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  1. Rickd

    Headliner Removal '13-'16

    Actually guys, If anyone has access to the Service Manual (Body) for a '14, that would be awesome!!!!!! Please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  2. Rickd

    Headliner Removal '13-'16

    Yes, that is correct. It even uses magnets around the sunroof. I've already dropped the headliner, but the electrical connections for it terminate under the pass side dash (Runs down the pass side "A" pillar.) & I need to probably see the FSM, or get directions from someone that's already sucessfully removed their dash top pads, to be able to pull out the headliners electrical connections connectors, to prevent breaking any plastic on the mounting points of those dash panels. Thanks for your input!
  3. Hi guys, Brand new here. I looked around the site but didn't find any help on this topic. Been turning wrenches for almost 50 years. Wondering if anyone has removed a headliner from a '13-'16, small sunroof model? (Bought the car used. Light "Dune" colored headliner & filthy. Going to clean it out of car.) Need info on removing the dash top pads & defroster panel by the windshield, to remove the unpluged electrical connections for the headliner, up under the pass side dash. (I don't want to break any of the plastic tabs on these very expensive pieces, by removing them incorrectly) Thanks in advance!