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    Small Update Mod

    WOW, that is pretty low for the dealer to do something like that. The upgrade looks great. Good luck getting the dealer to fess up and make it right.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Glad a part of my car will serve another well. I could easily say my car after I tackled its gremlins had good parts going for it. I used a quality cleaning agent for the leather to keep it fresh. The Aukey DR02 is a great deal for its price. I recommend getting OBDII Power switches and a dash cam hard wiring kit (though great for any dash cam really). This lets you choose when to turn on the camera (and leave it running as long you want) or off freely. It's also a good setup for Radar Detectors, as I use for my Uniden R3. If you have the rear powered sunshade, the rear camera unit will still allow it to work without the shade getting stuck. It was a big reason why I went with Aukey for my MKZ. I tried many other rear units and they were too fat or odd shaped to work with the rear powered sunshade. Not to mention, one of the only dual cam packages that have a 1080p rear recording unit (most others are 720p and resolution is better over FPS in my opinion). Immediately my suspicion and what all others family and friends have believed too. Trolling is one thing, but I decided to take this step to represent why dash cams help you against false claims. Especially when they just go full on dumb denial mode. Online or in reality. This special one is just spouting nonsense due to lack of understanding how traffic laws even work. He has never had a car and I doubt does even now, given his "blogging efforts". He is not a very bright individual when a few google efforts reveal much I need to know: Full real name, date of birth, and clear face shot along with life style which is how I learned such things. I mean dang, I don't do social media even though I have a leveled head about things yet this guy tries to stir the pot, butt naked with information! This is actually why I chose to blur his name out, and even then adept background hunters still could easily catch him. At this point if he dares, retaliates with a threat of any kind, I got myself a easy defense charge with law enforcement. Being online won't save at all if you're figured out. So I'll just bask in that knowledgeable delight. If he chooses poor actions and choices like his "friend did", he will suffer consequences too. This guy really is a poster example of your stereotype liberal-minded entitled millennial generation. Sad to say when I myself, am a part of his age bracket (I really relate better with Gen X minds). He wanted attention, and well he's got it! I would pity him if he didn't go slinging turd words around like a angry monkey (his original comment was actually more foul than the one I put in the video that he must of attempted to edit).
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    "You pulled out WAY TOO QUICKLY when you clearly didn't have the opportunity to." Um, what the hell does that even mean? You didn't have the chance to pull out, but you did. Huh? This is one of those guys that is just trying to stir the pot, for some reason. But, as I said in a previous post, you took the hit in the back. If you didn't, the person on your right might have been seriously injured from the truck. Think of it as saving someone's life. And can you put the guy's name up? If I happen to find him on a beach, I could always accidentally kick sand up one of the legs of his wet bathing trunks when he's lying down. 🤙
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I think it'll be kept down here in Lexington, KY once its verified as totaled and becomes a salvaged title. Parting out the Sync 3 module will probably be one of the few worthwhile things. Or those Fusion Sports who desire an MKZ IPC. By all means once I let it go, whatever parts help others is best sold off. Also I'm glad people came to and showed concern for me, and honestly...pursuing that kind of driver would be very dangerous. The potential drug addicts or who knows what that causes humans to behave so low is to be weary of. No matter how strong you are if you choose the good side of humanity living, some actions of vigilance have to tread carefully. This is someone who is mentally ruthless in their actions to continue on like that, and most likely has outstanding warrants that would already cave him in even if he stopped. It is best to leave the law enforcement because you don't know what kind of unknown crazy may happen trying to take them on (or chase them by vehicle). I am upset, but wouldn't want anyone else going after them that isn't going to have the law on their side. This incident happened in Lexington, KY because I'm down here for work. Kentucky laws for hit and run are nearly the same as Ohio's with hit and run (jail time though can be up to a year). I made the news as well, and will be certain my dash cam video will spread. Don't mind it really...I've spent much of my life being quiet. Because of that I opened up my videos even to public as I am on the news. Thank you all for the good wishes and yes, I am safe which is absolutely great. That whiplash still got me a bit sore but will recover with time. But it also crossed my mind...god, if there was a pedestrian on that sidewalk and in front of my car...even if you're innocent its a hurtful guilty conscience to have. I am glad no one else was hurt. As for if I get another MKZ...well...it's hard. Even if I can get a 2019 brand new to start over, being a car guy its...it did have some soul. I might brand drift because of that, but there is still time to figure it out. If I do seriously move on from the Lincoln platform I'll have a classifieds section of what parts I do have left over. Only thing I'm going to go get off the car is that Ford Performance Throttle Body.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Hopefully, they'll locate this low-life soon. In OH, leaving the scene of an accident is a 1st-degree misdemeanor. Probably has no insurance or license either. Good. In NY, it's only a moving violation if there are no injuries or fatalities.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    After having such great service and repair done to my 2017 Lincoln MKZ Black Label, it has all come to a end for this car. First is my Dash Camera's POVs which I copied time wise when they are to start. Pardon the profanity but I lost it knowing what happened. More so screamed in anger than in pain as I am okay and well. Only air bag that did deploy is the one underneath the steering column which protected my legs. Created a more awareness style video to counter a degenerate comment: https://youtu.be/UqH9gBRjUNE Get a dash cam. Before anything else. There are good people, and there are bad people. This is a world we have to stand up for ourselves. This last photo pains me the most, when it says "goodbye". But thank you MKZ as I really did walk away safe and sound.