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  1. jgatto

    Headlight swap?

    Thanks bbf. lex, I had a small window of opportunity to swap them with mine and it wasn’t something I could have risked getting the lights out just to find out it wouldn’t work and then have to put everything back together. I needed my car the following day and having no headlights wasn’t an option. Lol.
  2. Would anyone happen to know if it’s possible to swap standard 2017-18 headlight housings with the optional led headlight housings without any rewireing? I mean obviously the headlight has the same form factor but I’m not sure if the connections will be the same. So the headlight on the right is the standard housing and the one on the left is the optional housing.
  3. I never heard it in my previous 4 MKZs but I do hear it in my current one (2.0 2017) however I also hear it in my buddy’s 2018 3.0. Unfortunately I have no idea what it is.
  4. jgatto

    Performance Tweaking an MKZ

    I have a 17 2.0 AWD. Got a Livernois tune. Just loaded the 89 octane boost last night. It has 87, 89, 91 and 93 tunes. I figured I'd try in stages. Haven't been able to open it up yet. Yesterday I drove home in bumper to bumper traffic and I could feel a noticeable difference but couldn't get enough space on the road to really play. I'll keep you posted.
  5. jgatto

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    Sorry man. I missed this. Better late than never though. I have a little bit of an issue on one street turning into a side entrance to my development where there's no street lights. I'm always worried someone might be walking there so I put the window down a little for safety. Other than that I'm all good.
  6. jgatto

    2015 MKZ

    Loved these wheels. I'd like to grab a set for my new Z.
  7. jgatto

    Taillight Project

    Hey Brent, Is that tint on your lightbar? Want to do this but not sure who to contact yet. I see you did the rear quaters too so it's all uniform. Nice touch. Thanks, John
  8. jgatto

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    Thanks guys. I tried to take pics in different angles with different light but they really don't do it justice. They look so much better in person. Not sure what the process is. I'm assuming they are sprayed similar to how they would paint the body. Any thoughts on smoking the taillight bar? Yes or don't mess with it?
  9. jgatto

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    Ok so I had them done a color called Magnetic which is a grey with a metal flake. Haven't had it all washed up yet. When it's detailed and sunny I'll take more pics but here's what it looks like now. Sorry I can't get the last pic to not post upside down.
  10. jgatto

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    I have a guy that sprays wheels. Should I go black gloss, gunmetal gloss or natural? They look unfinished and I didn't particularly like the black and silver ones you can get.
  11. jgatto

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    15 all the way around.
  12. jgatto

    Badge Removal

    No studs. Just heat and floss.