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  1. Sea Warrior

    Need help removing Meguir's Keep Clean Headlight Coating?

    Incidentally since this topic has been about the tail lights including the right/ left turn signal lights, I never actually had a reason to inspect them so closely up until this incidence occurred. The tail lights have always been a mystery. Every single time the vehicle is washed, some soap bubbles will collect at the bottom of the entire light assembly. Looking closely at the left turn signal up at the top, there are two 3/4" long slots can be seen exposed where the plastic lens doesn't cover these slots. The gap is approx just under 1/16". This has to be the area where water / soap easily enters inside the lens and settles at the bottom. But the right turn signal and center tail light doesnt have the same exposed 1/16" gap and soap bubbles still collect inside at the bottom of the lens tail light assembly. The gap at the top on the center tail light is so tight you can't see where water could enter. I'm not a Ford design engineer, but to design slots that were to allow water to enter into these tiny gaps at the top for whatever reason seems like there's no other place for water to go but inside the plastic lens coverings. is this .... I don't know, dumb? Or perhaps I'm just the only one who had tail lights assembled this way at the factory
  2. Sea Warrior

    Need help removing Meguir's Keep Clean Headlight Coating?

    Well, I contacted Meguir Support and explained what happened and that I needed to remove the coating from the taillights. I was told that ISA was the only way. I told the gentleman from Meguir that I had already used isopropyl alcohol without success. He then asked what percent of IPA solution I used. The gentleman said that 70% wasn't strong enough to do the job and that I needed to use 91%.IPA. He said it'll take patience to remove it but it will come off I was able to remove most with the 91% solution. I was thinking all the while that I was probably also removing the factory coating as well. I'm sure that I more than likely did IMO, the best analogy that I can think of to describe the difficulty level for removing it, think cyanoacrylate, aka crazy glue G17804 Keep Clear Headlight Coating may or may not protect the plastic from harmful UV rays. . .who knows. If I had known what I know now, I would've put this stuff back down on the shelf and picked up a good protective UV wax.
  3. Sea Warrior

    Need help removing Meguir's Keep Clean Headlight Coating?

    I found the thread where someone mentioned Meguir's Keep Clear Headlight Coating. It wasn't on lincolnmkzforum.com. I mistakenly confused this forum with LincolnForums.com, which I'm not a member. It's a longshot that @enigma-2 who posted about the Meguirs product is also a member here too. But FWIW perhaps the member is a member and could share how to remove the product off of the tail light
  4. Sea Warrior

    Need help removing Meguir's Keep Clean Headlight Coating?

    Thanks I had thought I read on some other post that you had used this before. I obviously had mistaken you with someone else. Sorry
  5. Sea Warrior

    Need help removing Meguir's Keep Clean Headlight Coating?

    The alcohol applied after the sun had been hitting the tail lights for a couple hours was obviously a mistake The coating has been on ~ 5 1/2 hours (as of this writing). The can says it takes 24 hrs to fully cure Is @bbf2530 familiar with this coating and how to remove the stuff before it becomes super difficult to remove?
  6. I read the can's instructions carefully. It states to tape off all around the headlights. It also says that if overspray occurs, remove with isopropyl ( rubbing alcohol). Fine. It came down to a matter of believing if rubbing alcohol would remove the over spray or not ... Or very carefully apply the coating sprayed onto a microfiber cloth. So I chose the latter method. The headlights turned out fine. 24 hours later I decided to apply the same way to the tail light area. It was all done in the garage as the instructions recommend. After about 2-1/2 hours when applying on the tail lights, the sun reached the vehicle. I noticed it showed (streaks) in some spots. So because it hadn't fully cured after 24 hours, I followed the mfg's instructions by applying rubbing alcohol with a microfiber across the entire tail light assy. Holy **** The entire tail light immediately became super cloudy ! How do you remove this stuff? I read a Meguir's rep response from another customer asking the same question and he said to use rubbing alcohol and which may require a lot of alcohol to remove it, but eventually it'll come off. There is no way alcohol works. How do you get this stuff off ?
  7. Sea Warrior

    TireRack's 2nd UHP All-Season Test Results

    My MKZ doesn't require XL tires. I have a 2.0L engine. Standard load tires does reduce the number of selections to choose from Michelin only makes two All Season's standard load tires in 245/40R19 - neither of which Tirerack ranks in the highest categories. The choices are the Primacy Tour A/S and the Primacy XMX4 According to Michelin's site the Pilot Sport A/S 4 is only available in XL. Their site does return the Pilot 4 as an "alternative" tire when I enter my model and trim. I don't see a necessity to limit all choices to SL tires and not consider replacements where there are better A/S tires available in XL My guess is the only thing perhaps I might notice with XL tires is a difference in tire control, feel of the road. . . while driving by myself ? By the way, with 4/32" remaining on the Primacy's, I could probably ride on these until October when manufacturers typically have better offers
  8. Sea Warrior

    TireRack's 2nd UHP All-Season Test Results

    I was wondering if you could briefly share a couple words on one last concern i should've asked earlier, my apologies it has to do with the load capacities, e.g, changing from Standard load and Extra load Did the car, tire control, and feel of the road become different when you changed from the OE factory Michelin's ? I still have all four OE Primacy MXM4 tires on the car which have a standard load capacity Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 and Pilot Sport A/S 3+ both have extra load capacity (same with the Continental DWS 06 plus) With the reinforced structure in the XL tires, its a feature you would think was an added bonus. i just wonder what tradeoff goes with it (other than maybe slightly lower fuel efficiency)
  9. Sea Warrior

