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  1. Sandywhips

    Wet Intake manifold

    I took of my intake manifold recently and found that it was wet and smell of gas. Also the channels were grimy and wet, along with one of the vacuum lines. What would cause gas to make it back into the plastic housing? Side note; The throttle body is still clean, and the gaskets are brand new.
  2. Sandywhips

    Subwoofer install

    Hey izzy3906, I've checked the rear speakers and found that the rear right are black and white and black and blue, while the rear left are black and yellow and white and green. Got all excited to do the install only to find that my head unit wire harness has none of these colored wires coming off of it. Do you prefer anyone know the schematic for the 24 pin PBT-GF30 wire harness?
  3. Sandywhips

    Subwoofer install

    Hey izzy3906, I have gotten one of those converters and all the cables required. I've been told that the wires I need from behind the head unit which would go into the converter are: Brown green is positive brown yellow is your back left speaker Brown white is positive brown blue is negative. Is this correct?
  4. Sandywhips

    Subwoofer install

    Just bought an 08 Lincoln mkz. Currently trying to install an aftermarket subwoofer on an original head unit. I'm having trouble converting the wiring harness to accommodate for the new amp and separate sub wires. Can anyone tell me the converter I need or which wires lead to the rear (left and right) speakers or bass? None of the guides I've found have the same color schemed wires as are in my vehicle.