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  1. Our 2017 MKZ is getting a new engine thanks to this TSB. Unfortunately, it seems like Ford doesn't know what's causing the issue and the replacement engine could be subject to the same issue. There was just over 48,000 miles on the engine when my wife mentioned the check engine light. I scanned the code which was P0302, misfire on cylinder 2. I cleared it to see if it would come back and sure enough it did. I contacted my dealer and they were booked for over a month. Since the car seemed fine other than the occasional rough idle, my wife kept driving. After a few weeks, she noticed it getting worse. I took it out of the garage and noticed lots of white smoke coming from the pipes. Dealer said they could NOT send someone to pick it up because of the issue, so she took it in. On the way, it over heated, but she made it. Dealer called to tell me about the TSB and it would be a few weeks until we get the new engine. We have a nice MKX as a loaner until then. Anyone have any insight into this issue or have had this happen? Our biggest concern is the replacement engine having the same problem. We might be trading it for something else once we get it back.
  2. merlot

    Lincoln MKZ First Week Impressions

    A little late to the party, but I have issues with the seats as well. Coming from a 2012 Volvo S60, which had the most comfortable seats I had the pleasure to sit in, these a bit of a let down. Initially, on the extended test drive, they felt great (I wish I saved that position), but I have noticed they put pressure on the outside middle of my back (lower lats). After a bit of investigation, I think the seats are a bit narrow for me. I compared them to my 2013 VW CC, which are very comfy and quite supportive, and noticed they are about an inch and a half narrower between the bolsters. I fit perfectly between the CC's bolsters, with less than half an inch lateral movement. So my back is resting on top of the bolsters in the MKZ. Since this is my wifes daily driver, I only drive it on weekends, random errands, and family drives. Every time I drive, I slightly change the seat position and save it to memory. I've been continually tweaking and have found a spot which seems to have improved the situation. The true test will be our 9+ hour drive to Maine this summer. I'll be driving the whole way. Despite the seats, I love this car! Ours is Velvet Black with Terracotta/Ebony interior. The panoramic roof is fantastic!