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  1. Hello mkultra I went with infinity speakers and tweeters all around on my 2014 MKZ you can check some of the pics on my showroom.
  2. Izzy3906

    Grey Goose Project

    Looking good
  3. Yes it will. I know there is one who has a 2017 MKZ in this forum that has the Borla Mufflers.
  4. Great job. I also did this mod to my MKZ and really think this FCIM is way much better than the older one.
  5. Hello MKZlan I have a 2014 2.0 and I added two Borla Pro XS mufflers 40358 and a Vibrant Resonator17930 and it gave my MKZ a unique tone to it which I am pleased with. Hope you find what you want.
  6. Izzy3906

    My new adopted 4 year old Lync...

    Congrats enjoy it.
  7. Izzy3906

    My new 2017 Hybrid MKZ in Nashville, TN

    Welcome and congrats enjoy it.
  8. Izzy3906

    Purchased a used 2017 MKZ Reserve over the weekend

    Welcome and congrats enjoy it.
  9. Izzy3906

    Izzy's Showroom

    These are hydro dip film and I search them on eBay. There are videos on how to hydro dip on YouTube if your interested.
  10. Feel free to checkout some pics in my showroom just in case some pics can give you some ideas. By the way great looking MKZ.
  11. Izzy3906

    Backup cam

    This is what your radio would look like in the back. The only possible way I could think off if you have the wiring diagram to see if any of those pins is an input for a cam.
  12. Izzy3906

    Purge Valve Solenoid Location 2012

    Have you tried looking it up with Ford Fusion.
  13. Something like this. But these are 12's.
  14. Izzy3906

    Grey Goose Project

    Definitely like the wheels ☺️
  15. Izzy3906

    Sync 3 from a Ford F-350

    This is what I found for the steering wheel I have the A where the asterisk is. Also using your VIN number in this website https://www.motorcraftservice.com/AsBuilt you can get your AS BUILT for your car to verify. If your using Forscan just remember to back up what you have now before any changes.