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  1. tonyd2boys

    USB replacement

    I did. Unfortunately, that wasn’t it.
  2. tonyd2boys

    USB replacement

    Hello. I have a 2018 MKZ 3.0 AWD. I love it!! Recently, my apple CarPlay stopped working and the usb in the console was no longer charging. Didn’t light up either. Does anyone know the part number for a new usb replacement?
  3. tonyd2boys

    Rotors/pads replacements

    I ordered the r1’s. Pads/rotors. I’m hoping I did not make a mistake as the reviews I’m reading about the horrible customer service and getting the wrong items is horrible.
  4. tonyd2boys

    Rotors/pads replacements

    I don’t do any racetrack driving. I do get on it a bit on the highways and in the city it’s constant stop and go. I do like the look of the slotted rotors as well
  5. I have a 2018 MKZ reserve 3.0T AWD.. looking for good replacement rotors/pads. Any suggestions? Thoughts on slotted/drilled vs regular. Thank you
  6. tonyd2boys

    Front Fascia - Spot the difference

  7. tonyd2boys

    2018 MKZ drl issue

    I noticed today, when I turn the car on, The light in question flash on and off several times before going out. Any thoughts?
  8. tonyd2boys

    2018 MKZ drl issue

    I appreciate the response. The first time I noticed the light out was after a remote start ( from my phone). Later that day, the light was functioning properly ( car was remotely started from key fob). Then, the next morning, after a remote start (Lincoln app), the light wasn’t working. I shut the car off, and restarted it manually. Light still did not work. Unfortunately, I purchased the vehicle salvaged so going to the dealership would be a last resort. Hoping someone has had this issue. Maybe a fuse? My understanding is that it’s not a simple “ replace the bulb” fix.
  9. The curved row of daytime running lights on the drivers side are out. Car has 18k miles. Is this normal? Do you really have to replace the whole housing?
  10. tonyd2boys

    Keypad Factory Code

    Thank you very much.
  11. tonyd2boys

    Keypad Factory Code

    Thank you for the response. I had the new fob programmed at batteries plus. The new fob seems to work correctly.
  12. tonyd2boys

    Keypad question

    Hello. I recently purchased a 2018 Lincoln MKZ reserve 3.0T AWD. Unfortunately, it only came with one key fob. Try as I may, I was unable to locate the infamous key code on the smart junction box.... not for lack of effort! I ordered an oem fob and had it cut/programmed at Batteries Plus. New key fob works great. I tried to use the 2 key fob method to locate the factory door code with no success. According to my settings I have 3 admin keys (I assume one of those is the key that I never received). Any reason that the 2 current keys I have would not work when performing the code retrieval? Thank you all.
  13. tonyd2boys

    Keypad Factory Code

    Does anyone know why the 2 fob method would not work? I bought a 2018 Lincoln MKZ that had only 1 fob. I bought a new fob and had it programmed.... works great. When I try the 2 fob method- nothing. Any suggestions? Not sure if this matters but when I look under settings it shows that I have 3 admin keys (the two I have and I guess a third that didn’t come with the car when I purchased it)!! By the way- love this car....
  14. tonyd2boys

    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    Does anyone know if the factory code for the keypad is located behind this panel? On a fuse box?
  15. Hello, just purchased a 2018 MKZ Reserve... love it. When I open the sun screen prior to opening the panoramic roof, it opens very loudly, shaking/stuttering the whole time. It closes much more smoothly/quieter. Any thoughts?