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  1. i will suggest checking the cyanlabs forum. I think there is a way to downgrade the firmware explained there: https://community.cyanlabs.net/t/2017-mkz-hybrid-4g-tcu-upgrade/6814
  2. Try driving around for a while. I used same TCU as original post and followed his steps and was not able to authorize TCU until i drove around for a few minutes. I was then able to connect to my car with lincoln way. it updated my mileage, distance to empty, oil life etc. I was not able to get the vehicle to start/stop yet. i will try that tomorrow.
  3. I am following this, still waiting on the antenna to do the upgrade on my 2016 2.0 . I am curious what your fix will be when you find one, incase i run into a similar issue. best of luck.
  4. Thanks for the write up, i have ordered the same part for my 2016 MKZ 2.0 and i will try to do the upgrade this weekend. I will Update once i go through it.