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  1. tonyd2boys

    Keypad Factory Code

    Thank you very much.
  2. tonyd2boys

    Keypad Factory Code

    Thank you for the response. I had the new fob programmed at batteries plus. The new fob seems to work correctly.
  3. tonyd2boys

    Keypad question

    Hello. I recently purchased a 2018 Lincoln MKZ reserve 3.0T AWD. Unfortunately, it only came with one key fob. Try as I may, I was unable to locate the infamous key code on the smart junction box.... not for lack of effort! I ordered an oem fob and had it cut/programmed at Batteries Plus. New key fob works great. I tried to use the 2 key fob method to locate the factory door code with no success. According to my settings I have 3 admin keys (I assume one of those is the key that I never received). Any reason that the 2 current keys I have would not work when performing the code retrieval? Thank you all.
  4. tonyd2boys

    Keypad Factory Code

    Does anyone know why the 2 fob method would not work? I bought a 2018 Lincoln MKZ that had only 1 fob. I bought a new fob and had it programmed.... works great. When I try the 2 fob method- nothing. Any suggestions? Not sure if this matters but when I look under settings it shows that I have 3 admin keys (the two I have and I guess a third that didn’t come with the car when I purchased it)!! By the way- love this car....
  5. tonyd2boys

    Getting to the interior fuse box on a 2017

    Does anyone know if the factory code for the keypad is located behind this panel? On a fuse box?
  6. Hello, just purchased a 2018 MKZ Reserve... love it. When I open the sun screen prior to opening the panoramic roof, it opens very loudly, shaking/stuttering the whole time. It closes much more smoothly/quieter. Any thoughts?