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ASAP please - Anyone know the cylinder numbers?

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2011 MKZ non hypbrid, NON AWD  I am getting P(something I forget) but its cam shaft, or crank shaft POS sensor bank A,  AND  cylinder 4 misfire,  sounds to me more like a coil pack,  just over 55K miles, want to change that cylinder out with another and re scan code to see if the cylinder changes, and obv if so replace that pack.


if not then perhaps the cap / crank position sensor(s)   want to go the easiest route first. i have a 50 50 chance of the coil being on the easy to access side so haha. 


My tags expired today( birthday haha)  so I need to get the e-check - check engine light :/   



thanks in advance.


if possible perhaps location to where I might go online for the repair manual?  may need to know how to get to the back and change the other side if need be, or the cam / crank pos sensor. 

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The bank closest to the firewall has cylinders 1,2,3 with number 1 being on the passenger side.  Cyl. #4 on the front bank is directly opposite #1:


There are DVD manuals for sale on eBay.  You can also get a subscription to AllDatadiy.com  for about $25

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