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  1. Rebel Racing

    Strange Touch Screen Issues--2014 MKZ

    Now, the past places on the GPS are gone. I have gone to the settings button but t will not go to the point of letting me see the master re-set. As more functions seem to be going away, I am wondering if the PCM is on the way out---is that possible??
  2. Rebel Racing

    Strange Touch Screen Issues--2014 MKZ

    No, I have both keys. I'll look in the book for the reset. Thanks!!
  3. Hi Guys, Weird things are happening on the settings page. I go to Vehicle icon, see: Ambient Light,Door Key Pad, Camera Setting, Valet Mode. I touch on any of them except Valet and all I get is the word and a blank screen--no option to change anything. The Wife tells me she gets a similar thing with phone related stuff also--call history and something with the messages. Everything was fine a few weeks ago and we are the only ones to drive it. No recent service or battery changes. Climate,sound, gps all seem fine. Is there a factory re-set or default setting I can go to?? My first thought is to disconnect the battery. Stumped.....thoughts??
  4. Rebel Racing

    Fram 3600......Will It Fit??

    Hi Guys, Working on a 2014 MKZ 2.0 car. Doing an oil change and have a Fram 3600 filer on the shelf. I know the book calls for a 3614 but will the 3600 fit?? It is longer I know so that is not a problem as long as there is clearance but what about the thread?? Thoughts??
  5. Rebel Racing

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    I'm sure that is how the E bay sellers sell them for under $50....that's the way I bought mine. I would assume that there is something security wise in the card that you would need to bypass in order to copy it ( which is WA beyond my 'puter skills) but once you break that, well, then they copy away. Just a thought.
  6. Rebel Racing

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    O.K. now I understand it. I saw a SD card in the glove box (A4 or 5, can't remember right now) and figured you would upload the info from the card and then remove it. Maybe that was the original card and a newer one will be in the slot--I'll look later today. I doubt it was updated but maybe I'll get lucky.
  7. Rebel Racing

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Sounds like that will do it for me then--Thanks!! Just curious, after I do the install, could I give the card to someone else or is it a one shot kind of deal thing??
  8. Rebel Racing

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Makes sense....I thought that would be too easy. So, with a A8 card, is it simply a matter of inserting it in the slot and it will read/install on it's own? Thanks!!
  9. Rebel Racing

    GPS Map Update '14 MKZ

    Hi Guys, Recently picked up a '14 MKZ. Want to update the GPS data base....my Dad just bought a '18 MKZ. Any chance that his SD card (I assume his came with one like ours) could be used to update ours?? I kind of doubt it but thought I'd ask. If that won't work, what does the dealership charge for an update--or is Amazon/Ebay an option?? Thanks!!
  10. Rebel Racing

    Best Screen Protector??

    HI Guys, Wondering who markets the best screen protector for our '14 MKZ. Thoughts??
  11. Rebel Racing

    2015 mustang convertible with mkz body

    Probably coming but, if they can pull over 400 hp out of a small mod motor now, what could they do if they decided to do a modern version of a big block??? 700hp/750tq N/A, well over 1000 hp with a small ammount of boost????.........they could not make CAFE numbers of course but I bet there are designers that could do it.
  12. Rebel Racing

    Wheel Damage Repair Options??

    Humm............ well I did see a reconditioned one on line for $155, maybe that is the way to go then.
  13. Rebel Racing

    Wheel Damage Repair Options??

    Mine is definitely chrome clad. I assume that it is not removable though. I'll talk to a buddy that works in a tire shop to see who they use for wheel repair. Thanks!!
  14. Rebel Racing

    Wheel Damage Repair Options??

    Hi Guys, Our 2010 has a damaged area on the optional 17" 9 spoke rim (see pic). It was there when we bought it so I have no idea how it occured. I haven't taken the time to see if the cover is removable or directly bonded to the rim (as has been suggested to me by someone). Besides trying to find a good used one, what are my options? Thanks!!
  15. Rebel Racing

    New 2010 MKZ Owner

    Thanks man....a lot of work and the occasional headache but a ton of fun though. Steve,