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  1. Welcome and congrats, enjoy your MKZ.
  2. Izzy3906

    Vanity/personalized license plates

    Looks great, original. Have you thought about replacing the frame for all chrome without the phone number and dealer name.
  3. Izzy3906


    For some reason this pic looks nice, like mysterious all alone in a parking lot.
  4. Izzy3906

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Thanks for the info and hope it isn't any time soon.
  5. Izzy3906

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Question on the SD map card. Will Ford/Lincoln ever stop producing these SD card for are vehicles that needs these SD cards.
  6. Izzy3906

    2017 3.0T AWD mpg update

    I drive most of the time around the city of Killeen TX except when I have VA appointments then I drive to Temple TX and right now I average around town 21.2 MPG. Its a 2014 2.0 and built date is 8/13 and it has 30782 miles. I use 93 octane.
  7. Izzy3906


    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new 18 MKZ, enjoy it. How about some pics of it.
  8. Izzy3906

    Subwoofer install

    Found another 24 pin like the first one but different pin order. Pin 18 WH/GN Positive Left Rear Pin 6 BN/YE Negative Left Rear Pin 17 BN/WH Positive Right Rear Pin 5 BN/BU Negative Right Rear Hope this help.
  9. Izzy3906

    Subwoofer install

    Check if one of these connectors looks like the one in your radio and look at the pins to see if there the same.
  10. Izzy3906

    Subwoofer install

    How many speakers does your MKZ has is it seven including tweeters and center speaker.
  11. Izzy3906

    Subwoofer install

    I really couldn't tell you that but if your MKZ does not have the OEM AMP you can just check the speakers and those should be the same wire colors coming from your head unit. Hope this could help.
  12. Hello Chicho, If you really want an MKZ don't rush yourself to it keep looking online like in auto trader or cars.com and you will find what you really want. Sometimes it just takes time. Good luck on your search.
  13. Izzy3906

    Pulled the trigger, 2017 3.0t awd

    My Doctor told me I was allergic to cemeteries so I always try not to pass near one.
  14. Yes, but on the right side mirror you might have to grind down the plastic inside the mirror a bit. Check out post #1