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  1. drolds1

    2017 MKZ 3.0t AWD PTU capacity

    Thanks. There's already a detailed video on this important topic here. I'm moving it to this forum from its current (misclassified) location.
  2. drolds1

    New NHTSA Recall Number 19V632

    This is the 2nd time for this one. My 2014 was recalled for this years ago. Looks like it was expanded. https://ford.oemdtc.com/1684/15s14-steering-gear-motor-bolt-corrosion-2013-2015-ford-fusion-lincoln-mkz-2015-ford-edge-2
  3. drolds1

    Plastic guards on door drainage slots

    This. When it rains or you wash your car, some water will run down past the rubber seal. If you remove the door panel, you will see a plastic moisture barrier that keeps water from soaking through and entering the inside. Example:
  4. It's 6 months. Also, a minimum of 100 shares.
  5. Don't you love when there are asterisks with accompanying explanation?😠 I don't know what they mean either, but they appear after MCA, which is used for X-Plan. I had no problems. One clarification: the 60-day waiting period I mentioned earlier is a Ford requirement. However, dealers have been known to look the other way on that. They want your business.
  6. drolds1

    NEW SYNC3 NAV map update!

    Do we know the reason for this? IIRC, they 2018+ have more memory, but why should that matter? In my own case, my lease is up in 6 months. I'm certainly not going to spend $150 for the update so the next owner can benefit. If I get a 2020 MKZ, it'll have the latest update.😏
  7. No. Sorry. I don't know if there's a waiting period with the EAA. I guess you'd have to contact them and see how long it takes to get signed up and receive proof of membership. Here's a listing of all X-Plan partners. It's pretty extensive Maybe there's something there you might have an association with. You never know.
  8. It's not like MKZs are breaking any sales records, so I'm not understanding this salesperson's approach. He doesn't sound very professional either. Those numbers are so far off that my head is spinning. What part of the country are you in? I've found that leasing prices vary widely depending on ZIP code. My son moved to AZ a few years ago and the lease on his car was ending. The prices he was quoted in AZ were eye-watering. A Honda Accord was $650, and that wasn't even top-of-the line. The same car is half of that or less here on the east coast. The lease manager at my dealer told me that his brother in TX is paying $100/month more than I am for the identical car, and close family members get a substantial discount. IDK if you're at all familiar with Ford's discount pricing plans. There are various classifications, depending on relationship. It's explained here. You can check if you are a member of an organization or are employed by a company that offers Ford X-Plan pricing as a perk. If you're not, you can join the Mustang Club of America as an associate member at a cost of $25 for 1 year. After 60 days as a member, you're entitled to 1 X-plan PIN. Another organization that offers Ford X-Plan is The Experimental Airplane Association. You can join for $40/year. The cost to join these clubs is well worth the benefit. When you present the X-Plan PIN to a Ford/Lincoln dealer, there's no negotiation. The price comes directly from Ford and a printout must be shown to you. Some sharp buyers may be able to negotiate a lower price, but not by much. Moreover, the amount that the dealer normally adds for documentation is capped. This can represent a significant savings. Plus, the hassle of negotiating is eliminated. That's important to some people (me included). The number you were given is nowhere near reality. In my own case, my 2017 MKZ had an MSRP of $52G+. I put no money down. I've never put any money down on a lease. However, I did pay the sales tax up front this time. With X-Plan, my monthly payment is $473. I don't remember what incentives were available then, but there was a previous Ford Red Carpet Lease customer rebate. I don't remember how much that was, but it may have been $1G or less. I'm thinking that incentives should be better now since they should be looking to clear out 2019s as the 2020MY begins.
  9. drolds1

    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    Thanks for the followup, albeit delayed.
  10. drolds1

    Map update, 2017+ MKZ

    There have been no official map updates for Sync3 as yet. Previously discussed. See this thread.
  11. Post moved to a more appropriate forum by moderator. Per the header for the Appearance forum, that area is reserved for discussions of :
  12. Thread moved to appropriate forum. The Lounge is intended for off-topic discussions, per the first post in the forum:
  13. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/08/07/myford-touch-lawsuit-settled/?yptr=yahoo
  14. drolds1

    Extended Warranty

    AFAIK, Lincoln ESPs include 24-hour roadside assistance.
  15. drolds1

    Extended Warranty

    I don't quite understand how someone who works on cars for the AAA would get the opportunity to work on a car with a Ford/Lincoln ESP. Why would someone with a Lincoln ESP go to an independent shop instead of a Lincoln dealer? I doubt Lincoln would even honor the warranty. At any rate, stay away from third-party warranties. Complaints are plentiful. Shop around online for quotes on pricing. You can buy the warranty from any authorized dealer and like everything else, prices are negotiable.