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Sync Situation

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I had posted on the Ford Sync Forum about a situation that popped up recently about music being played/shown not in order from my external hard drive even though it was fine in the past.  Mp3 tags are what they should be.

https://fordsyncforum.com/index.php?/topic/7490-albumssongs-no-longer-in-order/ )


However, now something new has happened where I would be playing music, change the source to radio, then go back to the music, and the song that was playing starts again, but the track meter would show the point where I had changed the source (ex.  track would show a certain time where I stopped the song but the track starts from the beginning).


I've done a master reset but it seems it has gotten worse.  Sync is updated.


Unfortunately, my local Lincoln dealer with whom I had a good rapport with, was sold and the new owners were not allowed to become Lincoln dealers.  Now I need to find a good Ford dealer.



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