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  1. dwonder

    Name of your MKZ

    Very clever name indeed :-) And congrats
  2. The last 2 months been having issues with the Bluetooth in my 2017 MKZ. It would cut in and out when listening to music from my phone. I thought it was because of a recent software update on the phone, a BlackBerry KEYone but I tried it my old BB Classic, which used to work fine, and it did the same thing So I finally had a reason to update from Sync 3 V2.0 to V3.0. I did it via WiFi and the problem still happened so I did a Master Reset of the Sync which I didn't think would work and it didn't So I finally took it to the dealer and they found that it was the API Module. They replaced it and now it's back to running perfectly. It was really gettin to be a headache. I realized just how important the stereo is in my car, lol. *Sorry if this has already been discussed, didn't see it when doing a quick search*
  3. dwonder

    2017 2.0 Recall

    Good post. I think I'll be affected for having the 2.0 Liter gas engine. I somehow dodged the steering wheel one. We'll see Pre-post EDIT: Mine was made in August 2016. Not affected
  4. Right. I stumbled onto the solution myself, lol. It was frustrating tryin to find the volume control. don't think that was a good idea to have it that way. But oh well
  5. dwonder

    Free car wash

    I got a card for 100 free washes when I got my 2017. On top of that, the guy that I worked with told me when I run out to let him know and he'll give me another card :-O I just hit 58. Just wondering if he will remember, lol
  6. dwonder

    Loose steering wheel recall

    I'm yet to get a recall letter or alert on my Lincoln Owner account for my 2017 MKZ. Hmm....
  7. dwonder

    First Road Trip

    A month ago I went to New Orleans (for WM34) and got about 28.5. I wanted 29 but there quite a few small hills. Around town I usually get 22, 23 if Im lucky. Sounds about normal.
  8. dwonder

    Dash Mat

    Is this for the 2017 / 2018 model? I ask because doesn't the sonar tint eliminate this possible problem? :-/
  9. dwonder

    Loose steering wheel recall

    Thankfully no, it doesn't feel loose at all. I just wouldn't want any surprises on about 24 hour trip back and forth. I've had "her" since August 2016. Not sure how long it would take before it became noticeable if it wasn't tightened all the way :-/ I'll definitely be keepin an eye on it until it's fixed
  10. dwonder

    Loose steering wheel recall

    Called my dealer a 2day and asked about it. Said they didn't have parts yet and said I should be getting a letter. Told him I'm due for a oil change and asked / insisted if they could give it a quick check until the parts came. He said that should be ok. I got a trip to New Orleans coming up (WM34) so I'm glad this came up, so I'm aware.
  11. dwonder

    Name of your MKZ

    It's been kinda quiet lately. Was wondering what / if people named their MKZ's? Mine is a black 2017 The car itself is named Maria. The name of the Sync 3 system is Gideon, like from Flash / Legends of Tomorrow ;-)
  12. dwonder

    Startup and Parking Sounds

    My 17 doesn't it too, maybe once a week. Was worried the first time I heard it but as long as it's workin ;-)
  13. dwonder

    Revel center speaker bump

    No problem. And sorry, unfortunately I don't. I was wanting to kno the speaker sizes myself. Like are the bigger ones 10's, middle ones 6x9's... I would think that info would be available somewhere but I couldn't find it anywhere
  14. dwonder

    Revel center speaker bump

    Good question, I would like to know too. As far as the location of the amp...according to this diagram I came across I believe its in the right rear area. http://lincolnmkzforum.com/uploads/monthly_07_2016/post-1897-0-03413700-1469734068.png
  15. Dang, that's a nice spot to have it. I don't like the BLIS on my 2017 cuz it's the same color as the blinker mirror light, not a good idea imo. If the color of one of them was different it would be better