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  1. drolds1

    Sync Brain Fart

    It's on auto update, but I was not near any wi-fi source, if that's what you mean.
  2. drolds1

    Sync Brain Fart

  3. drolds1

    Sync Brain Fart

  4. drolds1

    Sync Brain Fart

    This past Saturday, we went for breakfast. The radio was tuned to an SXM station on the way over. When I got back in the car and started it, the radio was on SXM channel 1. "Well, that's rather odd", I thought, and tried to change back to what I had on. Nothing doing. No response with steering wheel controls or touchscreen controls. I shut the car off and opened the door. The radio did not go off and remained on ch.1, but now there was no audio. After a few minutes of driving, I got the blue screen of death. After stopping for gas and restarting, it was now off. No response to Power button. When I got home, I let it sit for 30 minutes to give the system enough time to go to "sleep." I toyed with the idea of disconnecting the battery, but didn't feel like hassling with that. Upon restarting, everything was back to normal and has remained so since then. In this day and age, everything electronic seems to need the occasional reboot.πŸ˜•
  5. drolds1

    Never Say Never

    Especially a Diesel. Diesel fuel is around $6.50/gal here.
  6. drolds1

    Never Say Never

    Lincoln may be wavering on their decision to produce a sedan again. In the same vein, I read earlier this week that the record high gas prices are prompting some companies to reconsider their decisions to drop sedans. A scenario that some here predicted. Ford Authority
  7. Unfortunately, no. This is the first I'm hearing of 2013+ tail light failure on this forum. There are some used units available on eBay. Here's a salvage unit for $295. You can do a national search for parts online. There are numerous sources. A local auto parts recycler is another source.
  8. drolds1

    Lincoln BEV

    I have no interest in an SUV either. I would, possibly, consider a BEV, but not yet.
  9. drolds1

    Lincoln BEV

    Lincoln Star BEV concept revealed. Lincoln Media
  10. drolds1

    Facebook group

    You actually got blasted on FB for this? Well, that reaffirms my decision to have nothing to do with FB.
  11. drolds1

    Lincoln BEV

    Lincoln will unveil a BEV concept on 4/20. I'm guessing it'll happen at the NY Auto Show, which resumes on 4/15 after a 2-year covid hiatus. https://media.lincoln.com/content/lincolnmedia/lna/us/en/news/2022/04/11/lincoln-to-debut-global--fully-electric-concept.html
  12. drolds1

    RnR Rear Valence

    This post is closed for 2 reasons. First, it's a duplicate of the same topic that's posted in the Exterior subforum. Secondly, the DIY section is intended for members' illustrations of step-by-step instructions of various DIY projects. Per the header found on that page: Your post poses a question rather than any instructions.
  13. drolds1

    Missing the nice Weather

    My 2020 has the same color interior. We love it. Awesome Mustang.πŸ‘ I love seeing daylight under the front wheels of a streetable car. What are your ΒΌ-mile times and speeds?
  14. drolds1

    Pop ups and ads - annoying!

    No pop-ups here. Using Firefox with Ad-BLOCKER Ultimate add-on. Like bbf2530, I don't use my phone to access the site unless I'm away from home. In that instance, I use Chrome and don't get pop-ups. Does Apple have any ad blockers you can install? For a variety of reasons, I'm not a fan of Apple. For the record, the moderators have nothing to do with running the site. Hence, we can't "explain ourselves." However, I think it's common knowledge that websites don't run themselves for free.
  15. drolds1

    Oil life & Remote Start

    The 2017 MKZ has a 3G modem. Here's a copy of the letter sent to dealers.