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    2017 Lincoln Continental in Chroma Elite Color

    Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.... no. Also, am I the only one who thinks the MKZ is the better looking of the two? I like the Connie's tail light treatment, but the nose and overall proportions of the MKZ just look better to me.
  2. Smokestone10

    Rocker panel rust

    If you want the factory part, you can only get part of the rocker- the rear third or so, which comes with the entire rear quarter. And they're about 1200 bucks. So.... yeah. I'm thinking of ordering a set of aftermarket rockers to see how they look, as my '10 has a few nasty bubbles in the rockers. The aftermarket pieces are the entire rocker and cost less than 100 from what I see online.
  3. Went out for a trip in the MKZ and ended up haunting a hobby shop in the area, one with a pretty good selection of new and out-of-production model kits. Since Lincolns in model kit form have never really been abundant, I thought it was time to stock up and nabbed this trio. The recently-reissued AMT '65 Continental convertible, an '80's reissue of the (ex MPC) AMT/Ertl '28 Lincoln Sport Touring, and a 1979 issue of the MPC '27 Lincoln Locke roadster. Some of you who were around in the '60's might remember the '65 as an "annual" kit from AMT, while the '27 and '28 were part of MPC's "Gangbusters" line of kits from the early '60's. In the mid '80's AMT/Ertl took over MPC so some of the old MPC kits were re-released later on as AMT/Ertl kits, like the Sport Touring version I have. Being an annual (promo-based) kit, the '65 is somewhat simplified and crude in spots, but the '27 and '28 kits (which obviously share many components) are extremely well detailed, even by today's standards. Eventually I'll get around to building them. πŸ™‚
  4. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    The junky blue '62 has been reborn as a period-style custom, and I also recently wrapped up a crusty '41 Connie lead-sled
  5. Smokestone10

    What’s your next car?

    My next car will be a 2018 MKZ. In about eight years when I can get one with 112k on it like I did with my 2010. πŸ™‚ Or maybe I'll find a nice low-mile Continental Black Label. I have a few years to make up my mind.
  6. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Two more recently completed '65's- both done as open limos for a historical sightseeing tour. They're part of an ongoing series of models I'm doing and both were made from cast-offs and spare parts.
  7. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Recently picked up another original AMT annual '62, a convertible this time. It needs a total resto but I think I can do something with it.
  8. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    And finally... a beater '65 that was built from spares and finished a few days ago, and yet another original annual kit, this time a '68 in terrible need of a rebuild.
  9. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    I promised a few more Lincoln model photos, and today I finally dug a few of them out. I apologize for the dust on some of them. This is the oldest one I have, a 1960 Continental annual kit by AMT, which I purchased years ago from a collector. I (re)built this one about ten years ago, and it's about due for another rebuild, due to it's condition and the fact my skills have gotten better in the years since. When I got it much of the interior was missing, and the side trim had been sanded off, so I went with a very mild custom style, and rebuild most of the missing interior components with parts from the common-as-dirt AMT '57 Chrysler kit. The boot came from a reissued '59 Imperial. This '62 also began as a junker- it had been painted and partially assembled, then put away in the box for years. I stripped the paint, did some disassembly here and there, and did it as a modern custom. The original builder had converted it into a hardtop by clipping out the b-posts. I liked the look, so I kept it. If I remember, the copper hue I used was actually VHT header paint. The '69, like the '60 and '62, began as an original AMT annual kit, but this was an untouched original kit when I got it. Kit collectors just love it when you actually build them. πŸ˜› Again I went the mild custom route, with a matched padded top, lowered suspension, and Kelsey-Hayes mags from the '66 Mercury kit stuffed into the original 1969 tampo-printed Firestone narrow white walls. This one is a tad embarrassing. I built it around 2006 as a hot rod, using the chintzy oversized wheels from one of the AMT/Ertl American Hot Rod kits, and a small block Ford V8, along with the "standard resto rod paint scheme" of cream and brown. Though the hood binds, the functional midship jump seats and foot rest sort of operate.
  10. I've devoured this post, because my 2010 AWD has a vibration I can't feel, but I can see and hear it. Let me explain- at certain speeds (normally low speeds, say below 40 MPH) I can see the rearview mirror vibrate, and the leather on the passenger's side seat bouncing a little. Like I said, I can't feel anything, but something is rattling that mirror and seat. This happens no matter what type of surface I'm on. And the there's a sort of buzzy, whirring sound, like an old heater blower motor, coming from somewhere when I accelerate or decelerate. That is a more intermittent problem and I haven't noticed it at any certain type of speed. It's just loud enough to be annoying sometimes. The sound seems to come from the center of the car, under the floor. I'm thinking I might have the driveshaft issue, but I'm going to wait until I get the tires rotated before I proceed any further, just in case.
  11. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Same here. I've wanted that Johan '66 Toronado kit for years... mostly because it's slightly more attainable and practical than a real '66 Toro would be. πŸ™‚ Closest I have is the '70 Eldorado kit, which was a spin-off of the Toro kit. Just like the real cars, the kits share a lot of the mechanical components. Johan cut some corners though- the Eldorado still has the Olds V8- all they did was add Cadillac scripts to the valve covers. Maybe they could see into the future of the late '70's, when come Cadillacs were buitl with Olds powerplants. It was pretty common for kit manufacturers to change things like that... after all, they didn't think there'd still be interest in the subject matter 50 years down the road! Olds kits are pretty abundant- Revell just did an all new '50 coupe and '72 Cutlass Convertible (both in two versions) and an '83 Hurst/Olds not too long ago. One of these days I'd like to take the AMT '66 4-4-2 and modify it into a four-door Cutlass like the one I used to have. Just for fun... here's a '70 Eldo I have. Yes, it's rare kit, and yes, I 'ruined' it by building it. πŸ™‚I went with a "tattered Mary Kay special" theme. 1970 Cadillac Eldorado by Chuck Most, on Flickr
  12. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Judging by your screen name, I'm guessing at least a few of them are Oldsmobiles? πŸ™‚ The old Johan Toros can fetch a surprising amount. Then again, almost any Johan kit will bring decent cash these days.
  13. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    I'll need to see if I can drag out a few of the other Lincolns I've got and get some pictures posted up. If you want to get into the modeling hobby and want to put a limit on your purchases a good way to do it would be to stick to readily-available Lincoln subjects. 😞
  14. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Some of them certainly might be. There are quite a few kits that were either only issued once, or haven't been reissued in 30+ years. That and a lot of it depends on subject matter. About ten years ago I snagged a mint, unbuilt '69 Continental "annual" kit by AMT for fifty bucks and I feel like I got it for a steal at that price. And yes, I did build it. There are guys who just collect unbuilt kits and, boy, does it ever rustle their jimmies when you actually build a rare oldie like that. πŸ™‚
  15. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    Pretty far from a rat rod.... but now I have an idea for the leftover touring car body.
  16. Smokestone10

