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  1. Michelin wiper blades $8.99. https://www.costco.com/wiper-blades.html
  2. rubyinla

    Head light upgrade

    Thanks for getting my curiosity up and looking. Yes, it's in the manual and they are also connect to your windshield wipers during certain situations. Page 88 in the 2016 Hybrid manual. http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2016-Lincoln-MKZ-Hybrid-Owners-Manual-version-2_om_EN-US_11_2015.pdf
  3. rubyinla

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    Thanks Chris... I just called Lincoln concierge and talked to a girl there. Hard to understand her, but the gist of the conversation was there is no 6 year program for my 2016. After reading the SiriuXM web site I found a coverage map: https://www.siriusxm.com/siriusxmtraffic/marketcoverage I'm familiar with Waze but haven't used it a a couple of years. It always seemed to be slow to recalculate so I've stuck with google maps for traffic using the phone. Unfortunately with Sync 2 in my 2016 it doesn't appear that I can link either of them to the car. Thank you for everyone's input.
  4. rubyinla

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    Thanks for the input gentlemen. I'll do some research on that. I do have the factory Navigation. I'll turn turn on Sirius 133 and see what happens. All I'm finding is 6 months free. I'll call Lincoln tomorrow and check with them. https://www.siriusxm.com/infotainment (Traffic, etc) Monthly pricing is based on combining with an active SiriusXM satellite audio subscription. When subscribing to these Infotainment services without an active SiriusXM satellite audio subscription, a minimum Annual subscription plan is required. © 2006-2016 TomTom. All rights reserved. This material is proprietary and the subject of copyright protection, database right protection and other intellectual property rights owned or licensed to TomTom. Interesting, TomTom.. https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/161972/siriusxm-drops-traffic-and-weather-channels-for-se https://blog.siriusxm.com/your-guide-to-siriusxms-new-channels-and-station-numbers/ Went out and checked my Sirius channels and all I got was call an 800 number. Can't select a channel.
  5. rubyinla

    CEL P0456

    Maybe this will narrow it down... ? https://www.silverstatefordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-purge-control-valve-au5z9c915d?c=Zz1lbWlzc2lvbi1zeXN0ZW0mcz1lbWlzc2lvbi1jb21wb25lbnRzJmw9MSZuPVNlYXJjaCBSZXN1bHRzJmE9bGluY29sbiZvPW1reiZ5PTIwMTUmdD1oeWJyaWQmZT0yLTBsLWw0LWVsZWN0cmljLWdhcw%3D%3D https://www.silverstatefordparts.com/search?search_str=purge+valve
  6. rubyinla

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    I had been under the (mistaken) impression that the Traffic information for our Nav app was included in a regular subscription. NOT! Silly me. They want $3.99 a month, plus tax.
  7. rubyinla

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Picked up the A10 map off Ebay for $41.89 and today it's even cheaper... https://tinyurl.com/y35ze6md << current Ebay price from the same vendor $38.95 Just fired it up in the garage and works just fine. Have yet to drive with it.
  8. Yeah, saw the 2nd battery and the unusual polarity stacking. Paid a buck each for Sony batteries at local "hardware / salvage" shop next to Office Depot. Check expiration dates. The 2025's I picked up are good till 2027. I'm taking my chances with the multi-meter and waiting for the system to warn me. We're talking 7500 miles or less a year with 2 fobs. Not worried and I've got an extra set in my desk 🙂
  9. rubyinla

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

  10. I just got the message on one fob last week so I guess that one lasted a little over 3 years or so. I checked the batteries in the other one and they are good on volts.
  11. rubyinla

    Power folding mirrors

    For those that haven't found it, here's the 2016 MKZ owners manual. This one is the Hybrid version. http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2016-Lincoln-MKZ-Hybrid-Owners-Manual-version-2_om_EN-US_11_2015.pdf
  12. rubyinla

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Did you get your A10 card from Lincoln or Ebay? Seeing them on Ebay for $93 or so. Thanks...
  13. rubyinla

    SiriusXM subscription offers?

    Only reason I'd be interested is for traffic info with my Sync 2 Nav. If it is really accurate.
  14. You might check over at mustang6g.com and the eco boost threads. Lot of guys doing stuff. Different, I know, but, if nothing else get some brand names to check with for ideas? Good luck.
  15. rubyinla

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    https://www.ebay.ca/sch/i.html?_odkw=sync+a9+sd+card&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=sync+a10+sd+card&_sacat=0 Thinking the A9 to A10 isn't much of an upgrade when you compare the version numbers: GM5T-19H449-AD << A10 the A9 card >> GM5T-19H449-AC