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  1. 2013MKZ

    Black '13 with blacked out grille...thoughts?

    I would do the slats black but leave the surrounding chrome... saw one like that when I was looking for mine and really thought it looked sharp!
  2. 2013MKZ

    New guy - from Europe

  3. 2013MKZ

    2014/13 MKZ wheels and tinting

    gloss black or a dark charcoal for my vote...
  4. I have mine done, 50% Laminix. Had my window tint guru do it. https://s9.postimg.org/x2bqavsm7/tint_1.jpg https://s13.postimg.org/brsnbq8o7/tint_2.jpg
  5. 2013MKZ

    2016 mkZ GETTING 15.3 mpg???

    Wow! I am at 15k miles and average 19.2mpg (95% city/5% highway) untuned and 20.4 tuned with the same driving mix. There has to be something wrong...
  6. 2013MKZ

    New guy - from Europe

  7. 2013MKZ

    DIY plasti dipped grille

    Looks great, did the same thing a few weeks after I picked mine up...
  8. 2013MKZ

    Billet Grille

    No idea why but I can't add pictures via a link (like PostImage) but below are links to some pictures of mine with a blacked out grille. Can of PlastiDip and some time to tape and mask the front end... https://s27.postimg.org/7ey3ust9v/IMG_3948.jpg https://s18.postimg.org/5czzgsc1l/IMG_3947.jpg
  9. 2013MKZ


    I wouldn't imagine there would be any hp/tq gains with a catch can. The main reason for a catch can is to get the oil blow by out of the incoming air in to the intake. I installed one on my 2.0 and get about a 1/4 cup of oil every six months out of it. As mentioned above the oil/air flowing through the PVC is then cycled back through the intake where it leaves oil deposits on the top side of the valves. Over time that will build up and will affect hp/tq.
  10. 2013MKZ

    2014 MKZ 3M Wrap

    That looks great!!!
  11. The rattle in the handle above your head may be the handle touching the plastic bolt cover below it. I popped off the plastic covers on mine and the rattling went away. I am sure you could use felt tabs as well to keep them from touching. As for the door skins I have attached some pics to show where I put the silicon. The arrows show where I put silicon on both sides of the plastic light and the circles are where I put silicon on the back side of the skin.
  12. Had the same issue... I went the drastic route and pulled all 4 door skins. mine was the plastic led light above the arm rest and the faux wood around the tweeter on each door. I took it apart and silicon'd everything and then put it all back together. No more rattles even when I crank up the bass!
  13. 2013MKZ

    I can't Unsee This

    Poor car... you should burn it to the ground to put it out of its misery...
  14. 2013MKZ

    2009 MKZ radio upgrade

    Welcome! I have purchased stereo upgrades from many sites including Crutchfield. In the end I usually buy through Amazon, Sonic Electronics or ABT due to lower prices. Shop the big box stores to see what you want and then research lower cost options online.
  15. 2013MKZ

    Does tune affect Sport mode?

    I went with an SCT tune through Unleashed Tuning. Torrie was great to work with and was very quick to respond.