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  1. My 2013 MKZ has the same problem. Ford dealer gave me a copy of Ford to dealer notice on this problem, which states it is considered "normal" after the car sits for a while. I'ts supposed to go away after you get the trans. hot. Mine didn't go away, it did lessen a little, but it still "bangs" into 3rd gear. Going to change ATF to see if it solves this problem.

    heated seats ok, but no cold seat!

    Even when they're on, they don't work for crap if it's a hot day

    Musty A/C smell

    I had this TSB performed on my 2013 for the same problem. Yet, it did NOT solve the problem as it stinks more now than before. I am starting to feel that the dealer never changed the evap and used Frigi-fresh instead! My car sits a lot without being driven, so I faithfully vent the doors and the roof while it's in the garage. It's either a bas design, or I got "flat-rated" at the dealer.

    platinum white metallic tri coat pain in the butt

    Hi, my car is the same way! No way the factory touch up matches the front fascia. I'm think about painting the whole thing instead of trying anymore touch up paint. The only paint that I have found CLOSE to it, is Mercedes code #50, then use the clear coat from the Ford tube. Still a "Mickey Mouse" fix!! Good luck. Joe

    '14 seats very uncomfortable?

    We have a 2013 MKZ and the seats are terrible! The seat cushion seems too short for the average person. Plus, the "A/C" function does not work as advertised.

    Cooled Seats

    Hello, my 2013 MKZ'S "cooled" seats do not work very well at all! If you are not sitting in them, they get "cool", but when your butt's on the seat, the only "cool" part is the area you aren't sitting in. I have tried removing the filters (which are discontinued) but they won't release from the housings, per the owner's manual instructions. Anybody have a tip on how to remove them? Also, is there a relay/timer or? that turns them on? The dash icon shows them on, but sometimes they don't turn on at all! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Calicojoe
  7. I have a 2013 MKZ with the 2.0 turbo. 55,000 miles. Had a problem with musty a/c smell, covered under warranty through a TSB. Love the car!!!!
  8. My 87' Taurus 3.0 has 492,000 and runs great!!