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  1. Scott

    Rim Corrosion

    Thanks for the links! There is a place in town that does rim repair/welding. They have good reviews, although there are only 5. They said it would run around $150 to repair it. The crack is on the inside, so there would be nothing cosmetic. Has anyone had a repair done like this? Thoughts???
  2. Scott

    Rim Corrosion

    Well, I got the car back from the dealer yesterday. They had it for two days to replace the APIM, and then had to order another part (FCIM)at the last minute. The first day they called to say that they could not find any leak. I told him again that I know there is a leak because I am adding about 5 LBS every 3 or 4 days. When I picked it up he had bad news. The rim has a crack, and he showed me a video of it bubbling when they sprayed soapy water on it. They can have the new rim installed in a couple of days - total cost - $1,037.38! I about passed out. I asked if he could help me out on the price and he is looking into it. He also mentioned the possibility of finding a used one. I am also going back to the dealer that sold it to me the end of last November to see if he will help out. It has been leaking since I got it, but with all the big pothole problems around here I am not sure he will go for it. I am going to also check around myself for a used rim.
  3. Scott

    Rim Corrosion

    Thanks for the thoughts! I actually had two rims replaced on my 2017 MKC under warranty, so I know my dealer is willing to work with me. I can see no damage at all on the rim - no road rash or anything. And, the drivers rear wheel is also loosing air, but not as fast or as much as the front. I am not sure why Discount Tire replaced the valve stem. Maybe it was just a precaution and easy to do since they dis-mounted the tire. I am not sure how they cleaned the corrosion or what they did to seal it back up. Good idea to check with Lincoln concierge if the dealer balks. I will let you know how it works out.
  4. Scott

    Rim Corrosion

    I have a 2017 with the handling package and thus the nice rims. I bought the car used with a little over 15K miles. I have one tire that is loosing up to 10 lbs per week. I went to Discount Tire and they said that there was corrosion on the rim causing the leak. The tire was fine. So, they said they cleaned off the corrosion and put on a new valve stem. Well, it is still leaking. I have to take it into the dealer next week to have the APIM replaced and am having them take a look. Is anyone else having this issue? Any thought as to whether or not it would be covered by warranty - or maybe a partial coverage?
  5. Scott

    Headlight Error

    The steering wheel memory issue and the headlight error were supposedly fixed with a reset/update. APIM is on order.
  6. Scott

    Headlight Error

    Well, so far they have found that it has a faulty APIM module that they are replacing which is causing the dropped calls and connecting/re-connecting.
  7. I have had this error show up a couple of times now in the attached pic. It is going into the dealer next week. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue? BTW, the manual just says to take to the dealer. My Sync screen keeps locking up too, but is okay after shutting it off and restarting. And, the memory steering wheel sometimes works.The electronic issues in this car are getting old.
  8. I checked my 2017 yesterday for updates and none were found.
  9. FWIW, I have a 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid that does the same thing. Not sure exactly what it is doing - maybe some sort of system check/cycling like you mentioned, but mine has done this as long as I can recall.
  10. I know this can be kind of a black hole question, but I have read that fuel cleaners should not be used in turbocharged engines due to any crud that may be cleaned and then sucked into the turbos. I know my dealer adds a cleaner with every oil change. I always use top tier gas, so I will hopefully not be adding deposits. I bought my car with @15,00 miles and obviously have no idea what gas the previous owner used, so I am thinking about using a cleaner to hopefully take care of any old deposits. Thoughts?
  11. Scott

    3.0T oil change ?

    Thanks, Zalvern!
  12. Scott

    3.0T oil change ?

    Having the filter on top of the engine will make it really easy. Is there a "hatch" in the cover underneath to drain the oil or does the whole cover have to come off?
  13. Scott

    3.0T oil change ?

    I have changed my oil for a long time, but have never changed a cartridge type filter. Is there anything special I need to know? Does the filter need to go in a certain way? Thanks!
  14. Scott

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    My build date was 11/16, so hopefully I will not have this issue.
  15. Scott

    Sync Freezing Up

    Good point. I didn't think to open and close the door.