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  1. Multitask


    I was in El Segundo when it was 111, about 10 years ago.....
  2. Multitask


    My Cars says it is 114 in the city that I live...mmmm whew. At about 8am, it was almost 100 in the south part of Orange County....
  3. Multitask

    Should I buy it?

    CarFax is only as good as the person / Business that reports the info. Depending on how much you drive 600 miles would be good if you do not. For me 600 would be gone in a month. 3000 for a warranty seems high.... and it would depend on what is covered, and what is not.
  4. So your 2015 MKZ ? ... and what phone? Someone else has a similar issue... it ended up being the cord. They used one that was bought from Apple (not 3rd party), and it worked again Newer technology is less and less forgiving about things....
  5. The thing that is missing here, is that a battery is only as good as the environment it is being used. Short trips will not keep it charged.... and may lessen how long it lasts. When you see the message, are you checking the terminals? Making sure the cables are tight and clean? Also, remember that is what a warranty is for, the chance that the battery will not last very long is why we have them. Manufacturer defects... also does not mean it will last that long, but that it is covered. People are not perfect, thus the things they make are also the same.
  6. Just remember one thing, basically you will not be able to update the OS, unless you know what the VIN is for the vehicle you go it out of. Yes there are hacks out there, and I'm sure people will let you know about them. But it's best that you get the VIN of the vehicle it came out of, so when you go to the ford site, it knows what update to give you. 😎
  7. Multitask

    ‘14 MKZ Hybrid Transmission issue

    They were here Sept of 2021, so it is doubtful they will respond.... If the transmission is 10,000, might be time to just trade it in and get something that is 'better'
  8. Multitask

    Banned from dealer

    So not you , but Lincoln and the dealer.... I know payments can take months... so that is not unusual.
  9. Multitask

    SYNC 3 - upgrade costs

    as far as the files from cyan... yes the files are legitimate, but are not sanctioned by Ford/Lincoln... they are there for 'bets' testers, those guys just figured out a way to get them and wrote an interface to do the work. Any problems you have should go to them, as they provide the 'service'
  10. Multitask

    Best Replacement Speakers

    I would think it is up to the 'ears' of the owner...
  11. Multitask

    Sync Brain Fart

    Yup I was thinking that, more for those who might not know... I assumed you would. 😎 Mine will think my phone is not useable when I first plug it in, but then it does see it and use it... <shrug>
  12. Multitask

    Sync Brain Fart

    Just as a guess... maybe it was in the midst of an update ? If you have it setup like that.... But yes... most versions of Sync can be 'finicky' at times....
  13. Multitask

    Never Say Never

    I was on a trip up to Oregon ( from the los angeles area..) and gas prices are less in Oregon. About a buck... didn't look at the diff of diesel for the most part, but here it is about a buck more than regular... It's almost 7 a gallon here, I paid about 6.09 in Oregon.. I know that the SUV's are supposed to get better gas mileage, but sheesh...
  14. Multitask

    Oil life & Remote Start

    Those that still have a 3g modem will no longer be able to use the app to its fullest. Because of the shut down of the 3g band. Ford/Lincoln will pay for the labor for some models... you just buy the 4G modem... but as a reminder, 5G is here, so eventually the 4G modems will stop working when they shut down the 4G signal..... so it will be on going... 2018 seems to be the cut off year... but not for all ford/lincolns
  15. Multitask

    Lincoln BEV

    Took a trip in 1977, got into Kansas late, no gas stations open... so because I had a shell on the back of my Mazda (rotary) Truck, I pulled over across from a station, cralled in the back slept till they opened, and filled up... back when it was about .70 a gallon... 😎 now, I just put gas in when I can and if it is a decent price....