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  1. MKZHybrid

    Ceramic Coating Beading

    Yeah. It helps by not allowing water and dust to stick as easily. It's not easy to apply but man, does it make a big difference.
  2. MKZHybrid

    Ceramic Coating Beading

    Here is the water effect on the CQuartz ceramic coating. https://vimeo.com/176310991
  3. MKZHybrid

    Taking Care Of Leather...

    I use Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner. It works very well.
  4. MKZHybrid

    Ceramic Coating

    I applied a ceramic coating, cQuartz, to my 2014 MKZ. I'm absolutely shocked at the shine and hydrophobic properties of this type of coating. I would recommend as long as you study it and do all the correct paint prep. My car is the Tuxedo Black Metallic and it really brings out the metal flakes, though the pictures don't really pic that up.