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  1. Disabling the TCU or ( Cellphone passport module) could have been as easy as pulling a 5A fuse #10, but unfortunately our cars also use that circuit for the power trunk and key pad. I might just disconnect the TCU ground to the chassis and see what happens.
  2. Thanks guys for chiming in. I don’t pay for any cellular content. I never even enabled the Hotspot trial. My WiFi Is definitely off. My MKZ was built during the summer of 2019, so it might have newer APIM hardware for Sync. I don’t think they are pushing updates to older hardware.
  3. TomV

    Sync 3.4?

    I started a new thread, so members can continue to discuss v3.4 upgrade options here.
  4. Got an email from the Master Reset.
  5. Starting a new thread where I can rant about stopping automatic system updates of Sync 3.x My 2019 MKZ with Sync 3.3 continues to receive an update from Sync 3.3.19052 to Sync 3.4.20136. I disabled automatic system updates via WiFi and turned off Lincoln Connect connectivity features, but the update keeps coming. I would keep it a 3.4 if there were not major issues. 1). First I can't stand the different GUI and display background colors. 2). When listening to CD's, the steering wheel controls for next track, change the source back to FM. 3). My USB with .flac files can not browse by artist or album. It can only browse by explorer. 4). The audio gain has been reduced, now allowing the system to get as loud. Equalization may have also changed, but I can't confirm it. Fortunately I have a prior USB image that I can downgraded back to 3.3.19052 . I believe the modem is within the Telematic Control Unit (TUC), in the trunk on the driver side. I believe it might also control GPS, so I don't want to disconnect it and find I lost navigation too. My latest effort was to downgrade, then do a Sync 3 Master Reset. After the reset, I did not re-enable (SYNC Connect). I'm hoping this stops automatic system updates. Unfortunately, I don't get to use the Lincoln Way mobile app any longer. I'm probably going to submit a complaint to Lincoln, but doubt anything will come of it. I'm also going to look into Forscan as an option to disable the modem or disable all updates.
  6. TomV

    Sync 3.4?

  7. NOTICE: Whatever the amplifiers are capable of, it appears Lincoln has lowered the audio gain in Sync 3.4 so they will no longer reach full potential! The volume scale goes 0 to 30. According to my ears, prior volumes of 15 seem to require around 20 to match the same level now. My guess is it's either an anomaly or they want to reduce the amount of blown speaker warranty claims. The audio signal from the ACM is sent digitally via USB to the DSP in amplifier. I believe the volume control is done over CAN HS to the Renesas 70F3579 micro-controller in the amplifier. I flashed my Sync back to 3.3 before I had chance to check the ACM values with ForScan. If anyone with ForScan and Sync 3.4 can report the values for 727-02-01 and 727-03-01 it would be appreciated.
  8. TomV

    Sync 3.4?

    Nope, Lincoln Way downloads updates over LTE. See the information description below. I understand most people will be happy to receive automatic updates and security enhancements. The problem I have is the GUI sucks and they are forcing me to live with it at the expense of the Lincoln Way app.
  9. TomV

    Sync 3.4?

  10. TomV

    Sync 3.4?

    My 2019 MKZ with sync 3.3 automatically updated to 3.4 last week. It was probably connected to my WiFi with auto updates enabled. While some of you might like this news, I'm not crazy about 3.4. I don't think the screens or backgrounds look good. All the round touch buttons don't seem to match with a luxury car. I feel it's more "game" like now and I'm starting to wonder if I can change it back 3.3?
  11. ForScan differences in ACM / Revel based on hardware level.
  12. TomV

    Weird electrical issue...

    My buddies brand new 2019 Nautilus ended up with a completely dead battery a few months after he owned it. Wonder if Ford has a new supplier for their batteries?
  13. TomV

    Arch Support in Trunk

    Well that answers it. Thx!