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  2. I have an MKZ with the Ultima system and believe it is exceptional, however it sounds mediocre with XM radio and with FM HD, just okay with bluetooth and podcasts. I mostly use FLAc files on a usb stick or 320 mp3 files (usb and ipod) to listen to, and have found the sound to be flat, detailed and dynamic, one of the best systems out there
  3. R2D2

    Bad Gas

    Update - Now three tanks of gas in, one with Heet and the next two with SeaFoam, still not running right so back to the Lincoln dealer it goes. Dropped it off yesterday morning.
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  5. longislander

    What’s your next car?

    As much as I LOVE my MKZ, I don't want to get a new car that's the same as the one I presently have. I don't want a Crossover/SUV. The new Cadillac CT4 looks nice but I am not a fan of 4-cylinder engines. I only buy American brand-name cars. I am leaning toward the Dodge Challenger AWD - a big, roomy, V-6 powered coupe with a little attitude;)
  6. drolds1

    What’s your next car?

    Unfortunately, it's CVT-only. That's a deal-breaker for me. Automobile Magazine:
  7. Blackbr

    What’s your next car?

    I have a definite front runner for my next car. Never saw myself with one of these, but I drove one and was VERY impressed. The interior is stunning, the car feels well built, and has all the features I want. Subaru Legacy Touring
  8. They need to put more effort in than this. This isn’t going to sell. What’s the point? To not paint the calipers is silly. And they should have done something with the chrome trim.
  9. Last week
  10. The bulb you show is a standard halogen H11 specified as the OE low beam unit for your car. The optional HID is, as you've noted, a D3S, as shown in this video. Also, a power ballast for each side would be present, as shown below. Not to mention the obvious differences in color temperature between the halogens and HIDs. Check to see if there are fuses in the 7 & 8 positions in the SJB in the passenger compartment (fuse box). These are the low beam headlight fuses. Also check for relays in 42 & 44 in the power distribution box.
  11. R2D2- The 2011 does have the HID option. The bulb replacement section in the manual says "H11LL (D3S [HID] optional)" in the trade number box for low beam headlamp. The low beam headlamp on the car says H11 on it. I am not too familiar with which bulb type corresponds to which number and assumed H11 was the non-HID bulb. When I search D3S bulbs online, the results are for HID bulbs. I first noticed this about 8 months ago. I went to an auto parts store and a guy that worked there came out to see. He was surprised but left it at "well they're working so don't worry about it then." I've always been the type of guy to want to underatand why/how things work when they seem to be not function normally. The other thing is I can't help but to think about it each time I turn the lights on. How can I tell for sure if the bulb in the car is HID?
  12. You can run your power cable through the hole that the cable for the hood release passes through. You will have the push the grommet out of the hole then your power wire will pass through the firewall just below the battery. You will have to remove the battery tray to get to it, but that is a simple job.
  13. Is it possible that that model year had 2 different type of headlights available (standard and HID) and the missing components are for the other type? HID types do take a much larger current and may have required relays and additional power fuses.
  14. JRW

    Battery short life?

    I decided to get a "performance battery" online............. I know--no warranty coverage-- but I don't want to buy a battery every 3 years! It may not be any better--but can't be worse: Exide Marathon Max AGM.......... we shall see!
  15. bbf2530

    Water leak in sail panel

    Hi Mcondo. There are drain holes in the moonroof channels. If it is not those drains, then it would most likely be either bad glass seal or possibly door seal. Most likely the moonroof drains or a leaking glass seal. You can get some general information on how to clean moonroof drains here: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=2014+MKZ+moonroof+drains Let us know how you make out and good luck.
  16. Hi- New to the forum world so please direct me if I have posted this in the wrong area. I have a 2011 MKZ AWD and while looking in the power distribution box under the hood, I noticed I am missing both left and right headlamp fuses (26 & 27) as well as both left and right headlamp relays (42 & 44). All the headlamps (low beam, high beam, fog) work. The manual shows the fuses and relays. The back of the low beam lamp reads OSRAM H11 12V/55W U 64211 L+ DOT GERMANY E1 25S W387 (see picture). Does anyone have an explanation as to how the lights are working without the fuse or relay listed in the manual? Any help is greatly appreciated. I will note that I recently worked on a 2009 Escalade to find the manual was incorrect as showing a fuel pump fuse when one was not required for that specific model. Thank you
  17. 2014 MKZ, have a leak somewhere around the sail panel. Interior trim panel getting pretty wet. Have't figured out yet where it is coming from - rear glass leak, sunroof leak, etc. . Are there drain holes I should be checking to see if they are clogged and possibly the reason for the leak? Thanks.
  18. drolds1

    Battery short life?

