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  1. drolds1

    Joined the 3.0t MKZ Team

    Welcome, hansjm2! You made an excellent choice. Enjoy it.
  2. drolds1

    Another MKZ- (2020) replacement

    Congrats on getting the last of great ones. Enjoy it.
  3. drolds1

    Memory Seats

    Ha! That's a beautiful cat, BTW. I'll bet she's shedding plenty right now.☺️
  4. drolds1

    Memory Seats

    Can't believe your cat is that mellow. On a short ride to the vet in a carrier, mine carry on for the whole time as if they were being burned with lit cigarettes.πŸ™€
  5. drolds1

    Pre-Collision Warning Option

    ...or adjust the sensitivity. I love when the car admonishes itself. Occasionally, it'll sound off when the stop-and-go feature is engaged and it gets too close to the car in front. I'll say to it," Hey, you're driving." Makes my wife laugh every time.πŸ˜„
  6. drolds1

    Be Safe out there

    My 2020 MKZ just turned 3 months old and turned over 500 miles last week. There's nowhere to go.
  7. drolds1

    Today's service loaner

    Good luck with it and enjoy!
  8. drolds1

    Drive Control Malfunction

    First, check fuse #36 in the passenger compartment. Also, how is your battery? If that's OK, you'll need to retrieve the codes. I have no idea what an MCU module is. Where did you hear of this? The suspension is controlled by the vehicle dynamic control module (VDM), which is located in the trunk compartment. To diagnose the problem, it looks like you're going to need a dealer or a shop with the Ford diagnostic scan tool. See the troubleshooting guide from the SM:
  9. drolds1

    Jump starting hybrid battery .

    Found 'em thank you!πŸ˜„
  10. drolds1

    Jump starting hybrid battery .

    Thanks. Maybe you can help me find my glasses.πŸ˜‹
  11. drolds1

    Jump starting hybrid battery .

    There are dedicated terminals under the hood. We have covered this. https://lincolnmkzforum.com/topic/3448-12-v-battery/?do=findComment&comment=12583
  12. drolds1


    Some would argue that the MKZH is not a luxury car and the rest certainly don't qualify.
  13. drolds1

    3.0T oil change ?

    I got the message when I was installing my front and rear dashcams. That was due to me forgetting that I'd left accessory mode on too long. As soon as I started it up, it cleared itself. That said, the ODO on my 2020 just turned over 400 miles yesterday after 2 months+. Where am I going?
  14. drolds1

    Steering wheel noise.

    Hello, Bernard and welcome. The Forum Help & Suggestions area is intended for questions about how the site itself works and for suggestions for improvement to it. Questions about the MKZ should be posted in the most applicable section of the forums. As you can see, the Forum is divided into specific topics concerning the car. Therefore, your post is being moved to the Interior area of the forum. WRT your question, you'll need to provide additional details about the conditions under which the problem happens when turning. Does it happen when turning in both direction? At all speeds? When both moving and not moving? Is the sound actually from the wheel or the steering column? Is it an actual rattle or more of a scraping sound? "Rattling thing" doesn't give us much to go on. And please be aware that rattles are hard enough to diagnose in person, much less over the Internet.