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  1. Donnyo

    3 weeks and 2000 miles review

    Deleted by moderator. Insult.
  2. Donnyo

    2017+ MKZ Grille Differences

  3. Donnyo

    Canister Purge Valve

    Deleted. Insulting.
  4. Donnyo

    Caliper Covers

    Deleted by moderator. Insult.
  5. Stock is way more that you’ll ever use.
  6. Donnyo

    Taking Care Of Leather...

    Use the M-tech leather cleaner conditioner
  7. Donnyo

    Water Marks

    Wash it with mother’s gold class speed wax with anything.
  8. Donnyo

    Water sound??

    The Lund of a soon to be radiator turned on. Congrats
  9. Doesn’t work. Never did
  10. Donnyo

    Effectiveness of AWD

    Try getting some sand bags in the rear
  11. Donnyo

    Please tell me the factory tire are not good!

    Drive the OEM TIRES. STILL HAVE 7/32 after 35 k. Just go 60 except Texas and seats of Surprise
  12. Donnyo

    2017 MKZ 3.0TT AWD squeaking

    There is no creaks on my car. I can think it’s a winter thing. Maybe wait until summer fall?
  13. It shifts better. With the new tranny fluid it’s worth doing. This is an amazing sedan say what? Change your fluids guys.
  14. I’ve had the 2.0 Fusion with the transaxle measure. PITA but this looks like I need small hands even when removing air box Anyone done this?