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    2014 stalling issues

    SAME ISSUE HERE. I am fairly mechanical and started ripping engines out of cars when I was 16, decades ago. My 2015 MKZ 2.0T started stalling ONLY on WARM starts. EXACT description as above. Dealer charged $140 for diagnostics (did it 2X), then tells me it is the sensor on the fuel rail (code came up fuel rail pressure). He replaced this sensor for $180 then also said battery was weak (1 yr old and it is fine). Long story short is that it CONTINUES to do the exact same thing. Stalls if it was driven and sat for <1hr. No stalls if cold start, no stalls when driving long distance...even when stomping on it ;). Stalls about 75% of time if warm. Very dangerous to pull into traffic!! The engine chuggs and stalls. Pumping or letting off gas does nothing. This is a LINCOLN ISSUE with sensors. Don't let the boobs at the garage scare you into a fuel pump. If it runs 95% of the time, it is NOT a fuel pump or filter. Well, I would be happy if anyone knows a Lincoln dealer with some insight. Thanks