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  1. Zondedo

    Facebook group

    Facebook is definitely more active but it sucks. If a guy from the ghetto pimps out his MKZ with big rims and you make a comment like “ I prefer the factory rims“ you are labeled a hater and insulted for having a vanilla car.
  2. Zondedo

    Pop ups and ads - annoying!

    I understand that some advertising is necessary. I’m okay with that but something recently has changed and the MKZ forum is the only place that I’m seeing it. I have all of the ad blockers turned on in safari which is usually enough. When using a desktop or laptop I use Google Chrome and often have the same experience. Thanks to those that responded to my inquiry!
  3. Zondedo

    Pop ups and ads - annoying!

    I usually use my i phone which has a safari web browser. Here is an example of the garbage I have to navigate. It is only in this forum….
  4. Recently I’ve noticed an increase in the number of pop-ups and annoying advertisements on this forum. Anyone else? Half my screen is occupied by advertisements and you have to fight your way to find the forum content. What gives? perhaps the site owner / moderator could explain themselves? I’ve been spending more time on Facebook lately….
  5. Zondedo

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Rearranged

    No changes to my browser…. I’m using Safari on my iPhone most of the time.
  6. Zondedo

    Lincoln MKZ Forum Rearranged

    Has anyone noticed all the annoying ads and pop ups? When did that change and why punish the forum members with that trash…
  7. Zondedo

    Rear Shock Replacement - 13+

    Look at that rust! That Certainly would contribute to premature failure. Unless you have deep pockets for repairs Don’t drive your Lincoln in the salt!
  8. Zondedo

    Wishing to change my tire

    Yes, I get it. I live in West Michigan, One of the saltiest areas in the Midwest but I choose to store the Lincoln and other high dollar value cars during the winter months. A coworker of mine spent over 80K on his new GMC Duramax. He washes it enough but it has already developed rust on the frame. The entire chassis is corroding…. Such a shame. My sacrificial daily driver right now is a minivan from Florida. I plan to use it up until it’s gone…
  9. Zondedo

    Wishing to change my tire

    Poor car. You’re driving that thing through the salt!
  10. Zondedo

    Black '13 with blacked out grille...thoughts?

    Another vote for inside only with the chrome surround. Looks good!
  11. I enjoyed watching this video because it gave me an idea of how the 2.0 is put together. This particular engine has 170K Miles on it and is in beautiful condition because the owner took care of it. Encouraging for those of us that maintain our vehicles…. https://youtu.be/YY9lKS3wLqA
  12. Zondedo

    New to Lincoln MKZ 2012

    Welcome to the forum. My car is still under warranty but I chose to do the oil changes myself using full synthetic Valvoline. As noted, if you take your car to the dealer they will use a semi synthetic. Oil changes on these cars is a breeze and I don’t mind the trouble. I’ve provided a link below which describes some common issues for high mileage 2.0 EB engines. One of the most common I’ve been told is cracked exhaust manifolds but Ford has corrected this when they updated the engine in 2015. The write up though says it was common among all versions of the engine…. I’m not so sure about that. Heat is the enemy and I don’t plan to tow with my MKZ. https://tuningpro.co/ford-2-0-ecoboost-engine-problems/
  13. Zondedo

    Tire Choices

    Tire size will dramatically affect tire performance. Don’t assume that a good review on a different vehicle make and model applies to an MKZ. with that said, I recently switched from Michelin‘s to Hankook Kinergy’s on our daily driver minivan. I am very pleased with the performance in snow and they are wearing better than a Michelin‘s did. good luck with your quest and let us know what you decide
  14. Zondedo

    Used MKZ prices

    Maybe prices in your area are higher? I know they are in West Michigan. I buy cars out of state for that reason and because it’s stupid to buy an expensive car that’s been driven through the salt. Car dealers here are vampires and they will suck you dry. Just for reference I bought my certified 2019 MKZ about 19 months ago with 30K Miles. It is a 2.0 and is not AWD by my choosing. It has the luxury package and every other imaginable option available. I paid 28K plus taxes. Three examples of that same car are being sold in my area for over $40,000. I bought mine in Missouri.
  15. Zondedo

    Used MKZ prices

    Have you guys checked prices for used MKZ‘s lately? I was surprised. In my area, several 2019 MKZ’s with the reserve II package Are listed for $40,000. Most have an average mileage of 25K.