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  1. 2sickMKZs

    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    kramf - I thought the same thing! I said to myself 'why in the world did they advertise them as sideimpact bars?' Maybe they auto inflate and turn into some kind of airbag if someone hits you there??🤣🤣 drolds - Thanks. That was my first time wrapping but luckily, it's still holding up pretty well after a year of being on there. I really like the aluminum look. Don't understand why they would only offer that on the base model.. fusion - LoL thanks😊
  2. 2sickMKZs

    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Some interior pics.. FYI - never buy these leather floormats. They do not hold up well at all over time. Looked good in the beginning but then the drivers side started ripping to shreds after just a few months. Wish I would have stuck with Weathertech but I wanted tan to match the interior and all I could find was black. Couldn't stand the old school wood grain pieces so I wrapped them all with 4D carbon fiber. Not crazy about that either but it'll do for now.
  3. 2sickMKZs

    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Type "For Lincoln MKZ/MKX/MKC 2017-2020 Stainless Car SideImpact Bars Badge Trim 4PCS" in search on eBay and it should come up. For some reason it says it's only for 2017-2020 models but it's held on by 3M tape so not sure why it says that.
  4. 2sickMKZs

    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Izzy - Yes, they are only brake covers. I don't think they make a Brembo brake kit for the 2013+ MKZ's.. at least whenever I did a search on them, I couldn't find any. I have been wanting a simple cold air intake and I can't even find a company that makes those either. Kramf - A couple of years ago, I wanted a side badge that resembled the new Lincoln Continental & Navigator side badges but could never find any. About a month ago, I came across this one and to answer your question, yes, it does say Lincoln. Bought it off eBay for $46.
  5. 2sickMKZs

    Caliper Covers

    I've had mine on now for about a year & a half. Surprisingly, they are still holding up really well. Very easy to install. Took about 35-40 minutes for all 4 and that includes taking each wheel off & on. They are pricy though but gives the car a much better appearance rather than the stock calipers.
  6. Decided to tint my tail lights, 3rd brake light & all 4 reflectors. Thought darker tail lights would match a little better with the panoramic glass roof. After I finished with the tint, went ahead and shaved all the emblems off the rear. I think it gives the car a much cleaner look overall. My wife asked me why I was tinting my tail lights but once she saw the finished product, she understood why. Contemplating tinting the headlights but still unsure if I want to do so. It only took me about 1 1/2 hours to tint everything and shave the emblems. I purchased VViViD Air-Tint Smoke Black Gloss Vinyl Headlight Foglight Transparent Tint Wrap Self-Adhesive from Amazon. Very easy to install. Does not affect light output either. To shave the emblems, i used a heat gun, Goo Gone & Dremel with polishing tip. I'm happy with the end result.
  7. 2sickMKZs

    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Thanks! 😀 It's only FWD. The only two things it doesn't have is AWD & massage seats but has rest of the bells & whistles. I think 300hp is the perfect amount of HP for a car. It has just the right amount of torque to where you can still keep it under control. I'd probably kill myself if I had the new 3.0L Twin-Turbo 400hp model.. LoL
  8. 2sickMKZs

    Some Photos of 2sickMKZs

    Hey All! New to the forum and thought I'd put a few photos of mine and my wife's rides.. I have a 2015 3.7L and she has a 2016 2.0L Turbo. We loved the car so much that we each had to have one. Still my favorite car on the road till this day. The panoramic retractable roof is what got me. Will enjoy this car till the wheels fall off! 🙂