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  1. Zondedo

    Rear suspension height

    Thanks Tom. That’s very helpful. Where did you buy the isolator? *edit*. Looks like you got it from energy suspension. 2009 Fusion is a different platform but I will check. Thanks again
  2. My 2019 MKZ Reserve II sits low in the rear. Recently I took a trip with two adults in the back seat likely weighing over 400 pounds. Although the car drove fine, this made the back of the car sag even worse. We were driving at night and I was really pissing people because my headlight adjustment was out of whack with the weight in the back . I thought these cars had auto leveling but maybe that’s not the case? Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do to correct it? I’m likely going to take it to the dealer
  3. Zondedo

    Cabin Fan Mouse trouble

    You could get a diagram and instructions from the dealer
  4. Zondedo

    Tim's 2018

    Nice car! What options does it have?
  5. Zondedo

    Another MKZ newb

    Welcome from West Michigan. Nice car!!!
  6. Using lossless or HD files is a good start but it does not guarantee good sound. That unfortunately is up to the recording engineer and as I mentioned a flat frequency response to me sounds horrible with too much emphasis on the mid range. My point is that every recording has flaws regardless of the source quality and reducing mid range frequencies is usually required to make it tolerable on any system.
  7. There is some good information in this thread. Although Ultima test results using calibrated equipment show excellent specs I can see why some people have the issue noted above with the Ultima system. I am an audiophile and appreciate good equipment. I learned long ago that garbage in = garbage out. Most of the time my music source is compressed audio from my cell phone. People should be looking at their EQ settings on their source device to ensure that the midrange frequencies are set properly. Personally I very much dislike the sound of a flat frequency response and de emphasize the midrange frequencies. Every recording is different and needs adjustment. Personally I am happy with the investment I made with the Ultima system and enjoy it every time I drive the car.
  8. Sounds like you should have bought a Honda Civic if your after that awesome 4 cylinder fart can sound. As already noted, the MKZ is a luxury car, not a tuner. You will reduce the resale value with all your mods. Potential buyers will quickly recognize that a teenage driver owned the car....no bueno, when the see the fart can exhaust, CAÍ and vinyl wrap. 🙄. It’s your car though so tear it up. Detroit is making new ones every day.
  9. Zondedo

    My new adopted 4 year old Lync...

    That’s a good looking car. I like the ingot silver
  10. Zondedo

    My new 2017 Hybrid MKZ in Nashville, TN

    Welcome to the forum from West Michigan. Let’s see some pics!
  11. Welcome from West Michigan
  12. Zondedo

    Looking for a Bargain?

    I’m not familiar with R-Bo Company but a quick search shows that they are still in business. Small world.
  13. Zondedo

    Looking for a Bargain?

    Zeeland Michigan. It’s Tulip Time right now so traffic is a pain. Remember the klompen dancers?
  14. Zondedo

    Lincoln MKZ die cast models

    I couldn’t find anything on eBay.
  15. Zondedo

    Looking for a Bargain?

    It’s one of the reasons we bought our 2019 when it was one year old. It was a great value. I also bought our car from a Southern state to save money. I live in an affluent area (West Michigan) and local dealer prices reflect it. Cars here are usually priced 10% higher and have been exposed to salt. No thanks!