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    rubyinla got a reaction from RAB in GPS Map Update '14 MKZ   
    Picked up the A10 map off Ebay for $41.89 and today it's even cheaper... 
    https://tinyurl.com/y35ze6md  <<  current Ebay price from the same vendor $38.95
    Just fired it up in the garage and works just fine.  Have yet to drive with it.
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    rubyinla got a reaction from R2D2 in 2014 key fob battery - where to buy replacement?   
    Yeah, saw the 2nd battery and the unusual polarity stacking.  Paid a buck each for Sony batteries at local "hardware / salvage" shop next to Office Depot.  Check expiration dates.  The 2025's I picked up are good till 2027.
    I'm taking my chances with the multi-meter and waiting for the system to warn me.  We're talking 7500 miles or less a year with 2 fobs.  Not worried and I've got an extra set in my desk 🙂
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    rubyinla reacted to bbf2530 in GPS Map Update '14 MKZ   
    Hi rubyinla.  While the updates are not usually earth shattering, you can't go by the version numbers. They are simply chronological identifiers.  If A11 is ever released, it will simply be "GM5T-19H449-AE". And any eventual A12 would be "GM5T-19H449-AF".
    I'm not saying buying A10 will be a great update and is or is not worth the cost.  Simply pointing out that the latest version number itself does not tell us anything about what it contains or how up to date it actually is (or isn't).
    Good luck.
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    rubyinla got a reaction from CDW6212R in 3M Clear Bra   
    I'm coming to the conclusion that the clear bra is like an insurance policy.  You may never need it, but it makes you feel more comfortable going down the road.  I bought my MKZ after turning my Mustang back in after the lease.  In 3 years I averaged around 7k miles a year.  So this one will be with me for quite some time to come.
    I've never gotten that involved in all the chemicals for the paint.  My favorite tool is my leaf blower.  No hard water spots, no drips and I only need one microfiber towel to completely dry it.  Not having 20-15 vision 🙂  and only daily drivers, I am using some Meguiar's wax & Ultimate Polish.  If things get out of hand I'll use their polishing compound. 
    For dusting off the paint on all of my cars I've used Turtle Wax "Wax & Dry" and their Express Shine Carnuauba spray cleaner/wax.  I've also had good luck with Nu Finish on my cars and trailer over the years.
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    rubyinla reacted to bbf2530 in Where to mount a Heads Up Display?   
    Hi Stardaddyed.  Well, that's a personal taste type of question and a tough one.  The object of a HUD is to project the information directly in front of the driver, but down low on the windshield, so as to not obscure vision or distract the driver.  In this way, the driver can see important information and still keep their eyes on the road. 
    Placing the image on the windshield over the middle of the dashboard would defeat the purpose (my opinion, of course). This would mean you are looking over towards the middle of the windshield and down instead of ahead at the road. That would mean moving your eyes to the right, and possibly even having to turn your head to look at the middle of the windshield.  In that case, you're looking further away than just looking down at the instrument panel, speedometer, etc.
    Won't it fit on top of the dash directly in front of you so it can project the image lower on the windshield and directly in front of you? Or is the instrument panel cowl in the way there?
    Again, this is just my opinion, but placing it in the middle of the dash would seem to defeat the purpose of an HUD and make it stick out like a sore thumb on a nice dashboard.
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
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    rubyinla got a reaction from 1984Poke in Fine Tune the Average Fuel Used Counter   
    car mpg / gas pump mpg
    42.4    45.0
    40.1    36.4
    42.5    40.4
    40.2    38.1
    42.1    38.7
    41.9    39.7
    39.1    42.1
    No idea what's going on.  Probably the same computer guru wrote this code that did the stock market black box trading code. 
    I've left Trip 2 untouched since I got the car and it's showing 41.1 mpg over the last 2,000 miles.
    I've watched EV miles and those sort of make sense when considering if the majority of driving was stop & go or 70 mph.
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    rubyinla got a reaction from CDW6212R in Who'da ever thought???   
    From being at 85mph at the top of the freeway on-ramp in my Mustang EcoBoost to being happy just to have gotten there 🙂 ... In style, if not in a blur.
    Got a pristine 2016 Ruby Red hybrid.  haha... just as gas prices go down.  Anyway, it's a lease return with 25k and has everything but a back messager 😞
    Friends are avoiding me not wanting to hear that I got 51mpg in stop and go traffic on the freeway.  Handles pretty good and now that I know what lane assist is I'm not freaked out when the steering wheel starts vibrating in my hands 🙂   It does need an autopilot though ... 
    I'm happy and Happy Thanksgiving

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    rubyinla got a reaction from 1984Poke in Who'da ever thought???   
    Thanks for the welcome gentlemen. 
    HA!  When I was with the salesman looking at another MKZ with 10k more mile and less equipment we walked by mine.  I commented on it and he said it was a new one :) 
    Glad I didn't believe him and went back and double check!  First 300 mile trip and getting 42mpg at 70mph.  Mustang's still smoke by me though... hehe....
    I popped, against my better judgement, for an extended 2 year warranty so I've got bumper to bumper full coverage for the next 5 years.  Planning on hanging on to it.