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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    He is serving jail time for the actions, and at this point I have no input in regards to his future but I know him hitting me wasn't intentional, which is an important factor on how to judge a person. The foolish mistake was just leaving me there, and that applies to anyone. Honestly what was messing me up prior to this event, was another foul person taking advantage of me financially, intentionally,who I once trusted (we've all been there in some way), and I view worse than the guy who hit me for precisely that difference. I had rid myself of the negative by focusing on my travel job and at least keeping my MKZ which brought joy and still within my budget to maintain. My MKZ was more enjoyable than said person, who tried to get me to drop the car in favor of her...well you see what my choice was when I woke up and got away. I was on my way to my goals of debt freedom, but the loss just accelerated my plans. If you really care for a car and the time spent, it's not easy to replace even with something identical. It's better to go into "fianacial wisdom mode", utilize all the disciplines you know that will better lifestyle in the long run, and be patient with the basic vehicle that gets the job done. Slashing the monthly payment, dropping back to regular fuel, and the place I work at is only 10 mins drive time (no highways so it's not like I'd even enjoy bigger power now). These are boons indeed that do not make me think "I wish time could go back" just to potentially save the car. This present and upcoming future will be better indeed. ...and that gentlemen is how you evolve and become a greater person from tough times!
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    Two more recently completed '65's- both done as open limos for a historical sightseeing tour. They're part of an ongoing series of models I'm doing and both were made from cast-offs and spare parts.
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    Recently picked up another original AMT annual '62, a convertible this time. It needs a total resto but I think I can do something with it.
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    2014 MKZ - Emergency First Response

    Cool, I think this is our first first-responder MKZ!
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    One can look back on their life with regards to every situation, and understand that everything does happen for a reason. Because of this event, you have 'gotten your act together' (not to be meant as you were messed up like me, and I've been to some of the best doctors...) and are on your way to something better. If he didn't hit you, you would be further in debt trying to keep your head above water. I could run off a hundred different things that have happened to me in the past and see that every bad event has caused a good and better event to transpire. Hopefully, the guy that hit you will have something better for him when he gets out. Hoping bad things for him cause he hit you, isn't the right thing to wish for.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    Glad you're ok Zalvern. I know what you're going thru having been a victim too some years back so sorry man. It's a life-changing event for sure but you're ok and that's what is most important. Could have been a totally different outcome were it not for the MKZ which gave up its life for you. One way or another the SOB who did this will pay, tho unfortunately perhaps not in $$$$$. I've been very busy with family issues and inactive way too long. Zero time in any of my cars. Wish you the best man -- and hope u stay active here -- It's been a pleasure reading all about your mods and MKZ adventures. Colin .
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    Which Engine should I go for?

    I bought the 4 with FWD. No regrets.
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    And finally... a beater '65 that was built from spares and finished a few days ago, and yet another original annual kit, this time a '68 in terrible need of a rebuild.
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    I promised a few more Lincoln model photos, and today I finally dug a few of them out. I apologize for the dust on some of them. This is the oldest one I have, a 1960 Continental annual kit by AMT, which I purchased years ago from a collector. I (re)built this one about ten years ago, and it's about due for another rebuild, due to it's condition and the fact my skills have gotten better in the years since. When I got it much of the interior was missing, and the side trim had been sanded off, so I went with a very mild custom style, and rebuild most of the missing interior components with parts from the common-as-dirt AMT '57 Chrysler kit. The boot came from a reissued '59 Imperial. This '62 also began as a junker- it had been painted and partially assembled, then put away in the box for years. I stripped the paint, did some disassembly here and there, and did it as a modern custom. The original builder had converted it into a hardtop by clipping out the b-posts. I liked the look, so I kept it. If I remember, the copper hue I used was actually VHT header paint. The '69, like the '60 and '62, began as an original AMT annual kit, but this was an untouched original kit when I got it. Kit collectors just love it when you actually build them. 😛 Again I went the mild custom route, with a matched padded top, lowered suspension, and Kelsey-Hayes mags from the '66 Mercury kit stuffed into the original 1969 tampo-printed Firestone narrow white walls. This one is a tad embarrassing. I built it around 2006 as a hot rod, using the chintzy oversized wheels from one of the AMT/Ertl American Hot Rod kits, and a small block Ford V8, along with the "standard resto rod paint scheme" of cream and brown. Though the hood binds, the functional midship jump seats and foot rest sort of operate.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    The police finally have the hit and run driver of the truck. Now to pursue justice. I won't go too much into detail, but the driver will not be escaping their crime.
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    The End of my 2017 MKZ

    I saw the part-out thread before this one, aw man this is really unfortunate. Similar to what the others have said - I am glad you are ok. It was great having you here on the forum, blazing the trail for 3.0TT/MKZ/FusSprt owners. I always appreciated the level of detail you put into your posts because not a lot of people take the time to explain things, share their story, their experience, and help others to that extent. Whatever you do next, don't lose that passion you have for doing that sort of thing, or alternatively find another way to channel and utilize that aspect of you and you'll be back in no time, out of your "low" point. Growth, cannot happen without change, so while this event is sad and understandably upset you, it is merely a change, and only you are in charge of what that change will do for you. That being said, If you need help at the end of the year for tax filings, message me - I will file your returns free of charge, and help any way I can. You don't need it, but good luck! And thank you for your contributions to the MKZ community.