    Left home in the Lincoln, and came back with three more.

    The '28 is a done deal- I did it as a tattered old used car that was converted into a pickup in the late '40's, then used for a decade or so and tucked away in the barn. Apperently quite a few real luxury cars had more or less the same fate during WW2. So there it is... a Mark LT 80 years before the real one. 1928 Lincoln Pickup Conversion by Chuck Most, on Flickr πŸ™‚
  17. Smokestone10

    Just want to say thanks!

    I just wanted to say thanks to the MKZ Forum and it's members. I think I've used the search feature here to find things out about my car more often than the owner's manual, not to mention I've found out quite a bit of "real world" things to know and look out for from others. Maybe the joint isn't exactly jumping, but this seems like a pretty relaxed group of helpful people who love the little Lincoln. I'm hoping we're still all here in about eight years when a decent, relatively-low-mile 2018 Black Label has (hopefully) depreciated enough to be within my financial reach. πŸ™‚
  18. Smokestone10

    Just want to say thanks!

    Both are new, the MKZ is a little more "loaded" than the Connie- thus why the MSRP'S are so close. I have no real interest in buying either, the 2010 is just fine for me for the time being. That and I have to be blunt... I'm really not fond of the dashboards in either car. I can't even pick a favorite between the two. It looks like it was designed by the same people who did the Romulan ship sets for Star Trek. πŸ™‚ Since the dashboard is the thing I'll spend the most time looking at in the car, an ugly dash design is a deal-breaker for me. Not that I'd even call it ugly... maybe more like weird? Maybe by the time these cars are as old as my MKZ is now I'll have learned to like the interior style a bit more. Or maybe the next-gen Connie and/or the MKZ replacement's dashes will be so hideous that the current one will look downright sedate. And there's the fact that even the worst Lincoln is still better looking on the outside than anything in Cadillac's lineup. If I had to pick between just those two cars at the local dealer, I think I'd go with the MKZ. I kind of like the Connie's rear styling better, but I'm really not feeling that color the Connie at Navarre is painted. That and the whole "five grand cheaper" part. πŸ™‚ But that's between what's "in stock" at the local dealer. In 2026 or so, maybe I'll seek out a well-maintained 2018 Continental Black Label. Those are, what, about 70 grand brand new now?
  19. Smokestone10

