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  1. Blackbr

    What’s your next car?

    With my next car I’m going for features. Or I can have luxury, probably not both. It bugs me that Luxury makers force you into expensive options or packages that cheaper makers give you standard. Recently ive driven a loaded accord hybrid and I rented a loaded Altima. Both drove nice and had adaptive cruise and lane centering. Similarly equipped that’s a $50k Nautilus or $47k Corsair. drove the Arteon recently too. Didn’t like it. Too expensive for a car that didn’t feel premium at all. 10 more months...
  2. Blackbr

    What’s your next car?

    My wife and I will drive 7 hours to our cabin with our cats. They hate the car ride, they are smart enough to know we are packing for the cabin, and they make themselves scarce... the little cat is a master hider. Our larger cat perches himself in my lap and drapes his front paws over my right forearm the entire trip (I’m driving). I know I should get carriers for them... should...
  3. Blackbr

    What’s your next car?

    I drove the Nautilus recently and was highly impressed. Equipped how I’d want though the Nautilus would price out at least 10k above my MKZ so I don’t know if that will fly. I could get an Edge with nearly all the features I’d want in the Nautilus for around 40k, but that would feel like a step down from my MKZ. Drove an S60 Volvo T6 Momentum and was not impressed. I can’t really articulate why, although it was plenty quick it sounded like driving a VW Beetle. I’ll give it another chance in Inscription or R trim next time. Im anxious to try the Arteon as a poor man’s A7 but you can’t get it with lane centering (just lane assist which ping pongs you when you hit a marker). I’m also to see what sedan Acura will be showing soon, I’ve had two TLs and enjoyed them both.
  4. Blackbr

    What’s your next car?

    I’m at the halfway point of my 39 month lease of a 2017 MKZ, a car I am enjoying very much. In two years I don’t see a new model being available. The Continental is a great car but I don’t see leasing a well equipped one for my desired payment. I don’t want an SUV so I expect to defect from a Lincoln. I have met my local Volvo dealer and will test drive the S60 (my front runner) once they get them. The Genesis G70 is intriguing but I prefer more overt luxury cars. Might drive Lexus ES too, but that runs a little larger and has godawful infotainment. What suits your fancy?
  5. I bought the 4 with FWD. No regrets.
  6. Blackbr

    2019 Due ?

    2019 build and price tool is up. New copper paint looks cool.
  7. Blackbr

    Waze and Sync3

    Another strange thing that happened, don’t know if it’s connected. Drove car last night without my phone plugged in. Wasn’t using sync 3 navigation, but the system was not able to accurately pinpoint my location. Rebooting the system (press and hold audio power and fast forward buttons until system restarts) fixed the problem.
  8. Blackbr

    Waze and Sync3

    Thanks, finally got it working, but followed the above directions after my trip. Drove from Ohio to Wisconsin using Waze in my MKZ. It routed us creatively through Chicago and saved our bacon in Janesville WI where there had been a big accident. The app crashed once, had to restart. Adding alerts (police, etc.) didn’t work. The system kept telling me I was creating too many alerts when in reality I only pushed the button once. It was as if I had pressed it six times because I had to push close on the alert details screen six times to get it to close. I just gave up. I’m not an experienced Waze user but it did a great job for me. I’ve had great success with Sync 3 XM traffic and Apple CarPlay maps though too.
  9. Blackbr

    Waze and Sync3

    Waze is allegedly integrated. I have Version 3 and can see Waze as an available app. Yet when I click it endlessly spools Waiting for Device. The Waze app on my phone is locked for my safety when plugged into usb. What do I do?
  10. Blackbr

    Waze and Sync3

    Waze is allegedly integrated. I have Version 3 and can see Waze as an available app. Yet when I click it endlessly spools Waiting for Device. The Waze app on my phone is locked for my safety when plugged into usb. What do I do?
  11. I’ve got version 3 and waze but haven’t looked to see if this feature is enabled on my car. I’m very impressed with XM traffic rerouting so I don’t even have CarPlay turned on as I like the sync 3 interface.
  12. Why wouldn’t it be called the Zephyr?
  13. http://autoweek.com/article/car-news/ford-fusion-production-rumored-be-moving-china
  14. I read autopsies.com and thetruthaboutcars.com daily, and have read this on both sites.
  15. Production of the Fusion is moving to China and Ford’s CEO has said that Chinese Fusions will not be imported into the US. Thus implying that the US won’t be getting any Fusions. Sure sedan sales are down (at least until gas prices skyrocket again), but I can’t believe the Fusion wasn’t successful enough to warrant continued availability in the US. I had a 2014 and thought it was a great car. What does this mean for our Zephyr?