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Smartzone setting for Climate Control.

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My 2011 MKZ Hybrid is without the navigation screen so it is the base car. Nevertheless, the owner's manual says it has "smartzone". This features enables the car to know if someone is sitting on the passenger seat and automatically turns on the passenger's temperature control knob and temperature setting display for that side of the car, making it a dual-zone temperature system.


With smartzone enabled, if no one sits in the passenger seat, only the driver's temperature knob and temperature setting are enabled, making the car a single temperature zone.


I have tried (according to owner's manual instructions) to enable smartzone and cannot get mine to work. It goes through the motions, the display blinks as it should, etc. at the right times, but the car never seems to know whether someone is sitting in the passenger seat or not to change the climate control back and forth between single zone or dual zone.


Anyone have this problem???


I guess I'll have to take it to the dealer if no one has any ideas.



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