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  1. rubyinla

    MKz Lug nuts

    Nice fit and looks just like factory. The test fit was in the first photo. If you can't tell the new lug nut is in the 10 o'clock position. $39 with tax. Discount Tire rotated, balanced and put the new nuts on for free. Awesome deal !!! All installed last pic. Looks stock and if the wheels stay on I'm happy.
  2. rubyinla

    MKz Lug nuts

    Amazing... Put the order in yesterday afternoon and they got here this afternoon. I'll try a fit test tomorrow. 6-25... They fit! For some reason I can't download photos from the computer this morning.
  3. rubyinla

    Looking at a MKZ Hybrid

    So I have way too much time on my hands.... One search led to another and for those of you that are curious about the big lump of a battery in our trunk, here it is. The guy has a series of videos about the inverter and other components as well. High Voltage Hybrid Systems - 2013-2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid Li-Ion Battery
  4. rubyinla

    MKz Lug nuts

    Thanks @kramf411. I put the order, about 2 hours ago for the Eisen's after they returned my email saying they, in fact, did fit the MKZ. My main goal was to keep the lug nut height similar to the stock ones. They are suppose to be here on the 26th so I'll see how they compare / fit over the weekend. Thanks again....
  5. rubyinla

    MKz Lug nuts

    So my lug nuts are coming apart and I'm looking at these in Amazon. "Eisen 12x1.5 One-Piece Chrome OEM Factory Style Replacement Lug Nuts for Ford Focus Fusion Escape Stock Wheels by Eisen Performance" https://amzn.com/B07WW2M1XQ Confusion comes in when the vendor says they fit the MKZ and then Amazon garage says they don't fit. I like these because they are the same length as the originals. All the other aftermarket ones from DP etc, are at least a quarter inch longer. Anyone have any experience with this brand. They haven't responded to my chat request.
  6. For sure, and you have to be careful when pushing buttons on the gas pumps. You could end up with 85 octane going thru Utah, etc. Used GasBuddy a lot on my last trip and you have to watch the octane they are reporting prices on. I ended up with premium at Costco in Utah because their only other choice was 85.
  7. In a nutshell u'r 12 mile drive is being averaged into all the preceding average miles since you last pressed OK. Not sure if our instrument panels are the same but on my page 120 has this about the right Information Display>>> "From left to right this view includes an instantaneous fuel economy gauge, historical fuel economy data and average fuel economy. The historical data represents an average over time intervals of either 1, 2 or 6 minutes, with the leftmost interval being the most recent. Shown at the bottom of the view is the total time duration for the 5 intervals. You can select total duration in the options menu. Intervals shown in grey color are from the previous drive. The blue horizontal line represents the average fuel economy value shown to the right." Page 121 about the left side Display "Both Average fuel economy and an instantaneous fuel economy gauge are included in Engage, Empower and MyView (if selected) on the left information display. They are also included in Fuel History on the right information display. Average Fuel Economy Average Fuel Economy is continuously averaged since the last reset. You can reset your average fuel economy by pressing and holding the OK button on the corresponding steering wheel controls."
  8. From my 2016 owners manual: "Average Fuel Economy Average Fuel Economy is continuously averaged since the last reset. You can reset your average fuel economy by pressing and holding the OK button on the corresponding steering wheel controls." I just finished a 3 day, 1500 mile drive from LA to northern Utah and back. Set the cruise control to 70mph. Had one leg of 44.5mpg with mostly down hill. Averaged about 41.5 over the trip. Some segments I felt like I was a bottle of Kayopectate 1n the 80mph zones. Kept 1 trip meter on the current trip and the other for the entire trip. I have never gotten any mileage over 43mpg. Just for grins I have been keeping a spreadsheet and including EV miles. Without EV miles the car gets anywhere from 18 to 30mpg just on the ICE. By the spreadsheet, over the past 10,872 miles I've averaged 39.8 with the trip computer and 42mpg in the spreadsheet. Approximately 4374 of those miles were EV.
  9. rubyinla

    Looking at a MKZ Hybrid

    It's slow and gets good gas mileage. You also have to get use to a CVT transmission and the engine revs. Check the shocks for leaking... https://www.ebay.com/b/Shocks-Struts-for-2014-Lincoln-MKZ/33590/bn_93114810
  10. Lincoln & Rivian Partner to Deliver Lincoln's First All-Electric Vehicle. https://rivian.com/ https://www.thedrive.com/news/31273/lincoln-electric-suv-could-be-first-to-ride-on-rivian-platform-under-ford-partnership
  11. Bought my 2016 used with 25k on it. I zero'd out both trip meters. After 7,184 miles I've averaged 39.7 mpg using my spread sheet. I have logged all the gas receipts (yeah, I'm obsessed ^o^ ). Trip meter 2 shows 41 mpg average. EPA quote is 41 / 39 city / highway. It's not driven a lot but it's in the big city. It can take up 90 minutes or 45 to cover 37 miles, depending on the traffic. The car excels in stop and go,,, from a mpg point of view, for the weight. Not so much at getting to that 70mph (yawn.. check the calendar :) ). At 70 mph I want my 300 hp EcoBoost Mustang back. It made 30 mpg on those trips. I tracked the EV miles and the mpg without them. Without the EV miles my ICE mileage was anywhere from 17mpg to a max of 26, once. Usually maxing at 19mpg. Overall it's a nice car. It's engine is obtrusively noisy to me when accelerating... which gives better mileage because I get off the gas sooner. It's not the quiet machine that I had hopped for. Most of the road noise is probably due to the design of the tires.
  12. rubyinla

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Ha!! I can get zero to 60 mph in under an hour 45 all day, any day or temp in my Hybrid 😞 But I will pass you at the off ramp for the gas station 🙂 Yeah, it sux. Coming out of an EcoBoost Mustang it's frustrating as hell.
  13. rubyinla

    2019 MKz annoyances

    You can download one of these... https://play.google.com/store/search?q=sound%20meter&c=apps&hl=en It won't be exactly spot on, but close enough to be repeatable and is something you can use to compare other cars with. Take it to your Lincoln dealer and take a spin in your version of a new car and see what you get. If nothing else you can put a number on "it's loud" or "excessive".
  14. It's late, but maybe it'll be of interest to someone else. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/lincoln,2018,mkz,2.0l+l4+electric/gas,3441365,brake+&+wheel+hub,rotor+&+brake+pad+kit,13824
  15. rubyinla

    3M Clear Bra

    I ended up getting the 3M installed. Full hood, full front end, door pulls, mirror caps, partial fenders and front window A frames. Looks pretty good. Only part that has a scratch now is one of the chrome grill slats 😞 Here's a random web page with all the different pieces... https://tinyurl.com/yyn7h6kr