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  1. raildog1

    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    When your climates seats failed, did toe fans stay running in the seats?
  2. HI, new to the boards. I just got a 2006 Zephyr for my sons first car. It had a few issues but the hardest is a parasitic draw. Anywho, last night i sat in the car and before starting it, I can hear the fan in the passanger seat running. Engine off and no key in the ignition. Definately the parasitic draw. Also the seat climate controls dont work and the fuses are good. When i hit the buttons for heat or cool nothing lights up and no response from the seats. Would this be caused by the control module under the passenger seat or the control panel in the dash. Thank you in advance. UPDATE: the fan was unplugged under the driver seat. Plugged it in and it wont turn off either. No response from the buttons on the dash still. Plulled the fuses 11 and 12 and they shut off. Now all this happens with the car off key out! Dash module? Any insight would be appriciated.