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  1. drolds1

    Door lock stuck, and won't let me out!

    Moved to appropriate forum by moderator.
  2. drolds1

    Wheels for M12 lugs vs. M14

    Just be aware that you'll be going a little faster than the speedometer indicates. Comparisons. Also, the choices for 19" winter tires are more limited in that size as well as being more expensive.
  3. drolds1

    Vanity/personalized license plates

    Topic moved by moderator to existing thread. Duplicate thread. You'd already started this thread in April. The new post has been added to that forum to avoid having two separate discussions for the same topic.
  4. drolds1

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    Sync3 maps are updated via USB flash drive, which became available earlier this year, for the first time. https://youtu.be/0YjhzIuXTR8
  5. drolds1

    Weighed my MKZ today

    Were you in it for the weigh-in?
  6. drolds1

    Recommend me a cell phone holder

    Lincoln doesn't update maps. You have to purchase the updates. In your case, you'd have to purchase the latest SD card, which is currently an A9 card.
  7. drolds1

    3.0T turbo?

    Also, the term twin-scroll turbo should not be confused with twin-turbos. The 2.0T engine uses one twin-scroll turbo while the 3.0 uses 2 turbos; one for each cylinder bank.
  8. Sounds logical but my knowledge of testing electrical systems is limited. Maybe someone else will weigh in.
  9. Fusions have two wiper motors, MKZs do not. The Fusion uses opposing wiper arms while the MKZ does not. The European Mondeo and the NA Fusion are basically the same car but since the Fusion is sold in UK countries it's more cost effective to equip the with opposing arms so that they don't have have build two different parallel arm systems to accommodate LH and RH drive countries. The MKZ is not sold in Europe. You'll notice the same thing on a Ford Escape, which is the Kuga in Europe as well as on the Focus. Fusion wipers in action MKZ Possible sources: You'd really need a Ford scan tool to diagnose this. IDK if ForScan could do it.
  10. drolds1

    Devin's 2014 MKZ

    The water pump is a big job alright, Devin. The shop manual allows 10.3 hours of labor for warranty work and 14.5 hrs. for non-warranty. There aren't too many reports of early failures here or on the MKS Forum.
  11. I've also had good luck with Motorcraft blades. I like them enough to put a set on my Nissan.
  12. drolds1

    2017 3.0 at the dragstrip

    That's a significant difference. 1.5 tenths is about 1.5 car lengths.
  13. The taillight extended warranty is for 10 years/150K miles and subsequent owners are covered. https://ford.oemdtc.com/896/14m03-tail-lamp-assembly-extended-coverage-2010-2011-mercury-milan-lincoln-mkz
  14. drolds1

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    Car looks great. That color was on my short list. My wife didn't like it. Color is the only thing she gets to pick when we order. I was always an Olds guy too, hence my screen name. And you and I are driving the same car. Dad would approve.
  15. drolds1

    Passenger door lock

    These malfunctions are generally due to a bad door lock actuator. Does not lock with all possible methods, ie, both door switches, fob an keypad? Sometimes the wiring has worked loose. You can take off the door panel and have a look. Is your car still under warranty?