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    Went out for a trip in the MKZ and ended up haunting a hobby shop in the area, one with a pretty good selection of new and out-of-production model kits. Since Lincolns in model kit form have never really been abundant, I thought it was time to stock up and nabbed this trio. The recently-reissued AMT '65 Continental convertible, an '80's reissue of the (ex MPC) AMT/Ertl '28 Lincoln Sport Touring, and a 1979 issue of the MPC '27 Lincoln Locke roadster. Some of you who were around in the '60's might remember the '65 as an "annual" kit from AMT, while the '27 and '28 were part of MPC's "Gangbusters" line of kits from the early '60's. In the mid '80's AMT/Ertl took over MPC so some of the old MPC kits were re-released later on as AMT/Ertl kits, like the Sport Touring version I have. Being an annual (promo-based) kit, the '65 is somewhat simplified and crude in spots, but the '27 and '28 kits (which obviously share many components) are extremely well detailed, even by today's standards. Eventually I'll get around to building them. 🙂
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    You build a mean model car....very nice, although I'm not digging the Continental woody grocery getter!
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    Seat Heater/Cooler Failure

    Is this a car that you've had for a while? Or is it new to you? Did this happen to one side first, and then the second side? Most likely it means that the heating element is broken at some point, and it usually occurs in the seat pad element. The seat pad and back pads are connected by a wire in each seat. It happened in my 07 Fusion, drivers side seat bad had a spot where it burnt and the wire had separated. When turning it on, the light stayed on for two seconds, and then went out. This is a common heated seat element failure, in pretty much all makes. I pulled the seat, opened it up and found the burnt spot. I ordered a new seat pad and installed it, and it worked fine again.
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    Finally got around to cleaning up the 2015 I picked up in July. My wife and I really enjoy this car and the handling is better than I expected. Hi to everyone.