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  1. Izzy3906

    Joined the 3.0t MKZ Team

    Congrats and enjoy it.
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    Today's service loaner

    Congrats Chief7 enjoy it.
  3. Izzy3906


    Very nice
  4. Izzy3906

    Devin's 2017 MKZ

    I think it would look good if you dechrome it. Would it be something you can reverse if you don't like it? If you leave the grill chrome I would also leave the door handle chrome too.
  5. Hello, Benvargo I might be able to help out send me a message. Also, post some pics to see if you need anything else.
  6. Izzy3906

    2009 MKZ radio upgrade

    Looks sweet 👍
  7. Lucky there was no one else on the next lane.
  8. Izzy3906

    Keyless entry code

    This video might help.
  9. Hi Izzy, I've been skimming through the forums looking for information in regards to installing aftermarket subs to my 2018 MKZ Revel system. I've noticed you have quite the experience in this very topic and wanted to ask some questions that I'm hoping you could help answer. I'm looking at an AudioControl amp that has speaker level inputs to tie into the rear 6x9s as I'm keeping everything else factory (I may replace the factory door speakers in the future). I just had two questions;


    1. I've read/heard that when adding subs/additional power to the factory system that the ANC (Active Noise Control) will cause all kinds of humming and such through the subs, what is your experience with the ANC in tapping into the 6x9s for subs?


    2. What is the best way to tap into the 6x9s, in the trunk and disconnect the 6x9s completely and just run those wires to the speaker level input on the amp? or is there a way to keep the 6x9s working?



    Thank you ahead for any advice you can provide.

    1. Izzy3906


      Hello SeeSomeRs84 you can connect straight to the wires from the 6x9 and you should not have any issue, you can also leave the 6x9 connected.  Which audio control your getting.


      If you have any questions just let me know.

    2. SeeSomeRs84


      I am planning on getting the LC-1.800 monoblock. So would you suggest I attach additional speaker wire from the 6x9s + and - terminals and run those to the speaker level inputs on the amps? That way I don't unsleeve any factory wires to keep it as stock a possible.

    3. Izzy3906


      Yes,  make sure to put negative with negative and positive with positive.

  10. Izzy3906

    New MKZ'er here

    Congrats on your new MKZ and welcome to the forum.
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    Older but still pretty nice

    Congrats on your MKZ.
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    AWD for winter driving - new purchase

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase.
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    Proud New Member!!!

    Congrats enjoy it.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    New Member

    Welcome to the forum Enjoy your MKZ