyfob remote start. Second - If you had the car repaired by your Lincoln Dealer and it was not fixed correctly, make another appointment (hope you already did) to bring it back in to be re-diagnosed and repaired correctly. Third - If I understand your post correctly, they convinced you to replace your battery and have the transmission flushed and filled? What did they charge you, individually, for the new battery and transmission flush/fill? The total sounds high for only a new battery and transmission flush/fill. If it was the original battery, it was not a bad idea to have it replaced anyway. But next time you have your car in, either check the fluids yourself or have someone you trust who knows about cars check them for you. Maybe the transmission fluid needed changing, maybe it did not. But a trans fluid flush is not called for that early, unless there was a problem (dirty, discolored, burnt, shifting issues etc). I was not there, so could not see the transmission fluid. Therefore, I am not saying the Dealers Service Department necessarily did anything wrong. But next time, verify for yourself before spending the money. Your car is still within the 6 year/70,000 mile warranty and they did not correct the original problem, so my advice would be to get your car back in as soon as possible. Keep us updated and good luck.
  13. bbf2530

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    Hi fusionff. How have you been? Yes, it seems after some research that the 1 year/$60 offer is the best around right now, so I will sign up for that. They had another offer, which was ~$8.xx a month All Access and a free Echo Dot, but I only need the service for my car and don't need an Echo Dot. Thank you for helping and good luck. 😀
  14. Hi all. The SiriusXM 6 month trial on my 2018 MKZ is about to end, and I was wondering if anyone has any information on public offers better than the current 1 year/$60, Select package offer? If you do and wouldn't mind sharing, would you post a link here? Thanks for reading and good luck.
  15. bbf2530

    Losing power

    Hi Desiree. If your car is struggling to start/not starting and your NAV is not working, then things are not working correctly electronically. You stated in your first post that you had the battery tested at AutoZone? So you also took it to your Lincoln Dealer and had it tested there? When? A failing battery is the culprit in the vast majority of these cases, especially when the battery is more than ~3 years old. You should replace your 4+ year old battery. It is due anyway. If it is the problem, your problem is solved. If it is not the problem, you have eliminated one possibility by replacing a battery that will likely fail soon anyway. Keep us updated and good luck.