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  1. HiceMKZ

    Livernois Tune Times...

    2018 Black MKZ 3.0T with drivers package.. I love my new ride...with that said. I decided to get the Livernois Tune for my vehicle and noticed a difference in performance immediately … Does anyone know if there is a way to protect your warranty so lets say in the future if their is a warranty issue the dealership will not find out about the tune?
  2. Hello everyone 2018 MKZ RESERVE 3.0T I have 4500 just did my first oil change and added the tune from livernoise motorsport. I too was thinking of doing a exhaust system. This is my first Lincoln and I love it . I was thinking that on these Lincoln’s a titanium exhaust might just do the trick. What does everyone think . would love to hear your thoughts .
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  4. HiceMKZ


    Hello, I’m a new owner 2018 MKZ ...So far I’m loving this car but it can always use some performance mods , besides the livernoise motorsport tuner which does wonders. always looking for more would like to hear from people on mod ideas
  5. HiceMKZ

    Ceramic Coating

    How much and how many layers of costing will they do? 2018 Mkz reserve black with black and white leather interior and I’m inquiring about the costing in Michigan as well.