    Ha! Mine was an '86 Sable.
  19. longislander

    Battery short life?

    I wanted the loaner. Dropped off the car, drove to work in the loaner, and picked mine up the next day. First car I bought at Hassett was a new 1987 Mercury Sable!
  20. drolds1

    Battery short life?

    No loaner necessary. I waited and was in and out in an hour. I guess being a customer for 33 years earns you some perks.😜
  21. longislander

    Battery short life?

    Funny, drolds, mine (also 3.0T/AWD) was replaced yesterday at 30 months and 20K miles! Hassett must be having a run on MKZ batteries;) I got a ruby red '17 MKZ for a loaner. You?
  22. That's great that it helped a little 👍. Wait are you listening to only XM or are you listening also via a streaming service or your own local files? Have you tried a FLAC , AAC or WAV File (lossless audio files). I do know Clari-Fi by HK is turned on all the time on Ultima, the worse the source like XM / Sirius / FM the more the song is altered due to Clari-Fi Algorithm. I completely Agree 20 Speaker tuned by HK-Revel is total half assed as they just port over majority of the parts and spatial time sync algorithms from the Continental (if you get a chance you should totally go demo the Ultima sound in one : Sounds Phenomenal) / Aviator and hope it works on other Car structures 😂. The dealer doesn't know squat about NVHM or what HK-Revel Engineers do with sound Algorithms. The dealer just want to mollify you by just resetting the software and resetting the sound setting to system default and collecting their easy Warranty money from Lincoln...
  23. It is the Ultima.............. I followed your suggestions (although they were very close to what I had selected already), and do notice a subtle difference in vocals--they are a tad less harsh. Thanks for that advice. However that said: with a 20 speaker HK-designed system---we shouldn't need to "tweak settings" to be able to turn it on! When I first discussed this situation with the dealer, a tech told me this is a fault Lincoln/HK are aware of, and that they have released 2 software updates to the XM decompression algorithm. They supposedly applied these to my stack-- with no noticeable difference. The dealer is also able, supposedly, to "calibrate" the system--- again, something which didn't seem to alter my sound. Of course, there's also the chance they have been trying to mollify me!
  24. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Someone must be slacking with Lincoln's website as it still does not have the 2020 Vehicle Configuration up and running for the MKZ. Yet here they are, arriving on lots. I was hoping the package would at least paint the calipers again, but looks like they do not. 4 years ago around November's Los Angeles Auto Show was when the 2017 MKZ revealed. Here's hoping this upcoming Auto Shows will reveal the future of this car for 2021.
  25. Hi JRW, Is it an MKZ 3.0T with Revel System (14 speakers) or Revel Ultima (20 Speakers with Metal speaker Covers) ? Usually the voices are Stronger or more Sharp in Revel Ultima vs Regular Revel due to extra midrange in back doors and back shelf and tweeters in back shelf, which is why I recommend maxing it on the Tone settings or at least putting it plus 4 From Center and lowering treble.
  26. bbf2530

    WTB: Stock wheels

    Hi John. How much are you asking? I am well within 200 miles. I would love to pick up an extra set of wheels. I have a 2018 3.0T AWD Reserve w/Drivers Package, so your wheel are a perfect match for my car. However, I am hesitant due to the road rash on the one wheel. It is just a little thing, but I know it would bother me. It's a fault of mine...🙃 Post back with the asking price when you have time. Thanks and good luck.
  27. Blackhawk

    2020 MKZ Order Guide

    Looks like the Mono's are on lots, I'm not sure I like the gloss black wheels. I was thinking about picking up a set for my magnetic gray but I think matte black may be a better choice.
  28. Scott

    Battery short life?

    2017 3.0 AWD too. My battery was replaced this past June with about 19K. They ran some diagnostic test that took about an hour, and it indicated to replace it. With every car I have owned that came with Sirius, the sound quality was poor. You can go to their site and request to refresh the signal which may help a bit. I called them up and had them do it, but I think you can do it yourself too. Sounds like you got a nice one. I bought mine used too with about 15K, but it didn't have all the goodies - but it does have the drivers package that was a must. Good luck!
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