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  1. Well, it took Ca DMV nearly 15 weeks to get them done, but I finally got my plates. My screen name/car name has always been Black Ice LSC for my Mark VIII's and now Black Ice MKZ for this car but there were no good combinations available so the wife said "get BAD MKZ" because your car is BAD ASS! ( she loves my car almost as much as I do). Leave it to DMV to make them wrong (there should be a full space between the D and the M so the Z is closer to the right edge but oh well...after 15 weeks, I aint sending them back. My OCD is killing me though!) who else has some personalized vanity plates? lets see 'em! here they are:
  2. Black Ice MKZ

    Gas door

    I had mine repaired under warranty....they called it the "fuel door pocket". I also had my embedded modem replaced under warranty/recall as a "field service action". The steering wheel bolt was performed at the same time. The only hassle was the 2 trips to the dealer and getting a Lincoln loaner. I asked for a MKZ if available but ended up with a MKX... all -in- all it was hassle free, they detailed the car(more than just a wash) and the service manager and I bonded so future visits should become easier should the need arise. I am a service manager myself so I easily understood his methods...
  3. Black Ice MKZ

    Black Ice MKZ's ride

    Big Vin!..man it's great to see you here...I feel all alone like I jumped ship and landed on this island...and suddenly I hear a familiar voice. let see that bad boy!!! Welcome brother...
  4. Black Ice MKZ

    2017 3.0 at the dragstrip

    very impressive. As an addicted drag racer myself, I am tempted to take my '15 V6 AWD out just to bracket race on our weekly venue (Sonoma raceway) at sea level. Sadly, since I've owned 10 second cars, our latest was a low 11-second s-10, and I tune a 9 second Camaro, running my slow street car just for "fun" just doesnt do it for me. if my '15 ran 12.xx (anything in the 12's) I might consider it, but it's a 15 second (yawn) car so... thanks for sharing...that car boogies.
  5. Black Ice MKZ

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    $1499...YOWSA!...Think I'll wait a few years and buy a used 2017 TT AWD for that price!
  6. Black Ice MKZ

    SYNC2 to SYNC3 upgrade

    that looked easy....I know me...I'd break every tab and have endless rattles for the eternity of my ownership no matter how cautious I am. approx cost of the kit?
  7. Black Ice MKZ

    Continue to impress

    personally I like the 6 speed over a 8 speed. if the current 6 speed seems like it doesn't know how to shift right, imagine how it would feel with 2 more gears. 8 speeds just seem to constantly feel like you're on and off the throttle. At least all the 8 speeds I have driven do. Ford isn't known for their legendary transmissions in a positive way, that's for sure. Hope you get to enjoy your new baby soon. BTW, your salesman wouldn't happen to be Skip would it?
  8. Black Ice MKZ

    Black Ice MKZ's ride

  9. Black Ice MKZ

    Black Ice MKZ's ride

    recent hi-res photos:
  10. Black Ice MKZ

    Shocked a Hemi today!

    I too am a little surprised about the mid-range acceleration. 3.7 AWD here. It doesn't drive like a fast car when just walking on the throttle, but when you "ask"....it delivers.
  11. Black Ice MKZ

    2017 MKZ 3.0T AWD 400HP Borla PRO XS Installed

    GREAT post! Thanks for the info. I have always updated my exhaust on many of my previous cars except the last one (Grand marquis) as the main reason I settled in with a large boat was I was tired of always "modifying/hot-rodding" my cars (a person problem, I know). I swore I'd leave it stock except for tint and stereo...and I did....but after 18 months, this hot-rodder got BORED....so, enter my '15 MKZ 3.7 AWD. I love the car, but know deep down, I will add exhaust....just still new to the car and unfamiliar with what options are out there, and who I'd trust to do it. I am so glad I saw this thread. Thank you.
  12. Black Ice MKZ

    RCA jacks in console

    Can someone tell me what the red, yellow and white RCA style ports are for in the center arm rest of my 2015 MKZ? I recognize them as the same audio/video jacks on gaming consoles and television sets but what do they do/what can one connect to them in the MKZ? EDIT: I used search...I get it....only works when in PARK to display video/audio form an outside source (gaming console, cam-corder, etc) I also understand one can "hack" the system to get it to work while in gear/motion MODERATORS, feel free to DELETE this thread as I failed.
  13. Black Ice MKZ

    What Items are included when buying a New MKZ

    April 14 was date of purchase. 1) I understand the "recall" being a safety issue. I listed the Modem as a "field service action" and as a CPO vehicle with plenty of factory warranty, according to Lincoln, BOTH items should have been taken care of before the car was sold. I am not complaining, just "wishing" they were taken care of while the car was AT THE DEALER prior to my or anyone's arrival. They had the car listed FOR SALE for over 2 months...plenty of time to perform a SAFETY recall as well as a FIELD SERVICE ACTION. The car came with a "check list" of all the items inspected and repaired by that dealership when they took the car in from a lease return. On that check list is "recalls/warranty repairs"...and the box checked is N/A The date on the check list is Feb 2018, so I understand them not knowing about the recall yet...however, I "wish" the re-checked prior to SALE. Being a Lincoln dealer, I am SURE they received many vehicles in for the recall,so they had to have known about it. One would think they would have checked their own inventory of used cars for sale, especially a CPO... I am going to contact the sales department and ask if there is anything they can do for me to get the problem resolved IF my local dealer is not willing to offer a loaner since finding time and a ride to get the car in for these items is not going to be easy for me. The selling dealer is 70 miles away. My local dealer is 15 miles away. The selling dealer's service department is open on Saturdays, my local dealer is not. If they cannot, so be it...but I'll at least ask.
  14. Black Ice MKZ

    What Items are included when buying a New MKZ

    Not sure what you are "entitled to" when buying a CPO, but I just bought my CPO 2015 and not only did it come with EVERYTHING as if it were new, the salesman offered his time to introduce me to EVERYTHING and how it works. There was even a form I had to read and sign stating as a CPO buyer, that offer was included in the sale. After about 10 minutes of him showing me the Sync/Touch system, I excused him...I WANTED TO DRIVE!!! I went home and read a lot of the literature. -premium floor mats -trunk net -2 key fobs -keyless entry door combination -NAV SD card -walk-around tutorial and check list that everything was working The disappointment was that there were no listed "open recalls" on the vehicle but when I got home and registered the car online at Lincoln, I received 2 notices: 1)steering wheel recall 2) embedded modem service action Sadly, my car was at a Lincoln dealership offered for sale for 2 months yet they failed to perform the recalls. Anyway, mine is a 2015 CPO V6 AWD Reserve with technology package...pretty much every option except panoramic roof and Black Label. Good luck in your shopping...and enjoy the LIncoln experience...My delaership treated me like I was buying a Rolls Royce..no games, no haggling, fair trade-in offer and was in and out in less than 2 hours.
  15. I had no idea that the Sync system could be updated for older versions to accept Apple CarPlay. I have a 2015 and would also like to know more info if anyone has it.