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  1. Just an uneducated suggestion, but you might try turning off traction control, if you already didn't, and see if that changes anything.
  2. Scott

    Steering wheel noise.

    Check for recalls here: https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls Looks like there were a couple of steering related recalls.
  3. Scott

    3.0T oil change ?

    I have had nothing but trouble with both the app and web versions. Sometimes my service history shows up, other times, not so much. It must be some poorly written software, or the database is unstable. Probably outsourced.
  4. I was treating my interior with leather conditioner today, and am wondering what all is real leather. From what I can tell, they are the steering wheel and center cover, seat covers, headrests, center console armrest, & door panel armrests. I have a '17 with the drivers package. Any additions or subtractions from my list? Thanks!
  5. Scott

    3.0T oil change ?

    The toughest thing for me was finding a 27mm socket. I ended up getting one off Amazon. I have an extended warranty also, but I think it will be fine. I am trying to keep the receipts and logging my oil changes on the Lincoln website. It is probably the easiest oil change I have ever done. My drain plug is a plastic twist off variety, so than is even easier than most.
  6. Scott


    You also might consider getting a Carfax or equivalent to see if it has been in any wrecks. It may also show maintenance.
  7. Scott

    Fuel filter question

    I was just looking at the Lincoln site for what the 30K maintenance is for my 2017 3.0tt AWD. Note that the second line says to replace the fuel filter.... 20K30K40K60K80K90K100K120K140K150K160K180K200K Replace engine air filter Replace fuel filter Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise Rotate and inspect tires; check wheel end play and turning noise Change engine oil and replace oil filter when indicated on vehicle message center or every 12 months, whichever occurs first MEMO: Gas engine; Up to 6.0 quarts of oil (IOLM) Inspect cooling system and hoses Inspect complete exhaust system and heat shields Inspect automatic transmission fluid level (if equipped with underhood dipstick) Inspect brake pads/shoes/rotors/drums, brake lines and hoses, and parking brake system Inspect and lubricate all non-sealed steering linkage,ball joints,suspension joints,half and drive-shafts and u-joints Perform multi-point inspection
  8. Scott

    LED Lincoln Symbol

    I saw a Mercedes the other day with the front emblem lit up. Not sure if that is a stock or non-stock item. It looked to be LED and was pretty cool. I doubt I would spend the bucks to get one though.
  9. We recently bought a new vehicle for my wife, and when I got it home I had to add probably a half a gallon of washer fluid. You would think that the dealer prep would catch this stuff. Or, maybe it is a cost cutting deal. Anyway, good luck GBR
  10. Scott

    Slick Spots on Steering Wheel

    Most of my steering wheel is now shiny and kind of slick. I have used a dedicated leather cleaner and conditioner (Guardsman), but it doesn't make much difference. In my case, I think it is just normal wear and tear. I know when I get a loaner that the steering wheel is much nicer feeling.
  11. Scott

    New MKZ'er here

    Congrats, and welcome. I have a 2017 MKZ Reserve, 3.0T, AWD also. Great car!
  12. Scott

    Pre-Collision Warning Option

    I believe that the pre-collision alert system is part of the technology package. This from the 2017 brochure: Technology Package: Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Enhanced Active Park Assist System, Lane-Keeping System with Driver Alert System, Forward Sensing System, rain-sensing windshield wipers and windshield wiper de-icer (windshield wiper de-icer not available on MKZ Hybrid)
  13. Scott

    2017 MKZ 3.0TT AWD squeaking

    Hi bbf2530. I got the can of spray, but it has been pretty cold here so I haven't go that done yet. However, I was by a Lincoln body shop and stopped in and asked them about the noise and our theory on the sail panel noise. He checked it out and didn't think it was from there. He then checked around and found that the rear of the rocker panel seemed loose. He found that a push/pull pin was missing. It is an odd square looking pin, not like one you would expect. Fortunately, they had one in the shop and he put it on for me. I am not sure if this was my problem, but it couldn't hurt. Time will tell, and mine seems to pop up in certain times. I attached a pic for reference. You might want to see if your is missing too. He had no idea why it was missing.
  14. When I mentioned full retail, I was referring to the full retail value as a used car, not as it was new. Like TomV mentioned, you would think that they would work with you and work out a compromise to get you into a vehicle you are happy with. Good luck!
  15. Hi all, I stumbled on an article yesterday that wrote that free TSB info was now available on the NHTSA website. The directions below are from Consumer Report. Here's the link: https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls "A new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database allows you to search your vehicle’s make, model, and year to find technical service bulletins, or TSBs, that are created by the manufacturer and shared with dealers about how to repair recurring problems. (Note that the link goes to the NHTSA recalls page. From there, select the "Vehicle" tab and search using the Year Make Model for your vehicle. The TSBs appear in the search results as manufacturer communications.)"