    Proud New Owner of a 2010

    Wednesday afternoon, two days after my trusty (and rusty) Subaru Impreza decided to shed part of it's rear sub frame on the road, I went home with a gently-used '10 Sterling silver MKZ. And now you know where I came up with my screen name. πŸ™‚ I was actually looking around for info on the jukebox setting on the stereo when I found this forum. I registered for an account and poked around a bit and realized I'd forgotten my manners and didn't even bother to say hello first. My real name is Chuck and my MKZ isn't my first Lincoln. In high school I had an '81 Town car that was beyond thrashed, but I still adored that floaty old barge of a car, with it's glitchy electronic dash and severely misaligned driver door. That car more or less set the tone for every vehicle that followed... with a few exceptions, every vehicle I owned from then on was a beater. After about 20 years of that, and the Subaru giving up the ghost, I thought it was time to treat myself. I've wanted a Lincoln forever, and had looked at various Town Cars and FWD Continentals, but I kept going back to the MKZ. I knew a new one was out of the question, but when I saw this one on a local dealer's website, I could not pass it up. The fact that my father and two of his uncles were big time Lincoln guys only cemented the deal. And the best part of any Lincoln is that it's not a Cadillac... always a plus in my book. πŸ™‚ About the car... it's an all-wheel-drive model with the 3.5 Duratec. Since listing all of it's features would take me all night, I'll list what it doesn't have. It does not have the moonroof, chrome wheels, or the six-disc in-dash changer. Other than that I think it's about as loaded as an MKZ could have been in 2010. It has 112,000 miles and shows only the slightest signs of wear- there's a bit of a scuff on the front bumper fascia, a few nicks in the paint on the hood, but nothing that really detracts from the looks too much. I don't trust my touch-up skills much, so I'll likely find a pro to do that stuff for me. Other than that I'm just hoping to keep it looking and running as well as it possibly can. Here it is in front of my grandfather's old work shop. It's not the first time a Lincoln has graced that spot and I don't want it to be the last. And here it is at a local park pavilion. I noticed that the Lincoln badges on the driver's side hubcaps were oriented in the exact same position and was amused enough by that random thing that I snapped a pic. Look closely and you can see the scuff in the front bumper, just below the headlight. The only downside to owning my MKZ so far has been that, after years of driving junk, I have to readjust my habits a bit. No more blasting down dirt roads... 20 MPH is the fastest I go on the last 1/8 mile home from work. No more blindly throwing open the door at the gas station, no care in the world if I hit the pallet of windshield washer solvent or whatever with the door. And no more bi-annual wash and wax sessions! This car deserves better.
  20. Smokestone10

    Proud New Owner of a 2010

    So far, so good. πŸ™‚ I'm told that "if you don't look back over your shoulder when you're walking away, you bought the wrong car". I find myself looking back over my shoulder quite a bit. Often when I catch a glimpse of it out of my window or when I'm walking toward it in the parking lot leaving work, I still have a hard time believing that's my car. Almost two months in and the "new" hasn't worn off- for me that's a pretty good record.
  21. Smokestone10

    Just want to say thanks!

    The local dealer does have a pretty nice, blue AWD MKZ on the lot right now... ... or for a mere five grand more do I go with the Connie...
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    From the album: Smokestone10's 2010 MKZ

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    Headlight out

    That's what happened when I had a short in my left rear turn signal. Replaced the bulb and had it checked out, and still nothing. The dealer reset the FET and the signal functioned perfectly after that. I've heard that sometimes a bulb simply burning out will also trip the FET. So... any time you replace a bulb and the replacement bulb also does not work, check the FET and reset if necessary. It may not be a bad idea to have that checked before you change the bulb to make sure that it is in fact the bulb and not some other problem. Any Lincoln or Ford dealer should be able to do this, and it only takes a couple of minutes.
  24. Smokestone10

    Drove a Charger Hellcat

    You're a smarter man than I. I've owned six over the years, though half of those were strictly projects.