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  1. Shacky

    Rattling, possibly coming from within the door.

    2017 Select. I will try having my wife drive while I listen. Been meaning to do that for a month 🙄
  2. Shacky

    Rattling, possibly coming from within the door.

    I have rattle coming from B pillar area passenger side. Only hear it on highway. At first I thought it was golf clubs in trunk but it’s not. Has anybody found a fix?
  3. Shacky

    Extended Warranty

    Went with Zeigler thanks!!!
  4. Shacky

    Extended Warranty

  5. Shacky

    Extended Warranty

    I bought my 2017 last December. Original warranty expires end of August. Wanted to make sure I like it and it wasn’t a lemon before purchasing EXT warranty. What suggestions do you guys have? And can you negotiate with Lincoln?
  6. Shacky

    New 2017 Owner - Lumbar Problem

    My new one 2017 has 4-way.
  7. Already thinking of upgrading std stereo speakers in my soon to be new to me MKZ Select. Crutchfield has great pics but not of rear deck speaker location. Couple questions: Are rear deck 6x9’s? I see 6 1/2 listed as fitting front and rear door locations. Are stock 5 1/2? Any suggestions/recommendations? https://www.crutchfield.com/car/outfitmycar/mycar.aspx?i=151OE65CFD
  8. Purchasing a 2017 Select with Select Plus package. Looking forward to being first time Lincoln owner. It only has 9,100 miles and 9 months on BtoB warranty. The driver’s side 4-Way lumbar is not working. Is this a typical problem with this year MKZ?