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  1. TomV

    Rear suspension height

    Those ride height sensors are not responsible for controlling height, only measuring it. We’d need air suspension for self leveling. OP’s rear coil springs have settled over time and could probably use a little boost from an extra isolator.
  2. Thank you! It's hard to believe I dreamed up this project back in November 2019 and just now completed. I really like having the adjustable gain control for the sub amp. I can turn it way down and basically listen to the system in stock fashion, then dial it up when I want some extra low end. I crossed it over initially at 80Hz and may play with that setting as time goes on. There is also a 180 degree phase switch, but I'm hesitant to use it since Revel set all the distances in the DSP and it's the same distance as the factory subs.
  3. TomV

    Rear suspension height

    Found an old picture. I used an Energy Suspension isolator on top the factory isolator, as seen here.
  4. Finally, a little bit of Dynamat and then covered the rear deck with mass loaded vinyl. Since the sub fires directly into the cabin now, it doesn't distort the 6x9s so I wanted to use them. I carefully separated the 6x9s from the upper mid/tweeter assemblies in order to turn the woofers around. This oriented the woofer wire connectors to face outwards and not interfere with the sub box. While it still takes up a bit of trunk space, I like it much better and it sounds better too. It doesn't rattle the trunk and doesn't distort the 6x9's. I'd still like to do is obtain another under deck cover and modify it to fit around the box. I also don't notice any active noise cancellation from it. I have a full Forscan license, so I might experiment with the setting, but otherwise I'm finished.
  5. I ended up cutting out a little section of sheet metal for the sub to fire into the cabin with less obstruction. Then I cut out the center section of the underside of the rear deck cover, so the sub can fire through the screen. I left two 1" strips for integrity.
  6. I purchased some 48" aluminum L channel, 36" aluminum flat stock and 10-24 threaded rod from Home Depot to make a bracket to hang the subwoofer. Painted it black afterwards and I think it came out pretty good. It will utilize two existing holes in the rear deck, thus I only need to drill two others.
  7. I decided to mount the subwoofer under the rear deck. However, if I were to leave it sitting in the trunk, this seemed to be the best sounding location (6x9's disconnected).
  8. TomV

    Rear suspension height

    My 2019 appears to look a bit lower in the back as well. You could add an additional poly urethane spring isolator to gain 3/8" or so. I did that on my old 2009 Fusion when I added lowering springs to get the car level looking.
  9. TomV

    Getting rid of Sirius.

    Perhaps you can disconnect the satellite antenna from the ACM and see if that kills Sirius.
  10. TomV

    Left side of trunk not even

    I slotted and shimmed (using washers) my left side hinge in order to get my trunk gap even on both sides.
  11. Well, I've got the sub just sitting in trunk to play with placement. It sounds pretty good, but I think the JL sub was distorting the 6x9's. So I disconnected the 6x9 woofers and now the JL sub sounds much better. Now that I'm not using the 6x9 subs, I'm planning again mount the sub under the rear deck. I will leave the rear mid-range and tweeters on top the rear deck, but seal up the 6x9 holes. Another bit of information. I have an old Autosound 2000 test cd, with 99 frequency tracks. I could hear and feel down to 20Hz on the rear channel... but had to turn the volume up significantly. As I moved up the tracks, there was a noticeable jump from 29Hz to 30Hz in loudness. Thus my ear tells me the Revel systems starts to roll-off sharply under 30Hz. Using the JL Audio adjustable gain knob, I have plenty of low frequency response when I want it.
  12. I found this "Good vs. Bad" subwoofer placement diagram online. Unfortunately, none of the "Good" positions will work for me. (a). Requires an infinite baffle to stop back waves in the trunk. (b). Is a complete waste of trunk space. (c). Water pours into this location, thanks to Lincolns wonderful designers.
  13. The JL Audio ACS110LG-TW1 box dimensions just don't fit well in our Lincolns. I wanted to mount it long ways under the rear deck, but the 6x9's are in the way. Perhaps I should ditch the 6x9's, since they suck anyway. Mounting the narrow direction doesn't allow the woofer to line up with holes in the rear deck and it would have to hang lower to clear the trunk springs.
  14. Well, I’m having some difficulty finding a location for the subwoofer in the trunk. It’s a bit heavy and large for hanging under the rear deck. hangs down 6” and I’d have to hack up the top panel. i think I’m going to wire it up and test it at multiple locations and angle to find what sounds best. Then I’ll find a way to secure it.
  15. I was able to get the power wire run to the trunk and the JL Audio bass knob installed. I found the perfect location fore the JL Audio amplifier gain knob on the drivers seat. It's easy to reach and operate. The position I found has just enough space behind it for the knob. The power wire was a PITA. I removed the battery, which is also a PITA, but couldn't find a suitable location in any existing entry point. There is very little room to get a hand in behind the antilock brake mechanism. So I was forced to drill a hole in the firewall. I didn't want to, but I couldn't find any other location to route the wire. From the inside, I had to disconnect a large wire connector and move it out of the way. Behind it was a spot about an inch to the right and a bit lower than the hood release cable. I had to drill from the inside using a long bit. I used a plastic grommet to keep the wire from getting cut and sealed around it with black RTV. Picture shows the connector, but I didn't get a pic behind it. I then fabricated a bracket for the fuse holder on the side of the battery tray. Next step will be the sub box under the rear deck, between the factory 6x9's.