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  1. wharriso

    No Heat

    Actually, I have a pretty good scanner, a Launch x431 V. It brings up no codes, But I did notice a few things, there is very slight heat coming out of the driver side vent, but only cold air coming out of the passenger side. I went ahead and replaced the passenger side blend door actuator. With the old actuator removed, there was slight heat coming out the passenger side as well but when I put the new one back in, the cool air came back. That indicates to me that the actuator is just not getting power so I am now thinking I have either a blown fuse somewhere or a reset procedure is needed. I did try disconnecting the battery, no luck. Fuses under the dash are really hard to reach but I will try to check them today.
  2. wharriso

    No Heat

  3. For what its worth, I was able to pick up power from inside the left A-pillar for my dashcam. There is both switched and constant power there.
  4. Thanks man! I feel dumb but very appreciative.
  5. I was trying to figure out how to reach the fuses under the driver side dash when I noticed, directly behind the airbag a trigger-shaped lever. I included photos. Does anyone know what this thing does?
  6. wharriso

    No Heat

    At this point, I think the problem must be a fuse. You can drive this car around in the cold and it will stay warm inside the passenger area even if there is not heat blowing. It appears that the heater core is warm, it is just not blowing heat. I changed the blend door actuator on the passenger side but while there was no blend door, I started the car and both sides were blowing slightly warm air. After installing the new blend door, things went back to the way the were, indicating to me that no power is getting to that blend door. So now I am going through the painful process of checking every fuse in sight and trying to reach fuses that are not in sight. Does anyone know if there is some kind of HVAC reset that can be done to maybe recycle the system?
  7. wharriso

    No Heat

    I drained and re-filled the coolant from my 2017 Lincoln MKZ several months ago and did not know I had a heat problem till yesterday because it was so warm outside till now. The hoses are hot on both sides of the heating hoses going into the firewall so I figured the heater core must have coolant in it. When I turn the heat all the way up, the driver side blows slightly warm air while the passenger side blows cool air. I thought about blend doors so I put my hand on the passenger blend door while moving the temp from low to high but I see no movement and I feel no motor activity. Is there a fuse that could be blown that controls this? I have no idea what could be causing this. Thanks in advance. BTW, I don't think its a blower motor because there hear that running and I can adjust the speed, it just blows cold air.
  8. wharriso

    All Windows and Sunroof Open

    Yes, with further research I found exactly what you are saying. Wife was mad at me thinking I was just irresponsible and left everything open while it was probably her with all that junk in her pocketbook. Thank you so much!
  9. Yesterday evening, I checked coolant, topped it off, closed the hood then locked the doors. This morning, I go to the car and see all the windows open and the sunroof open. How could this happen? Is there a combination on the remote that can do this? Could someone have done it from the keypad? It makes no sense to me.
  10. wharriso

    No "walk up" Lights

    Yes, I do get the "low battery" warning from time to time, I just never equated it to what was happening with the Welcome Lights. We are going to take it on an 80 mile round trip on Saturday, hopefully that will resolve the issue.
  11. wharriso

    No "walk up" Lights

    I just tried it and the lights work now. I believe it has to do with the battery though. When I reconnected it, after working just fine before I disconnected it, I had to jump it to start the car. These Lincolns need lots of power. My wife drives this car to her job 2 or 3 times a week and its only like 1 mile away. I guess it just has not had time to get a full recharge. I am trying to avoid buying another battery. Hopefully, we can get this thing on the road to give this battery a full charge. Thanks for your advice!
  12. wharriso

    No "walk up" Lights

    So I had the battery disconnected in my 2017 Lincoln MKZ for several months. After I finally reconnected the battery, I noticed the car no longer lights up when I approach it. Since I don't know what the feature is called I cannot look it up in the owner's manual. Does anyone know what that feature is called or how to set it?
  13. wharriso

    Mystery Connector

    Hi Guys! So the driver's side seat heater stopped working and I removed the 4 bolts, disconnected and reconnected the heating/cooling/fan assembly and that actually fixed it! But while I was under there, I found a connector that was just laying there. I cannot tell if I accidentally disconnected something or if it was always disconnected. Does anyone recognize this connector? Thanks in advance!