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  1. rubyinla

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    You guys missed your Christmas wish opportunity. Now u'll have to wait till next Christmas.... See and Hear Mopar’s New 1000-HP 426 Hemi Crate Engine https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a24404997/1000-horsepower-426-hemi-crate-engine-mopar/ Drop that puppy into you're hybrid badged MKZ
  2. rubyinla

    Fine Tune the Average Fuel Used Counter

    car mpg / gas pump mpg 42.4 45.0 40.1 36.4 42.5 40.4 40.2 38.1 42.1 38.7 41.9 39.7 39.1 42.1 No idea what's going on. Probably the same computer guru wrote this code that did the stock market black box trading code. I've left Trip 2 untouched since I got the car and it's showing 41.1 mpg over the last 2,000 miles. I've watched EV miles and those sort of make sense when considering if the majority of driving was stop & go or 70 mph.
  3. rubyinla

    Fine Tune the Average Fuel Used Counter

    Just for general info a Mustang guy figured out how to do it on the 5G Mustangs. https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/how-to-adjust-your-indicated-average-fuel-economy.48903/
  4. rubyinla

    Hybrid license plate frame .

    I got a couple of license plate frames from BestLicensePlateFrames.com They were anodized aluminum for $28.99 each plus tax. No shipping. They seem substantial enough to last for a few years. There's no plastic. No Hybrid, but it's available. My frame and my wife's... I'll leave it to you to figure out which one belongs to her πŸ™‚
  5. My OCD is kicking in. My fuel used counter reads 1 to 2 miles per gallon better than actual. Using the gas station gallons pumped and a calculator the two don't coincide. I had the same deal in my Mustang and a fellow had a hack to get into the computer to adjust it in tenths of a mile. Question is, has anyone discovered how to do it with the MKZ? Thanks!
  6. Just checked up on my new to me 2016 MKZ here: https://owner.lincoln.com/tools/account/how-tos/keep-your-sync-up-to-date.html and the site says I have the most recent update: Jun 20, 2015 Version: SYNC2 v3.7 No soup for you ??? I guess.
  7. rubyinla

    2017+ maps

    Your right. Guess I got this post and a fellow with a different post mixed up using my laptop. At any rate, to whom it may conern πŸ™‚ ) there is currently no update for the 2017 and newer according to this: https://lincoln.navigation.com/home/en_US/LincolnNA/USD
  8. dang, those shocks are not cheap. Hate to see what the dealer want's for them. Get your wife a second job πŸ˜• https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/lincoln,2014,mkz,2.0l+l4+electric/gas,3298534,suspension,shock+absorber,7556T https://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/2014/lincoln/mkz/suspension/shock_absorber.html https://www.carid.com/2014-lincoln-mkz-suspension-parts/?filter=1&sub-model[DriveTypeName][]=FWD+(Front+Wheel+Drive) Your front struts aren't going to be any cheaper either: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/lincoln,2014,mkz,2.0l+l4+electric/gas,3298534,suspension,strut,7584 i just used these guys for rear KYB shocks for my wife's Flex. Unfortunately it look like they aren't available, nor are Monroe's. All because they can be tuned by the computer. Corvettes had the same feature and very expensive shocks. Aftermarket shops came along and marketed adapters so you could put in regular shocks. At any rate, get an install price from your mechanic. Had my mechanic install them for me for around $125 iirc. My KYB's were $53.
  9. rubyinla

    AWD overheat?

    Going to take a WAG here that the AWD is the same as on the Taurus and Flex. If that's the case folks should not believe Ford that the PTU gearbox is lubed for life. Folks in the Ford Flex site have found gunk in their gear box and been very vocal about it. Some folks have also had a drain plug retrofitted so it can be drained and changed easily. Not sure if this applies to this situation, but, from what I've read, it would be an excellent item to check. Top
  10. rubyinla

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    I know this is an older thread but I've been looking at updating my maps and found the following link: https://lincoln.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Lincoln_MKZ_2016/U.S.-AND-CANADA-SYNC-NAVIGATION-SYSTEM-MAP-UPDATE-VERSION-A9/sku/GM5T-19H449-AC/en_US/LincolnNA/USA A comment in the amazon reviews mentioned their card was slow. Wonder if copying to a faster card would cure that.
  11. rubyinla

