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  1. aceuvspades

    P0087 check engine code

    Thank you for the information. I will look into this further before trying to replace the sensor.
  2. I started getting a check engine light the other day. I would turn on my car and within a minute the engine would stall. Then I would turn the car back on and it would run normally from that point, although it showed the check engine light. I brought it in to Autozone this morning and they checked the check engine code and it came back as P0087. This code was not in their database for Lincoln cars, although some other car brands were showing that this is related to "Fuel Rail/System Pressure was too low". My internet searches show codes related to this as well. Has anyone else had issues with this code before? I have a 2013 MKZ with the Ecoboost engine. The one hit I got on this forum for the P0087 code said they replaced the fuel rail sensor and that fixed the problem. Autozone showed me a "Fuel injection Pressure Sensor" that they said might be the problem. Is that the same thing as the fuel rail sensor? Is that something that is pretty easy to change out for someone that doesn't work on cars too much? Thank you.
  3. I have a flat tire on my rear driver side of my 2013 MKZ 4cyl tech package 19" wheels. I cannot find the jack point to lift that wheel off the ground. The owners manual is vague enough that it didn't give me any help. Looking underneath I cannot find anything that looks like a jack point and feeling around nothing feels strong enough. Do I have to remove a panel or something to get to the jack point? thanks for your help.
  4. aceuvspades

    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    Sounds like good advice. Hopefully the Motorcraft will do me better. Thanks.
  5. aceuvspades

    Repeated Battery Dead Cell

    The first time it happened to the battery that was in the car when I bought it. The next two time it happened to batteries from O'Reilly Auto Parts, and it was not a cheap battery but I don't remember the specifics. So you're saying that a car cannot provide conditions to a battery that make it more likely for a dead cell to occur?
  6. I bought a 2013 MKZ just over two years ago. The battery has been dying with a dead cell every year. I just had it happen for the third time. With a dead cell you cannot even jump start it, it needs to be replaced. I have been able to get it replaced under warranty each time so cost isn't an issue (yet) but it is very inconvenient for your battery to die completely randomly and no way to drive until it is replaced. I asked the guy at the auto parts shop what causes dead cells and he said it is very rare and even said "one in a million" batteries will just get this problem. Considering I've had 3 batteries die from a dead cell in just over 2 years, I'm thinking the car must be causing this problem. Anyone else seen this problem or have any idea what could be causing it?
  7. Thanks for the information. I guessed that this update would work for my car, but the navigation update website made it just confusing enough I wanted to make sure. And knowing that the maps contain that strip of turnpike all the way down to I30 and going through Richardson is good enough. Thanks for taking the time to check that out for me.
  8. Does anyone know if the part # GM5T-19H449-AA is compatible with the 2013 MKZ? When you go through the lincoln gps map update website and put in the year and model as 2013 MKZ it takes you to this part # but then the list of compatible vehicles only says 2014-2015 MKZ. Also does anyone know (or could check) if the President George Bush Turnpike (190) in northeast Dallas county (TX) is included in the map? I have the 2013 map version and it is not there. That stretch of turnpike was probably opened around 2013 so I would assume 2016 maps would include it, but I would hate to pay as much as charged, even on eBay, and find out it is not there. Anyone have experience with these map updates from eBay and know how reliable they are? The screen shots I see on ebay look like official SD cards with the map updates, but I also read about people selling bad versions that could even be harmful to the system. Thanks.