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  1. drolds1

    Performance mufflers?

    Welcome the MKZ Forum, Scott. Congratulations on your MKZ. I had a 2012 Sport. While the 1st-gen cars weren't available with a lot of the advanced features of the 2013+ cars, they still have a lot going for them. Search around here and on the Ford Fusion Forum for what others have done WRT exhaust. Just realize that it's never going to sound like a GM LS V8. Edit: bbf2530 got in just before me.
  2. drolds1

    Used MKZ prices

    There's been reports of people paying over original MSRP for used Camrys.
  3. drolds1

    My ongoing build

    Welcome and happy Thanksgiving!
  4. drolds1

    New Owner

    Welcome! Enjoy your MKZ, and thanks for the tip.
  5. drolds1


    No, it's not a sin. Just confusing and a waste of bandwidth. If it's valuable information, it should be in one place. These are the housekeeping rules around here. That's why there are moderators. The sarcasm is uncalled-for and unappreciated.
  6. drolds1


    We now have 2 simultaneous threads for what is essentially the same topic. This is exactly why we don't allow multiple posts for the same thing. This thread will be locked and read-only going forward. Any further discussion should be held in the other thread posted in the 2013-2016 MKZ forum.
  7. drolds1


    In answer to the question about programming a new module, yes, a new trunk module has to be programmed with "as built" data. Following are a couple of videos that should shed some light on the necessary procedures: -Diagnosing an inoperative power trunk -Programming a new power trunk module
  8. drolds1

    How To Tune?

    I had to look up what a "Rice Krispies" tune was. Apparently, it's a riff on the famous "Snap, Crackle and Pop" tagline for the cereal of the same name. So you want a Lincoln that unleashes crackling, popping, and fireballs out the exhaust on the overrun? At the risk of sounding like an old fart, I think you bought the wrong car. This is more like Honda Civic stuff and out of character for a Lincoln, whose motto now is "quiet luxury." Lincoln engineers went to great lengths to make this car quiet. Something else to bear in mind: is one or both of your 4/50 B2B and 6/70 powertrain warranties in effect? If so, and you have a warranty claim for engine damage or exhaust system/catalytic converter damage from the "Rice Krispies" tune, you risk having said claim(s) denied. Any warranty claims for serious engine damage must now be first submitted to Ford with a download of the car's ECU programming history. They can, and will, look for aftermarket tunes in that history, and returning the stock tune won't hide that. Read your warranty guide:
  9. drolds1

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    Well, each GM division had its own separate and distinct line of engines, and the same basic block came in various sizes. This was further complicated by Buick which named their engines using their torque ratings instead of displacement. There was a Buick 355, but it was a 300C.I. Was that an engine swap? The 63 LeSabre came with a 401c.i. engine standard. Don't even get started with the endless iterations of the Chevrolet small block starting in 1955 and continuing to today, albeit completely evolved over the years.
  10. drolds1

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    I think you meant a 425 engine. Olds never made a 428. Pontiac did. The 425 later grew to 455.
  11. drolds1

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    That seems to be the way to go these days.
  12. drolds1

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    Very nice! What's powering this beast into the low 11s?
  13. drolds1

    New 3.0t MKZ owner here

    Unfortunately, no. Unless you count diecast models😜. I have a '69 Hurst Olds and a '70 Cutlass Supreme SX.
  14. You're welcome. I wouldn't have known what it was either, except for my curiosity about where the stray piece of plastic came from. In fact, my initial impression was that it was something the factory screwed up.