    2017+ maps

    You might find this of value, Looks like an SD card in the photo. I'm also reading the reviews in Amazon about the cards for sale there. Cards are half the price. Seems the reviews are hit and miss with some of the misses being folks aren't computer inclined and some flawed cards?? https://lincoln.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Lincoln_MKZ_2016/U.S.-AND-CANADA-SYNC-NAVIGATION-SYSTEM-MAP-UPDATE-VERSION-A9/sku/GM5T-19H449-AC/en_US/LincolnNA/USD
  12. rubyinla

    Who'da ever thought???

    Thanks for the welcome gentlemen. HA! When I was with the salesman looking at another MKZ with 10k more mile and less equipment we walked by mine. I commented on it and he said it was a new one :) Glad I didn't believe him and went back and double check! First 300 mile trip and getting 42mpg at 70mph. Mustang's still smoke by me though... hehe.... I popped, against my better judgement, for an extended 2 year warranty so I've got bumper to bumper full coverage for the next 5 years. Planning on hanging on to it.
  13. rubyinla

    Who'da ever thought???

    From being at 85mph at the top of the freeway on-ramp in my Mustang EcoBoost to being happy just to have gotten there πŸ™‚ ... In style, if not in a blur. Got a pristine 2016 Ruby Red hybrid. haha... just as gas prices go down. Anyway, it's a lease return with 25k and has everything but a back messager 😞 Friends are avoiding me not wanting to hear that I got 51mpg in stop and go traffic on the freeway. Handles pretty good and now that I know what lane assist is I'm not freaked out when the steering wheel starts vibrating in my hands πŸ™‚ It does need an autopilot though ... I'm happy and Happy Thanksgiving
  14. rubyinla

    Best trailer hitch to purchase ?

    I know this is an older thread but I figured I'd add my anti-sway bar to the conversation for those that come later. There's more to towing than just the size of the motor and the transmission. Please don't equate motor size to the ability of the vehicle to what it can tow. No one has mentioned the ability of the brakes to stop your 4300 pound MKZ and the 1000 pound trailer doing 75 mph down the freeway. Surge brakes on your trailer are a nice precaution. From the owner's manual: "The rating for the tow vehicle's braking system operation is at the gross vehicle weight rating, not the gross combined weight rating." GVWR & GCWR My car has a Maximum GVWR of 4890 pounds. It has a max rear suspension limit of 2365 pounds for the rear and 2535 for the front suspension (found on the sticker found next to the tire pressure sticker under the driver's door striker plate). If you add those 2 numbers together you just get to the GVWR of 4900 pounds with 10 pounds to spare for GVWR. If it weighs 4300 pounds that maximum published payload of 850 pounds is reduced to 590 pounds. Now let's add the trailer tongue weight of 250? pounds. You can now (according to Lincoln) add 340 pounds of folks, gas, ice coolers, suit cases and baby strollers. And don't forget to add the weight of your new 50 pound hitch. Good luck finding a published maximum tongue weight for a Lincoln πŸ˜„ Lincoln just says 10% to 15% of the trailer weight, which is a cop out. Tongue weight will change depending on how the cargo is loaded in the trailer. My car has a max rear suspension limit of 2365 pounds for the rear and 2535 for the front suspension (found on the sticker found next to the tire pressure sticker under the driver's door striker plate). If you add those 2 numbers together you just get to the GVWR of 4900 pounds with 10 pounds to spare for GVWR. btw, do you need brake light and turn signal lights for your trailer? Reference: How to calculate the tongue weight of u'r trailer: https://www.etrailer.com/faq-how-to-determine-trailer-tongue-weight.aspx etrailer is an all around good resource. Here's their hitch selection and note, they show a limit on them for tongue weight: https://www.etrailer.com/hitch-2015_Lincoln_MKZ.htm Definitions: https://rv.campingworld.com/towguide This post is probably over-kill for most needs, but maybe it will give some food for thought and resources for other projects. Happy Thanksgiving