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  1. hrlinc

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Livernois 93 tune and General Altimax tires.
  2. hrlinc

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Just the Livernois 93 performance tune.
  3. hrlinc

    Livernois Tune Times...

    Hi all, I had my 2017 3.0TT at the "local" track yesterday for Black Friday Test/tune. ($20.00 to race!). It was about 35*F so perfect for turbos. I ran 12.49 at 109, 12.61@108.5, and 12.83@106.5. first two were my fastest ever. Attached is the best one. So run 'em when you can! Lots of surprised reactions when I run. Regards, HRLinc
  4. hrlinc

    Clunky Shifting & "Dead" Spot

    I had it in to the dealer for the same thing. Said they could not duplicate it. Almost inferred I was the issue. Sometimes I hit the gas from stop and nothing happens, just slow forward motion. Pretty dangerous potentially.
  5. Speaking of Fusion Sports, I got into a highway jam with one yesterday. My closing and passing of him proved I made the wiser choice in models😁
  6. Thanks for the responses. I will update on the new heads. Hopefully good enough to keep car long term. other voices tell me car is jinxed, move on. Too nice though. Can't wait to reapply Livernois tune and go faster in quarter mile:) Hrlinc
  7. Hi all, I have posted over the past year the various issues with my 3.0 turbo as has Zalvern. Right now my heads are being replaced at the local dealer. Should have it back this week. Also, have posted quarter mile times at various times. Neither has gotten much response. Thought these were both important subjects, one good one bad, but no few if any replies. I'll keep you posted whether interested or not. Good to have that knowledge base. Cheers, HRLINC
  8. I too have joined the ranks of bad engine/cylinder heads owners. After a third time of blinking CEL the dealer was finally able to confirm that my cylinders heads need replacing. I believe the code was P0306 (misfire). One week after running a 12.75 @110. Oh well. hopefully this cures the problems incurred in 30k miles. PS. nav froze touchscreen too; to add a kick while down
  9. hrlinc

    Tuned 3.0 at the drag strip

    Opened in the 60's Great Meadows. Small family run place. Used to go to Raceway Park but they surprised people this year by suddenly closing down the strip.
  10. hrlinc

    Tuned 3.0 at the drag strip

    Ran at Island Dragway in NJ this past Sunday. Temps in the mid 80's with matching humidity. Best time attached. Slowest wast 13.1. Thought the times were good considering weather.
  11. Sorry to hear. Maybe start fresh with a 2018?
  12. hrlinc

    Livernois tune for 3.0TT MKZ

    All, I will confirm with Zalvern that the 93 aggressive tune does more hurt than help. I posted earlier about my experience. I went with the 93 tune. At the track the shifting isn't noticeable. Sometimes when accelerating from a toll booth for instance, I will get a big bog and the traction control light will go on. No idea why, but can guess that the AWD system is being stupid. BTW I ran yesterday in NJ in 95 degree heat. Ran 13.39 to 13.53, so heat has big effect. In winter, 12.72 was a best run with 93 tune.
  13. Final result is the dealer couldn't find anything wrong. They had the car a week. Drove it around no CEL or stumbles. Drained oil and saw no loss. Spoke with Ford hotline and followed there advisories. No luck. Did not check plugs as they had no DTC or symptoms to go there. So I've had it back for a little over a week and nothing abnormal is noted. Best part was the loaner was a Continental Reserve with my powertrain. Nice car!
  14. I was given a Continental Reserve as well yesterday when the valet came to my job and picked up my car. Talked to the service advisor about the TSB 17-2235 and concerns that they may think that replacing a sensor or two may not be the end all fix.