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  1. drolds1

    Cabin Air Filter

    Unless someone's sitting in the passenger seat, that's normal. There's no "AIR BAG" light on the cluster, is there? Occupant Passenger airbag status indicator Passenger airbag Empty OFF: Lit Disabled ON: Unlit Child OFF: Lit Disabled ON: Unlit Adult OFF: Unlit Enabled ON: Lit
  2. drolds1

    Welcome light

    There was no approach lighting feature on my 2014 with Technology Package. I don't remember when that was introduced on the MKZ. Scroll through the Settings menu. If there's a Lighting setting, see what that controls.
  3. That's amazing! Great job.👍 I do have a die-cast '70 Cutlass Supreme SX (which was a rare car) and a die-cast '69 Hurst Olds.
  4. I wish. I don't think so.
  5. I'll have to drag them out of storage and take a look.
  6. drolds1

    Economy meter maxed out all the time

    That's what we're talking about. Same thing.
  7. Nice work! I have a collection of plastic models accumulated over many years. I was saving them for retirement. I've never built any of them. I'm sure some of them re worth something as they've been out of production for years.
  8. drolds1

    Insanely loud, sudden rattle coming from OBD2 bracket

    What's the mileage on your car? The OBDII port is a covered component under the 8/80 emissions warranty. IDK if your particular defect would be covered but if the port isn't working, it would be repaired under the warranty. It might be worth consulting a dealer. WRT the mirror, are you talking about the inside or outside RV mirror? In either case, there were no rattles in both my 2010 and 2012 MKZs. It's not normal.
  9. I once got $50 in a class action action suit for a $100 HP printer. Not bad. 😜 I agree with you for most of these, though. The only people that clean up are the attorneys.
  10. I got one but I also had 2010 and 2012 MKZs.
  11. drolds1

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    Me too. I owned one ChryCo product and that was enough for a lifetime.
  12. drolds1

    AWD overheat?

    If there's no CEL, it's a pretty safe bet that you don't have a misfire. Have you ever noticed any fluid leaks under the car. If the PTU is low on fluid, it'll overheat The PTUs are known for developing leaks in these cars. My 2014 started leaking at around 24K miles. Repaired under warranty. If you're still covered under the factory powertrain warranty, I'd get it to a Lincoln dealer for diagnosis.
  13. drolds1

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    Good luck!
  14. drolds1

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    As the title says, I drove a Dodge Charger Hellcat the other day. All I can say is HOLY CRAP!😱 It's insane. Floor it from a 40mph roll and it goes sideways. Had it up to 115 before I take my foot off the throttle They just came out with a Challenger "Redeye" version, which is 797hp. The one i drove is "only" 707hp. For when 707 just isn't enough power, there's the Redeye. The 840hp Demon is no longer available. My measly 400hp MKZ now feels slow by comparison.😋