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THX Amplifier wiring and signal questions

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According to the image i attached to  this post, am i safe to assume the following:








1. These wires theoretically should be full range signal coming into the amplifier?


2. These signals should not be affected by DSP due to DSP's integration into the amplifier?


3. These signal wires could be used (tapped, line driver, etc) to feed clean signal to separate amplifier/amplifier's?


Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated


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Follow up on this post, all 4 wires provide a constant 6v analog signal and can be tapped. Volume is controlled by the dsp inside the amplifier on the output stage therefore not affecting the input side

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You sound like you might be the rare individual who can answer my question. Can you think of a way for me to get Bluetooth connectivity for my 2006 Zephyr with factory non-nav THX-certified system? I tried this:




And here are the items in your Cart:

541ISFD531 PAC ISFD531 05-Up Ford/Linc/Merc Dual Input Intrfc

822BTREC Milennia MIL-BTREC Bluetooth Adapter


But it sounds like garbage. I A/B'd a song on CD and the same song streaming from my phone (320kbps), switching back and forth between CD input and AUX 1. Major volume drop and it seems like half the speakers are gone even though I don't think they are. Volume was maxed on phone and player, I also tried the 3.5mm wired input (AUX 2) which was worse, if anything.

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