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  1. Izzy3906

    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Great video. The person who left you that negative comment must be the other guys cousin trying to defend him with no reason.
  2. Izzy3906

    Weighed my MKZ today

    That color looks great.
  3. Izzy3906

    Out to dinner

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner.
  4. Izzy3906

    Automatic settings?

    My 2014 turns the AC on remote start when hot days and the heather on when cold days, same with the seats. So I imagine it is the same with all MKZ's using remote start. Unless I am wrong.
  5. Izzy3906

    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Your Mkz looks great with those wheels.
  6. Izzy3906

    New Owner - 2017 MKZ 3.0 AWD

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your new MKZ.
  7. Izzy3906


    Congrats on your MKZ, it looks really good enjoy it.
  8. Izzy3906

    parking for 2.5 weeks

    Have fun on your trip and safe travel.
  9. Izzy3906

    New Owner!

    Hello SAH62 welcome to the forum and enjoy your new MKZ.
  10. Izzy3906

    2019 Due ?

    Looks Good. Now where ever you park it would be recognize by everyone you know HAHA.
  11. Izzy3906

    Izzy's Showroom

    Yes, when you open the trunk and look under there are two plastic tabs one on each corner pull them out and the liner is then hold by Velcro just pull the liner down and you will see the 6X9. Let me know if you need anything else.
  12. Izzy3906

    Welcome to the Lincoln MKZ Forum

    Welcome and enjoy your MKZ.
  13. Izzy3906

    2019 Due ?

    Congrats on your new MKZ enjoy it and now for some pics.😊
  14. On the alternator the way I know if is bad or good is with the vehicle on disconect the negative side of the battery if the vehicle stays on it has a good alternator which means it is charging. If the vehicle dies you have a bad alternator.