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  1. I doubt there is a 'better' battery for it.... My 2020 MKZ-H in slower going... turns the motor on Less than the 2018 FFH I had.... and the new car is heavier than the FFH. I'm bettering (without looking) that the MKZ-H has bigger electric motors than the FFH has... would also cost a LOT more in the long run... usually the replacement HEV battery is about 5grand....
  2. Multitask

    MKZ aftermarket accessories

    Not in the traditional way... no.... they are supposed to be more like extensions of the lights above... (or so I read) that they are supposed to get brighter as needed etc.... Fog lights... not really... around here don't need them... 😎
  3. Multitask

    MKZ aftermarket accessories

    Not in the traditional way no, but the string of lights below act like them... so in a way yes it does. 😎
  4. check the door switch
  5. It might be 87 here ( just choose the lowest for here) , and I have a 2.0 Hybrid, so things will be different for it. I knew not to use the 85 (I think it was Kansas) Maybe it's for tractors...hehe
  6. Yup... this trip I took the 40 from Los Angeles to North Carolina.... (I-70 coming back) Here gas is about 3bucks, depending on where you buy For the part along the I-40, it was about 1.90 , only Colorado was more (2bucks)... As far as octane , I generally run the lowest here 86, and most places had 86.... I tried to get it from LOVES the most.... But in Kansas I was at a place that had different nozzles... one for all gas, one for 10% ethanol ... about .10 diff... one place I put in the mid rated gas, cuz the lower one was 85 octane.... My average was about 43 going east... but 30 going west... lots of head wind.... Speed I was doing 75-80, sometimes 85.... over all , the higher octane gave me better mileage... and some improvement in acceleration... but over all... I was being cheep most places... 😎
  7. What I do like about mine (14) is that Android Autos sounds come out of the front center.... Not sure if that works for the 10 as well... 😎
  8. I think even if you can do it, I would think there is a bit of programming... just so your system knows you have 14 speakers....
  9. Multitask

    dash cam - hack?

    Isn't it lydare...lidare how ever you spell it ... light radar
  10. Multitask

    ANC defeat?

    I will have to give those a try... next week I'm on a trip.. gone all week... so after that...
  11. Ok, I learned something new today... makes me want to look at my setup now. 😎
  12. Hmm... maybe it's a part of the amp.... signal processor or something like it.... A C M, Audio Control Module , in the Fords (and I'm assuming the Lincolns) it is the part that you see with the CD drive in it under the APIM .... BUT, being that one of the pics you put up mentions HD Radio... but it also has a sticker over the part #... not sure why
  13. The one in the back would be the amp.... AFAIK
  14. As far as I know... all the ACM's should have a CD drive... unless F/L got a clue and dropped it in the 2020/2021's 😎
  15. If it's like the Sony systems on the Fusion, the HD ACM you have might have come out of one that the signal is Digital... I had the same issue a while ago, ended up sending it back for HD unit that was Analog. Then it worked...