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  1. Enjoy it! I turned in my 2017 3.0 for a 2020 as well. Same reason: there won't be any more, although I did come very close to getting a Genesis G70 3.3 Sport. I have the same color interior, which we love. I still don't know why they restrict exterior/interior color choices. If I want a green plaid interior with purple exterior, that's my business. Back in the day, you could get whatever you wanted, no matter how hideous. Mine is Silver Radiance. I've had too many white Lincolns. Silver was never a favorite of mine but this is different. I hope they can cure your vibration easily. I've had it up to 90 and it's vibration-free.
  2. drolds1

    WTB: Drivers/Magnetic Package 10 spoke wheels

    Correct. You said Drivers Package wheels and those only came in silver in 2017/8. They're also included with the Magnetic Package, which was optional on 2.0s and included with the 3.0 in 2020.
  3. drolds1

    WTB: Drivers/Magnetic Package 10 spoke wheels

    They only come in one color.
  4. Does your car have the Drivers Sport Package that was available in 2017? There are no coilover shocks for the MKZ. There has to be a market for companies to produce parts such as this. There isn't much of a demand for MKZ upgrades. Before posting a question such as this in a forum you've just joined, it would behoove you to use the 'Search' function to see if the topic has come up before. Here is a very well-written thread explaining what one of our members did to upgrade the handling of his 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD.
  5. drolds1

    A/C drip hole

    You didn't ask where it was. You asked why you didn't see any condensation under your car. The drain in 2nd-gen MKZs is accessed by raising the car and lowering the heat shield that's under the transmission hump towards the middle of the car.
  6. Welcome, ElCamino. Good luck with your new MKZ. It's beautiful.
  7. drolds1


    It wouldn't be the first time an OM had incorrect information.
  8. drolds1

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    They should be certified to service Hybrids, although this might not be a Hybrid-specific problem. After Ford decided to revitalize Lincoln and close dealers, any dealer that wished to continue selling Lincolns had to employ certified personnel. My son worked for a Lincoln dealer at the time and I remember the exam he had to take, since I helped him with it.😜
  9. drolds1


    The dead fob battery starting procedure has been the same since the 2013, i.e., placing the remote in the cutout under the rubber cover in the cupholder. At some point, I don't recall when, Lincoln changed the fob to what we see here. The fob used to be shared with the Fusion but it was decided that Lincolns should have a more substantial remote than Fords since it is a universal touchpoint. My 2014 had the "cheaper" fob and my 2017 had the current version. So somewhere between 2014 and 2017, the fob was replaced. Having had both versions, I can attest that the replacement version does impart more of a luxury and substantial feel, although it's a tad bulky in your pocket. Perhaps this is the source of the confusion about the batteries.
  10. Good. That makes one of us. This morning I kept the cardboard toilet paper tube and threw the spindle from the holder into the wastebasket.
  11. drolds1

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    Do you know how old the 12V battery is? A failing 12V battery can cause a variety of electrical glitches in these cars.
  12. Yes. I was sort of seconding your point that it couldn't have been the 93 octane fuel since the engine is tuned by Ford engineers to perform better on it.
  13. In fact, the 2.0 can only reach its advertised hp rating on 91+ octane fuel.
  14. drolds1

    Fake convertible MKZ

    There should be some kind of law against that. Now I can't unsee it! If it's from FL, it should be quarantined. Permanently.
  15. I'm older. It hasn't happened yet.😋 I guess you've never driven in MA.😱