    TireRack's 2nd UHP All-Season Test Results

    Thank you bbf2530 for sharing your personal experiences with the Michelin UHP tires I think its important getting personal experience feedback on treadlife. I mean who wants to pay the prices for tires these days only to sadly learn the tread had worn down fast Between the Pilot Sport A/S 4 and Continental DWS 06 Plus, I think TireRack's test results do show somewhat of an edge in many categories that went to the Pilot Sport 4 when including the Conti DWS 06 Plus in the test results by comparison. Both are excellent UHP A/S tires and after reading through TireRack's write ups in the test results, I'm guessing it's probably so very close to distinguish which tire outranks the other in categories which matter most to a driver, that many drivers wouldn't be able to even tell which tire they were driving if the two were conducted under blind tests, IMO. Perhaps I passed over the test results comparing the Vredestein Hypertrac All Season with my two choices. Or maybe they never compared the Vredestein tire with the Pilot Sport 4 and DWS 06 Plus. Nevertheless, the two choices I think are fine I also want to thank you for clarifying what the "miles reported" in the Ratings Charts means. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I would've never thought that it meant a compilation of all drivers who reviewed particular tires. I wasn't even close in my guess of what it meant
  10. Having spent days reading through most (not all) of TireRack's Test Results with the amount of time I could afford, it seemed that I had narrowed the choices down to two. Then after reading TireRack's ratings charts for UHP All season tires, it looked like those choices were in align pretty much according to the categories. The choices that I narrowed down based on the criteria across different categories and tests were: Michilin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 Plus What's not obvious to me is what the data means regarding the miles reported in the Ratings Charts. Perhaps someone could help clarify what they're referring to. For instance, the Conti Extreme Contact DWS 06 Plus has a miles reported of 4.4M. What does the data for miles reported mean ? What is 4.4M ? Or for that matter, the VRedestein Hypertrac All Season has a miles reported of 641K. What does that mean ? The last thing that didn't make sense is the Decision Guide. It returned three recommendations. All I did was enter Lincoln, make, model, tire size and All Season. (no priorities were selected for my level of importance). The decision guide recommended - Vredestein Quatrac Pro, Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3, and Continental Pure Contact LS. Where do they come up with these and based on what ? I know Conti makes a 245/40ZR/19 Extreme Contact DWS 06 Plus. I can't imagine why this tire or the Michilin Pilot Sport A/S 4 wouldn't be among their three recommendations. Unless I'm totally unaware of some ground breaking new development in the tire testing industry, what testers do not do nor will they provide to the consumer public is the speed of tread wear. Perhaps some owners on this forum have had one of the two of my tire choices installed on their MKZ within a year or so and could share how well the tread is (or isn't) holding up
  11. Yep, I told my dealer "the replacement battery isn't even a year old... has to be the recent short trips I've been doing". I still get the messages every now and then. Don't know how my 1 yr old battery could be the reason though when my driving distances have returned back to how I've always driven.
  12. The dealer lent me their battery charger last year. I had it for about 4-5 days before I could get scheduled in for the replacement. Thanks though, their mechanic showed me. I wonder what dealers charge for a charge ?
  13. Hi Leftoverture, sounds like your right. I don't make a habit of short trips, but this week, it just happened to turn out to be the case. I made maybe four 1 mile trips (one per day) without ever driving it anywhere else on two of those days. The other days were pretty average 15 -20 miles / day I cancelled the dealer appointment for now. I don't see any reason for testing right now. Next week will be different and going forward will be too. It was just seeing that message that threw me off little . . after I dealt with it last year before the battery died. I'm guessing if the dealer had tested it today, they would've likely found nothing. Then the next words I would've heard is: The total for today will be ...."
  14. It was the dealer I called who said this indicates a low charge. So what do I know. As far as driving variables, I drive it every day. But driving distances have been short thoughout the time I owned it. I'd say a weekly average is maybe 90 -120 miles. I'll drive farther some days that'll add 50 mi / week or so. A conservative estimate, maybe 140 -170/wk Are you saying dealers charge for the test either way even if its a bad 1 year old battery they installed ? If so, I'm heading to the Lincoln Owner or Dealer sites to look for coupons [EDIT] The new Vehicle Warranty expired already this year
  15. Either the quality of Motorcraft replacement batteries are slipping or I'm unlucky. I jumped in the car for a short ride to the post office today and I see the message " Battery Off to conserve power", or something or other. The last time a message like that appeared was last Spring right before the OEM battery completly died. I posted last April on this forum a concern about Motorcraft on this thread: "Battery issue after vehicle sat in shop for so long" So practically a brand new Motorcraft BXT-94RH7-730 that the dealer put in (11 months) ago is already starting to give up the ghost. It'll undoubtedly be covered by the battery warranty. But the dealer said they have to follow a testing protocol of some sort putting it through a (3 hour) long test. Then they can write the death certificate ... replace the battery under warranty ... and return my car Not knowing if I would have enough juice tomorrow to turn over the engine to take it to the dealer, I drove around for 50 minutes. With gas at $4.30 / gal, it couldn't suck any more right now at the start of the weekend