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  1. Recently upgraded SYNC to version 3.10 (at the dealer) for my 2015 MKZ which works just fine. Thinking about upgrading my navigation software from A5 to A8 now. Wondering if A8 runs OK and if anyone else has done this to a 2015 MKZ and if it runs OK.
  2. UPDATE: My 2015 did have an issue with the direct injection system. I was told it was common for the 2015's to have "kinked" lines that cause the system to not get enough fuel, making it work a little harder than it should. The fact that it's working harder is where the louder noise is coming from. They replaced the kinked lines, and even insulated it to add an extra layer of sound damping. The ticking sound I was hearing in the cabin while at an idle is now gone.
  3. I'm taking it in to the dealer tomorrow for some other maintenance and they have some '15's on the lot, I will listen to them and see if they sound like mine. thanks for the info!
  4. Bought 2015 AWD MKZ 2.0 used with 40K. Has a ticking sound, dealer told me it was normal it was the fuel pump doing what it's supposed to be doing. Seems like it's more noticeable than it should be though. Is this just how the car is or should I press the dealer to look at it again...
  5. My dots stay on for a long time also... what do you mean "cycling the locks and the "door lights" switch in the upper console a few times?" I want to try that!
  6. My 2015 MKZ has two small white lights that stay illuminated all the time over the rear seats. I know that when you wave your hand over them, the brighter dome light(s) come on and off, but these two small white lights stay on all the time... even when I'm driving, when the car is off, all the time. Is this normal?