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  1. Hmm... very odd.... I don't have the Modem enabled for updates, not paying the fee. So I don't get any updates unless I use USB. I do use the modem for auto starting my car (have it set to start in the AM to go to work, and again in the PM when I leave work) I get the monthly emails for it telling me the 'health', so I know it's talking to the server, even though it's not active via my abilities. my Lincoln App tells me the tire pressure etc... so again I know it's talking to the server. Beyond that it's hard to say why it's updating. Auto Updates is off, WiFi is off.... hmmm
  2. Multitask

    Headliner Removal '13-'16

    not sure about what you need.... but know that the back end by the rear window is held on by magnets.... or so I have read.
  3. Multitask

    Be Safe out there

    I'm at 32K now.... will be driving the 40 from LA to ??? east coast.... so about 5K there.... EDIT:Opps, it's 27900, I must have been adding the miles I would have after my trip. 😎
  4. Multitask

    CD player power wire

    that or, the eject button is dirty inside with the connections... cheapest way is get the CD cleaner....
  5. Multitask

    Sync 3.4?

    Hmm.. did not know that it would do OS update via that modem... I still have the 3 months/3gigs free, I think... unless there is a time frame to enable it.... don't want to pay for the 'HotSpot' feature... 😎
  6. Multitask

    Sync 3.4?

    You might have turned off the update, but also turn off the WiFi, that might also tell the modem to not update.... But then I though the Modem was not for updates, but rather the app telling your phone the details.... like tire pressure, oil life...etc...
  7. Multitask

    Tinted Tail Lights & Shaved Emblems

    NOT... heheheh
  8. Multitask

    100K miles club

    my 2020 should be at 100k by end of 2021
  9. Multitask

    Tinted Tail Lights & Shaved Emblems

    Yea... might be a Yugo
  10. Multitask

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    Odd about the no V6 or Turbo.... yes I'm sure there is more to maintain, but I have not read anything about issues.... and I don't think there is something as 'simple' with an MKZ! 😎
  11. Multitask

    Voice in Sync 3.4

    Today I was driving around without my phone plugged in, and got a call. I don't think I knew that when someone calls via Sync 3.4 not only do you see it, but you hear who it's from.... Maybe this is new with the 20xxx update? Just curious. 😎
  12. Multitask

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    I say bravo!!! I have the 2020 MKZ Hybrid , and love it.... so I'm guessing you'll love the 2017 ... if it's in your budget, get the v6 , the 4 would be good for mileage, but the V6 will give you some ooOOoommfff
  13. Multitask

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    I get it... not wanting another Hybrid. Don't count them out... your car is unique in that way of the problems, I personally haven't had any issues with the hybrids I've had. getting Used can be a challenge, because you just know how well the person/people before you took care of it. I personally wouldn't have bought one that was a savage title... but that is me. 😎
  14. Multitask

    2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid problems

    A wrecking yard might give you more to part it out.....